Ultimate Variety Pack Giveaway from Redmond!

I’ve told you before that Redmond Real Sea Salt is the only salt that I feel is safe to use for my family. Not only do I feel safe using it, I actually sprinkle it on liberally – knowing that using it is not causing any of the common issues we are told come from salt. Plus, I know that the minerals in this salt are great for our bodies! Read more about the nutritional qualities of Redmond Real Salt.

Redmond has been great to work with, and in the interest of keeping in touch with you, they are offering another great giveaway. 

This time, three winners will receive their Ultimate Variety Pack. In this gift package you’ll find all my favorites:

  • One (26 oz.) pouch
  • One (9 oz.) shaker
  • Three (8.25 oz.) organic seasonings (garlic, onion, & season)
  • One (2 oz.) travel shaker
  • Plus one free (16 oz.) pouch of RealSalt Kosher

Now, I love having shaker of Real Salt by my stove for cooking and one on my table to use while we’re eating. But give me the organic seasonings, and I’m overjoyed! Their Onion Salt is awesome. I love not having to worry about MSG or other junk going into my food. Simply healthy minerals and great flavor. Ah, Redmond makes my job so much easier. :)

Interested in winning one of these packages? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I’ll draw three random winners on Monday, October 8. Be watching for a post stating the winners as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.


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  1. Elizabeth says

    I didn’t know real salt has other flavors! Here is a great real salt story. I had real salt on the table with dinner when some Friends were visiting. So our male friend who really has no clue about cooking grabbed the salt and said ” do you have any real salt?” (He was serious) so my husband and I bust out laughing and my husband grabs the salt an said “yes we do, here” an passed it back. He continued to ask for “real salt” and we continued to laugh. He wasn’t used to the color of real salt. So then my husband informed him on his real salt vs our real salt. We still share that story when I put real salt on the table :)


  2. Emily H says

    I would love to try Redmond Real Salt. I am always looking for new ways to give my family real food that’s good for them.


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