We Chose a Girl

When we were invited to be a part of the ministry with One Child Matters, one of the first items on our agenda was, of course, to pick a child to sponsor.

Now, you click over and take a look at all of the hundreds of precious faces of children in need, and you tell me – how is it possible to choose??! It’s only possible with prayer, that is for sure. And that is exactly what our family did. We prayed for God to help us make a decision.

First, we agreed that we would choose a little girl. Why? Well, we couldn’t help ourselves. Matt and I have no daughters. Our four sons have no sisters. Nobody complains even a little bit, because we understand that God knew exactly what he was doing when he filled our home with boys. But in the instance that we could choose, we felt drawn toward a girl – one younger than everyone in our household.

With tears in my eyes, it is my pleasure to introduce to you our little Honduran sweetheart, Gladis…

gladis with package

Her eyes get me every time. And that smile. What a beautiful little darling.

Her pictures have a permanent place on our refrigerator door. Seeing as we eat a lot of food at our house, we see her face dozens of times each day – reminding us often to pray for her and for her family.

I am humbled by the knowledge that our God blesses this child because of a small donation our family makes each month on her behalf. I am in awe of the power of prayer, knowing that God protects and meets the needs of this little girl who lives miles and miles away from us. The Spirit moves, Gladis comes to mind, we pray for her, and God works. Oh, the power. The beauty. The complex simplicity of it all.
Gladis with poster 1

Above you see Gladis holding the “art work” we created as we first introduced ourselves to her. Leave it to us to send a poster bigger than the girl who received it. Hey, we just wanted her to feel the love. ;)

Because of our partnership with One Child Matters and the $34 donation we send each month, Gladis is guaranteed to receive schooling, guidance, nourishment, medical care, and Bible teaching. Because we are connected through prayer, we know Gladis and her family members are being loved on and protected by our Father.

It is so cool to be a part of this!! I hope you will join our family in this ministry! Pray together about it. Get your kids involved. Through One Child Matters, we have the ability to help a child out of poverty. 

I believe God connects our hearts with these children through the power of prayer. I can’t describe with words what this feels like. You have to experience it to know.

Remember The Pot of Stew article I shared? One Child Matters is a way I feel called to serve with my family – not instead of my family. We provide our small piece of the puzzle, God does the rest. These children have needs we can be a part of fulfilling by the grace of God.

Our hope is that many Heavenly Homemakers readers will join this ministry. If you do choose to sponsor a child, please take some time to introduce us to him or her! We want to know which one God helped you fall in love with.

As for us, our hearts are all in. Gladis is our girl. Those eyes get me every time. I dare you to look into them without smiling. (Or getting teary eyed, because I still haven’t mastered that one.)


  1. Liz says

    She. Is. Beautiful! Her eyes get me too, probably because they look similar to my own three. I imagine her family is just as grateful for you’re family listening to God in choosing her. Sweet girl!


  2. Amy says

    How Awesome! My family and I lived in Honduras for seven years. My husband actually grew up there. It was so hard to see the extent of poverty there. I actually became very overwhelmed because I wanted to help everyone. We ended up kind of “adopting” a homeless boy. He still remembers us and even looks for us when we travel back to visit. It always touches my heart when I see a Honduran child being helped and loved on.


  3. Kristin says

    We sponsor a Mexican boy through “Christian Foundation for Children and Aging”. He frequently sends us artwork which ends up on our fridge as well.


  4. Karen O'Dell says

    OH, a new great-niece for me to love on, too!!! Welcome to your extended prayer family, Gladis!!!
    Great Aunt Karen


  5. Katie M. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My husband and I talked with our children and decided to support this ministry this evening- we all agreed to choose a little 3 year old girl named Katherine from Nicaragua. She was born just days apart from our youngest daughter! She is absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait to start ministering to her and caring for her through our prayers and donations. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful ministry!


  6. Elaine says

    What a cutie!
    We have a young friend named Griselda in Guatamala.
    …and that is a big poster…what a great idea.


  7. Jennifer says

    As I was reading this post and saw the picture of Gladys I thought, “That little girl looks Honduran.” My husband is Honduran and we lived there for the first 4 years of our marriage. Our oldest child was even born there. Honduras holds a special place in our hearts! There is so much need in Honduras. Thank you for helping this little girl.


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