The Not So Tricky…Coat Trick

Have you ever seen The Coat Trick? You’ve gotta see the coat trick! It’s the greatest way to help your littlest kids put their coats on all by themselves!!

I’m showing you how my four year old does it…but my kids have done it from the time they’re two…and maybe could have learned earlier.

First…lay down the coat with the outside part of the coat touching the floor. The neck of the coat should be facing your child. The child puts his arms into the sleeve holes of his coat…


And flips the coat over his head.


He adjusts his sleeves…or you adjust them for him.


Then he wipes his nose with his sleeve. (This step is optional.)


Tada! Coat is on.


Here’s a video, which is a much easier way to see how the Coat Trick works. Please be sure to admire Malachi’s silly face as he prepares to show you the Coat Trick on video. The silly face part of the Coat Trick is also optional. :)

Have any great tricks up your sleeves?


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  1. says

    Isn’t he the cutest!?!!??!!!
    He should be auditioning!
    Could I be the first to get his autograph as soon as he learns to write it? ;-)

  2. says

    I love it! I teach part time and this is how I teach my children with and without special needs to put on their coats. We call it “One, Two, Flip-a-roo” It is great!

  3. says

    very cute… My oldest used to do this… but for some reason my 2 yr old just KNOWS how to get it on…
    If you want them to HANG THEM UP, just put hooks lower for them! All my kids have a section in the closet on the wall… coats, snowpants, backpacks… all get hung up.. and if they don’t, they PRACTICE doing it… LOL, a fun time (for me, not them!!!!)

  4. Karen says

    I knew this trick and have been trying to teach it to my 3 year old for a while. However, I didn’t call it “the coat trick” and he had never seen a video of someone doing it. Apparently my explanations were too complicated. This morning he watched your video, then did the coat trick himself twice! Yeah! It will be so nice now knowing that he can put his own coat on.

  5. says

    My sister in law and I have been using this trick in our home child cares for years. I didn’t know anyone else that did this. Thanks for sharing the video.

  6. says

    Love it! My husband just taught our four year old how to do that – works like a charm!

    I’ve been meaning to email or comment to you that your pretzels are a hit around here! Although, the first time I made them they were so fat! I learned that I need to roll them out into very long, thin “snakes” before twisting. :)

  7. Janet says

    THanks for posting! My husband and I have been trying to teach our two year old this trick, but he just didn’t get it. After watching your video twice, he was running to the closet asking, “Flip mommy? Flip my coat!” Now he’s a pro. Thanks!

  8. says

    Love the coat trick! This has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post, but…

    I made the breakfast cookies this morning for a REALTOR walk through of a new listing. Everyone raved about them, couldn’t believe they were also good for you and asked me for the recipe. Do you mind if I share it with them?


  9. Claudia says

    Here’s my trick: It’s called “Little Trees.” When the kids were little, we steamed broccoli and oohed and ahhed about how cute it was – like little trees. So from then on, my kids loved eating “little trees” whenever possible.

    I’ve also fooled them into liking a fairly healthy pizza by giving it the daring name of “naked pizza.” Homemade crust, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some cheese, all of which THEY get to put on before baking. My son would choose “naked” over anything else, anyday…maybe we could combine the two and have “naked little tree pizza”!

  10. Kari says

    I love the Malachi video series!!! Grandpa Cop is here today playing with Seth while I read your website, I mean work. :-)