Twas a Bad Week for Matt and Feet

It all began on Monday when I made burritos.

After lunch, there were a couple of burritos left over, which the boys grabbed to snack on in the afternoon. In the evening before we left for soccer games, Malachi carried his burrito plate back into the kitchen (from wherever in the house he had taken it?!) announcing, “Don’t anybody eat the rest of my burrito. I had my bare feet on it.”

Um. Okay. Feeling it was better not to know, I didn’t ask details as to how his feet made their way to his burrito. And besides, in this household, nothing much surprises me anymore.

In our haste, we left the half eaten burrito on the plate on the countertop and ran out the door to play some soccer. After we got home that night, we warmed up our dinner, ate, washed dishes, and got ready for bed. An empty plate sat on the countertop, so I called the boys in to see who it belonged to so that he could rinse it and put it into the dishwasher. Malachi quickly recognized it to be his plate from earlier. The problem was, it was empty. What had happened to the burrito?

“Dad,” Malachi hollered, “Did you eat the burrito on my plate?”  Matt replied, “Yep, I saw it sitting there and figured it was free game.”  The boys and I cringed and giggled at the same time. Apparently we’d all forgotten that Dad hadn’t been in the house at the time of the foot on the burrito announcement. Living in a house full of boys, Matt wasn’t really phased by what he had done. After all, what’s a little toe jam on a tortilla, right? Leave it to Matt to be a good sport. And really. What was he going to do? The foot-flavored burrito had already been swallowed.

The next day, Matt woke up alive and well, despite having ingested his son’s foot funk the night before. He proceeded with his day as usual, doing work on some rental properties and mowing lawns. His afternoon ended with a job trimming hedges for someone, then picking up firewood. Ready to head home, he stepped through some debris to make his way back to his truck.

Nasty paragraph alert: 

As he stepped onto what he thought to be a pile of leaves, his foot came down hard directly onto a hidden piece of wood with two nails sticking up. The nails went through his shoe and into his foot. In serious pain, he worked to pull out the offending wood and nails.  (This is the part of the story where I have to stop, breathe, and fan my face.)

Somehow, he drove himself home. Through the window in my office, I saw him hopping on his good foot and knew immediately something was wrong.  After all, hopping on one foot is not usually how Matt comes home from working on a project. Usually he skips or trots.  (That was me trying to divert attention away from the pain of the situation. Did it work?)

I met Matt at the door, learned what had happened, helped him get cleaned up, and tried not to pass out. Blood, I can handle. Seeing my husband in pain and looking at nail holes in his foot just about did me in.

A call to the ER, salt water soaks, herbal poultices, clay, wrapping, propping – these wounds are keeping us busy. The pain seems to be a tiny bit less intense by now, thankfully, especially if he keeps his foot propped up on pillows. We went to the clinic to have it checked out today, and it seems that we’re on the right track for proper healing.

matts foot

Bless my husband for being married to a blogger who thought it was a
good idea to take a picture of his wounded foot.

At first he was like, “You’re actually going to unwrap it and show it to everyone?”
Um, no. I’m pretty sure my readers don’t want to see the actual bottom of the foot.
He was kind enough to smile for the camera.

Our boys are amazing help, taking on much of what Matt would be doing today if he could be up and around. We are so proud of them and thankful for them.

As for me? I recognize my limits, so I’ve decided to drop kick the rest of my plans to do more freezer cooking this week. I figured you all could carry on the challenge without me, right? I’m thankful I at least got half-way through the challenge. And I’m incredibly grateful for all the food that is in the freezer right now from past challenges. Without it, I would have been struggling to put food on the table today. As it was, I simply pulled out some food I’d already made, warmed it up, and threw it on the table.

Pray for us, if you will. This could be so much worse, and we’re very thankful that it really is such a minor injury. But prayers for healing for Matt and extra strength for me as I pick up slack is appreciated.

I would say that Matt is tough as nails, but that just doesn’t seem as fitting in this situation. He is a tough one though. We’ll have him back on both feet in no time.

As for the burritos, I’m pretty sure Matt will ask a few more questions before finishing off leftovers on one of the kids’ plates in the future. :)


  1. Tara H says

    I’ll be praying for Matt’s foot to heal quickly! And your diversion from the pain of the situation made me laugh out loud, if only for a second! :)


  2. Karen O'Dell says

    I feel your pain!! I’m four weeks post-op foot surgery! We’ll hobble around together at the family reunion and have others wait on us!! Take care.


  3. phyllis says

    Praying for a speedy recovery. I have to ask, did he need a new Tetnas vaccine?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, it had been several years since he’d had one. We sought advice from our natural doctor and she recommended that he go ahead with getting it since there are so many nerves in the foot.


  4. says

    So glad to hear Matt is okay! It could have been a lot worse – when my brother was helping a friend roof his house a few years ago, he fell off the roof and shattered both of his heels and ankles. He was in a wheelchair for close to 6 months. A few days or so for Matt to heal will I am sure be enough of a toll on your family, but I will be praying for a speedy recovery!


    Birdie Reply:

    Amanda, my uncle fell off of a bin and had the same happen. It took so long to heal. Both his boys fell from roofing jobs. I guess machismo is more important than safety belts. Why do they take such chances and then spend the rest of their lives with bad aches? I can’t understand it.


  5. Kim S says

    Poor Matt! The foot burrito part grossed me out more (doesn’t help that I’m 3 months preggers, so gross food things make me extra nauseous). The stepping on the nail part didn’t bother me as much. Weird, I know. But I do thank you that the picture was of his wrapped foot. I’ve had friends post pictures of injuries on FB before and I just wonder why they think everyone wants to see that.

    Prayers that Matt recovers quickly.


  6. Kathy Gibson says

    Ouch:( im really curious to know why the “feet” on the burrito. I have 6 boys, but this is a new one for me :)


    Laura Reply:

    I’m guessing he had set the plate aside while he started playing, then, laying on his stomach, his feet landed on top of his plate. But that’s just my guess?


    Danielle B Reply:

    Ohhhh lol… His feet were REALLY on the burrito. I thought it was a “story” so no one else would eat it lol.


    Glad, Matt is okay! I’m just getting out of a walking boot (7 weeks), I had a stress fracture. I feel for him, being laid up!


  7. Christine says

    I have to ask why your son had feet in a buttito?


    Laura Reply:

    As I said in the post, I really have no idea and I didn’t ask. :) BUT, I’m guessing he had set the plate aside while he started playing, then, laying on his stomach, his feet landed on top of his plate. Maybe???


  8. Andrea says

    Prayers for Matt’s speedy recovery! I’m so glad your doctoring is going so well for him. I’m sorry you all are dealing with this!


  9. Charlotte Moore says

    Oh no!! Sure hope Matt’s foot heals quickly. There is lots worse things than a foot on your food. Haha!!!


  10. Cathie says

    When my kids were younger, my youngest daughter didn’t like the cheese on her pizza, so she pulled it off and licked off the sauce. We were having pizza one evening, and not everyone was paying attention. My oldest daughter noticed the pile of cheese on my youngest daughter’s plate and asked, “Aren’t you going to eat that cheese?” Rebecca said, “No!” So eldest grabbed it and popped it in her mouth. This is the stuff of family legends.

    Coincidentally, all those years ago, my middle daughter stepped on a board with a rusty nail in it, which completely entered her little 3 year old foot. I nearly passed out while her Daddy took her to the ER. Good times.

    Praying for Matt’s foot and belly.


  11. Heather says

    Oh I am soo sorry. Tears came as I read your post. Thank goodness Matt is going to be okay and has you, Laura, to take such good care of him. Will be praying for his speedy recovery and that this will soon be a distant memory and story to share with friends and family.


  12. Birdie says

    I pray for healing for Matt ‘s foot and for blessings for you Laura. What a wonderful nurse to have, 8-). Matt’s accident brings back an incident from years and years ago. My older sibling was at the park and stepped on a large piece of glass. They had to walk home two blocks. It was pretty bad but they recovered well. You could see the drops all the way from park to home. I don’t know how they made it without fainting. God was good.


  13. melanie says

    ah! your writing! just love it. :) i read this aloud to my teenaged sons. the late hour and being giddy with sleepiness made it seem so much funnier… the burrito portion, of course. do hope that Matt heals quickly and without any complications!


  14. Lisa says

    Ouch! I hope Matt’s foot is better soon. I totally understand what you both are going through.

    When I was pregnant with my now 10 year old daughter, my husband took some windows to the dump. Well, along the way, they broke. So, as he was sweeping the mess out, a large shard of glass went through his steel toed boots and got 2 of his toes good. He managed to pull the glass out and some of the dump workers got him a towel to wrap around his foot and he called me and said to be ready to go to the ER. I was a nervous, pregnant wreck that day.


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