The Promised Letter to Your Husbands about Why They Should Buy You a Grain Mill

Dear Husbands of Heavenly Homemakers Readers,

First and foremost, let me tell you that you all have fantastic wives. They are among some of my most favorite people ever. Way to go and congratulations on choosing such a fine woman to be your help-meet.

And now I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to strongly consider purchasing a Grain Mill for your wife (for Christmas, or tomorrow would also be fine). I know how much she’d like one. I know how much she’d use it. 

And the best news for you…I know how much you’d like the breads and other foods she’d make for you with the freshly ground flour her Grain Mill produces.

What? You don’t like whole wheat? I understand. But listen…the whole wheat flour that your wife’s new grain mill creates is like NONE other you have ever had. You’re likely to not even recognize that your bread is whole wheat. I promise.

Just think. After your wife serves you some hot homemade bread straight from the oven, she can experiment with other delicious whole wheat recipes like these whole wheat pretzelswhole wheat cinnamon rollswhole wheat donutscinnamon swirl bread

And while you think that you couldn’t possibly love your wife more than you do at this very minute…I think you will fall even more in love with her (even if she does have streaks of flour in her hair) after she bakes these delightful treats for you.

One of the best parts of owning a grain mill is how much MONEY it saves. Your wife knows how much you love to save your hard earned money.   She’d be happy to use her new Grain Mill to help you save money.

Don’t know where to start looking for a Grain Mill or which Grain Mill to get? No problem.  Just go read this.  Don’t know where to buy the grain for your Grain Mill?   Gotcha covered. Go read this.

Have more questions? Email my husband (coppinger6 at gmail dot com). He will tell you everything you need to know. He’s really, really happy that we got a Grain Mill. I think he also thinks I look cute with flour in my hair. 

Or maybe he’s just used to it.

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers



  1. says

    Thank you – I cannot tell you how much I needed a laugh today!

    My husband and I are on the same page of dearly wanting a nutrimill, but it has been punted far down the priority list with both our children needing medical attention, the oldest one rather serious. So on a day when I was on the verge of tears a good laugh was great.

    I loved the flour streaked hair…did you see me making bread yesterday?


  2. elaine says

    oh my word – if you get any cuter I’m not gonna be able to handle it! Sure wish you had been around when I was trying to talk my dh into this 15 years ago!! It took about 2 years!! Praise God, he’s totally on board now. He even makes most of our bread and we call it “Daddy’s Good Bread” :)


  3. Christine M (France) says

    I love this post, I smiled in my reading and my dear hubby (20 years of happy marriage, and we hope 40 more to come…) just asked me why : I translated your words to him and he said : “that’s true, I love you even more when you have flour on you “. Cooking from scratch for your family is a real blessing, being the heart of the family in the kitchen is a privilege, really !! I don’t have a grain mill, but I’m thinking of it… really ! I have to find out first where in my neighborhood I can buy grains…
    Next Friday (I don’t work on fridays) I will try your pretzels… they look really good ! Thank you for sharing


  4. Apryl says

    Dear Laura,

    I adore your blog on a daily basis, but today it is just perfect, and so funny. My husband will definitely get a kick out of this. Whenever I tell him some factoid from your blog, I always have to refer to you as, “You know, the lady with the four boys, who always has those good recipes?” You’re practically on a first name basis. :) Thank you for the letter!


  5. says

    You are a RIOT!!! Someday maybe I’ll get a grain mill, but probably not until I have more space. But, I will definitely remember this letter for when I need reinforcements!!


  6. says

    You’re Genious. I loved the post. Thankfully, my dh understood my desire for a grain mill. My dad even did. He agreed to split the cost with me if i would just make him bread occasionally. And i even got my mom to understand the need. My parents have blessed us with an early christmas present. and i must say i love my grain mill :-)


  7. Jacquie Olsen says

    Hi, Laura. I think this worked. My husband got a big kick out of your letter and he wanted to know how much this “love” appliance cost. He is very open to us purchasing one, not sure yet when, but I did find the Nutrimill on sale at several places for $239 – free shipping and depending on the state you live in, you will most likely not have to pay taxes. That sounds like a very good deal if you ask me. I can’t wait to get this. I love feeling “domesticated” and this is over the top. I love it. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Katie Brown says

    Just another Thank You from me! My hubby called this morning from work and gave me the ok, so my Nutrimill is on it’s way to me from paulasbread! Hooray!


  9. says

    It worked, it really worked!

    I’ve been making all our bread products for a few months, and I constantly underestimate how much flour we go through. I was saving my gift money for a grain mill. I had my husband read this letter to try to communicate to him why I wanted one.

    Well, we were saving our Christmas money for our own gift exchange for a new desk, but low and behold I opened up a NutriMill this morning!

    There are 2 really great things about this: I am planning on a trip to the Amish bulk foods store in a week! And, my husband told me that even though he doesn’t understand or totally agree with how I’m changing our food to all real foods, he really appreciates what I’m doing for the family. Isn’t that sweet? (Especially alongside a new grain mill???)


  10. Georgia says

    Can please you share a link to a grain mill you recommend? I would like to start grinding my own. Thanks so much!


  11. Jessica says

    Hi Laura,
    I’ve been following you for a while now just trying to establish my routine as a newlywed and working wife :) Thanks for this- I think my husband is going to let me get one!!


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