Ultimate Variety Pack from Redmond Giveaway Winners

The winners of the Redmond Gift Packages are:

1) Shara Campbell: sharacampbell@
2) Jennifer K: childofgod3747-family@
3) Niki C: crihfield11@

Ladies, email me and I’ll forward your information on for your prize! I love these products!!!

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  1. Jenifer Parker says

    Your story reminds me of one event I am thankful for because it taught me that God is able even if I am not. I am thankful for God giving me kids with an ability to adapt to the needs of the moment. My two are 5 years apart. When we were first stationed back in Miami from NJ with the Coast Guard and were ‘moving’ in I hurt my back moving boxes and had to crawl down the stairs, in severe pain, to a couch. I had trained my 7 year old girl well enough to make sandwiches for the 2 year old boy who, to my immense relief, was behaving like a gem. Dad was on ‘duty’ and I knew he wasn’t going to come home that night but God had provided a way. He is wonderful and rescued us thru my 7 year old. I am thankful for kids that, most of the time (LOL), come thru for me. Laurie is 43 now and Claude 38 and they STILL AMAZE ME. ((Train up a child…))


    Jenifer Parker Reply:

    This was supposed to go in Gratitudesday LOL


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