Trying To Figure Out What to Cook or Bake? Check Out Our New “Search By Ingredient” Feature!

I am doing a little dance (don’t picture it) with excitement over what I’m about to share with you! Our hope is that the new feature we just completed for our site will be super helpful for all of you.

Introducing, the Heavenly Homemaker’s Recipe Search By Ingredient Box. It looks like this:

search by ingredients

You will find this lovely search item over on the top, right hand side-bar of our site, just waiting to help you figure out what to make for dinner. Or breakfast. Or snack. Or dessert. Or potluck. Or party. Or brunch. Indeed, the search box will do your thinking for you and help you plan!

How does this work? You simply tell the search box what ingredients you have on hand to use – and it will pull up recipes from our site that will hopefully fit your needs. Easy as that.

For example, say you need something quick for dinner. You know off the top of your head that you have chicken, cheese, and peppers in your fridge, but you can’t think of what you should make with those ingredients. Simply type in “chicken, cheese, peppers”  and three great recipe options pop up for you to scroll through. Or what if you need to use up some apples – and you know you have oats and sucanat that you could use to make some sort of dessert or breakfast? Type in “apples, oats, sucanat” and instantly, several recipes will appear for you.

Now, smart as this box is, it’s not a miracle worker. So if you type in “fish, cocoa, tomatoes” – it might roll its eyes and say, “Are you kidding me?”  But as I’ve been testing it, most of the time I’ve had very relevant recipes pull up.

The search box won’t work if I don’t have any recipes that include every ingredient you list. So, if no recipes come up for you, try narrowing your search to the basics. It may take some trial and error until we all get used to how this works. But how wonderful that we can take some pressure off by letting this search box do some of our thinking for us. And it’s always fun to find new recipe ideas, right?

Okay, head over to the top right of the Heavenly Homemakers Site and start searching for delicious food to make!

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  1. ms.p says

    Where the button for it to be all cook and sitting on the dinner table


    Laura Reply:

    That would sure be nice, wouldn’t it?! :)


  2. Nicole S. says

    I’m laughing because I put in just cabbage, and the first recipe was pudding pops! WHAT?! Then coleslaw. Ha ha ha! But other searches went well! Great feature!


    Laura Reply:

    That’s so funny!!! You know why it pulled that recipe up? Because I talked all about my *Cabbage* Patch Dolls in the pudding pop recipe post. You just never know what you’re going to get I guess. :)


  3. Karen says

    I had to laugh at your last “search” selection. This sounds like a great idea, and I’m looking forward to using it.


  4. Kate B. says

    Totally awesome!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m a buy-what’s-on-sale and CSA gal, and being able to search by ingredient in a resource full of healthy recipes is about as perfect as online recipes can get. Thank you!!!


  5. Sally says

    Just for fun, I typed in: butter. Yeah, there were plenty. Not unexpected. :)


    Laura Reply:

    Hahaha! Yes, if you have butter, I will provide recipes. :)


  6. Christi says

    Love the new search box!! I was quite confident that I knew all of your recipes, but I uncovered a few I hadn’t seen before with a couple simple searches!! Great idea!


  7. Christie says

    What a blessing you and your website are ! May God continue to bless you with His wisdom and love as you seek to assist so many.


  8. Elaine says

    Hey! You have Gluten-Free recipes!!! Yay!
    I had my doc take me off gluten due to a thyroid problem right before Thanksgiving, so its been educational and interesting.
    Thank you so much.


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