Vanilla Beans Giveaway from Olive Nation!

One of our Funky Fresh Kitchen challenges has been to “Make it Yourself“.  It’s been fun to hear what all you’ve chosen to make and several of you have decided to make Homemade Vanilla Extract.  This is definitely one of my favorite homemade items. Not only is this easy to make and much healthier and pure than the vanilla you can buy at the store – it’s really stinkin’ fun.

Of course, I use the term “stinkin” in a very pleasant way in this case because have you ever smelled vanilla beans? Or cut them to make vanilla extract and then had the wonderful scent left on your hands and in your kitchen for two days? It’s awesome! Stinkin’ awesome, actually.

I’ve talked often about the benefits of making homemade vanilla extract over the past couple of years and I know many of you have joined me in the fun. We have made friends with Olive Nation and they’ve offered Heavenly Homemakers readers an ongoing 10% discount plus free shipping on all Vanilla Bean orders (when you use the code hhm2012). Today, Olive Nation has offered to give away a 1/2 pound of it’s finest Madagascar Vanilla Beans to one of you here!

We’ve purchased vanilla beans in the past from other companies and have never been as impressed with the quality like we are with the beans we get from Olive Nation. These vanilla beans are top knotch, very reasonably priced and are delivered within just a few days, making your mail box smell stinkin’ incredible.

If you’re ready to give Homemade Vanilla Extract a try and you’re interested in winning this great package of Olive Nation vanilla beans, leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw a random winner on Tuesday, September 13.

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  1. Sarah J. says

    i started a batch of vanilla when i started reading your blog in May. so excited to break into it in a few months! but i’m totally up for winning some more beans so i can make some vanilla to share! :)


  2. Becky Henn says

    Nothing beats vanilla for flavoring! Except winning vanilla beans to make extract and flavored sugar :-) Love this site, thanks!


  3. says

    Hope I am not to late. I would love some vanilla beans. I have been saving pretty olive oil bottles, and other bottles to make some up as gifts and for myself. The only thing I need is vanilla beans and my first trip to the Liquor store.


  4. Darlene says

    I have been wanting to try some homemade vanilla extract ever since I saw your recipe on this site. It would be so cool to have the opportunity to give some as gifts for Christmas(and give me an excuse to buy those cute little bottles!) Thanks so much..


  5. Karen Z. says

    I was going to say that I think I can detect the faint aroma of vanilla wafting out of the computer screen while reading this post… but I guess that would make me sound like a nutcase.


  6. Abby West says

    I have had the vodka sitting in my cupboard for almost a year now. You should see the looks I get from people that see it. It would be great to get some beans and “hide” the vodka in a batch of vanilla extract.;-)


  7. Karen DeSoto says

    Ha Ha! oops. I left a comment on your “how to comment” post. Anyway, hope I made this in time! Would love to make vanilla bean extract. Thank You!!


  8. Ginger says

    Have never made homemade vanilla but would love to try! And would love to have my mailbox smelling “stinkin” good! (-:


  9. Becki says

    I LOVE making vanilla….it is amazing. But I have always used cheaper beans, because that is what I could afford. Would love to try it with good beans!


  10. Mrs. B says

    Is there a post somewhere that tells who won?


    Laura Reply:

    Sorry for the delay on this. First I was behind on work and just didn’t get it done – then Olive Nation was having some site issues I was waiting for them to resolve. I’m hoping to post the winner tomorrow!! Thanks for your patience!


  11. says

    Ahh! Too Late! …but not for the good advice and the choice Vanilla Beans as WeddingReception Decor with Orchids on Mar. 24, 2012. Thanks – C. Maree


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