The Most Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie (with a Dairy Free Option)

Be sure to check out these ten great ideas for how to use fresh cinnamon sticks. And now, idea number 11 for how to use fresh cinnamon sticks. Trust me that when I say Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie – I really do mean amazing. Wowza.

Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie 2

When I came across a recipe similar to this, it claimed that the smoothie tasted just like a fresh cinnamon roll. Hmmm, really? Because have you ever had a fresh cinnamon roll?? I mean, nothing is quite the same as a fresh, warm cinnamon roll straight from the oven dripping with gooey… STOP! That’s just not nice to tease people with talk about freshly baked rolls of cinnomony-ness. Not nice at all.

Let’s very quickly focus on the negatives of freshly baked cinnamon rolls so that we can all stop craving them.

  1. They take forever to make. Hours and hours. A very long time.
  2. Making homemade cinnamon rolls creates many, many dirty dishes – not to mention a crusty counter-top.
  3. Cinnamon rolls can be addicting.
  4. Cinnamon rolls are full of empty calories and sugar. Just think of the stomach ache to follow the indulgence. Misery, it is.

Bleh. Ick. Nothankyou. We absolutely do not want a freshly baked cinnamon roll not even a little bit, no way, nuh-uh.

Clearly, I should have gone into psychology because this tactic is working very, very well to make us believe that fresh, hot cinnamon rolls are disgusting.

(Just now I had to look up how to spell psychology so I guess I’ll stick with writing and recipe creations.)

Now how about this Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie? Here are all the positives and the wonderful reasons we should make these instead of cinnamon rolls:

  1. This smoothie can be made in about two short minutes.
  2. Making this smoothie only dirties a blender and a glass. Fine – and a straw if you’re feeling fancy.
  3. Instead of making you say “okay, but I’ll just eat one more” (three times) like fresh hot cinnamon rolls can do – this smoothie is quite satisfying with one delicious glassful.
  4. Every part of this smoothie offers nourishment.

I’m sure none of us want a fresh hot cinnamon roll anymore. I’ve talked us all out of it. Cravings be gone! Right? Right. Absolutely.

Either way, just go make this simple – no sugar added, by the way – Cinnamon Smoothie. It’s super delicious and you really can make it in about two minutes.

Amazing Cinnamon SmoothieYum

The Most Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie (with a Dairy Free Option)
Serves: 2
  • 2 cups whole milk or coconut milk
  • 2 ripe, frozen bananas
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  1. Blend ingredients until smooth.
  2. Serve right away.

(I’m pretty sure homemade cinnamon roll instructions are just a tad more lengthy. Just sayin’.)

Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie

If you’re still wanting a homemade cinnamon roll (a real one, like the kind that comes out of a pan in the oven) – I recommend this Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll recipe. Not that you are. After all, you’re about to get up and make this smoothie.

Click over to this post to learn more about picking up some free cinnamon sticks to use in this recipe and others. You’ll also learn how to make Cinnamon Extract, Cinnamon Infused Sugar, Cinnamon Pancake and Waffle Syrup and much more. :)

Now, raise your hand if you definitely do not want a cinnamon roll. 


  1. says

    Ok, now THAT sounds amazing! Of all the smoothies we’ve ever made, we’ve never made a cinnamon. It’s going on the summer breakfast list though. Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    We hadn’t either. Why? I have no idea. We’d been missing out!! :)


  2. Ashley T says

    This sounds delicious. When you suggest coconut milk, are you referring to canned full fat, or the coconut milk that comes in a half gallon container? I realize I can do either. Just wondering what you were originally thinking.


    Laura Reply:

    I used canned, but either one is definitely fine. :)


  3. Katie says

    This was awesome! I have been making banana ice cream (with peanut butter, or sun butter and cocoa it is amazing) with frozen bananas, so when I saw this I had to try it with my last frozen banana. I had run out of vanilla (oh, the horror!) so I used my So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk for the Amazing Cinnamon Smoothie and my kids and I drank it all and wanted more. Thank you for the recipe! Now, to go freeze more bananas…and think about what would happen if I made this and then cooked it with egg yolks and arrowroot to make an Amazing Banana Cinnamon Soother…don’t know what would happen to the banana…


    Laura Reply:

    Out of vanilla!??!!??! It can’t be. (Come by and get some when you’re out.) :)

    So glad you and the boys liked this so much. And YES, I was definitely thinking of making this into a soother… :)


  4. Joy says

    Again, we can’t just get a cinnamon smoothie recipe without a plug for Olive Nation embedded in the post. I’m sorry, but I’m just making a point (ref: my comment on yesterday’s post). Maybe I just don’t understand how blogging works, but is this really required? How were you able to run your blog years ago with so few ads? I guess I just miss the old Heavenly Homemakers. By the way, I’d love to see how your garden is growing!


    Laura Reply:

    I’d love to see how our garden is growing too. ;) We’ve barely started it this year with our very busy time of graduating our oldest plus getting so much rain and cold temps. We’re finally getting to it so hopefully I can find a way to share that soon.

    Trust me, I understand what you mean about putting plugs in for items offered for good deals. I hear you, and I need you to know that many others saw that plug and said, “Thank you! I was wanting to grab those free cinnamon sticks but forgot to do it over the busy weekend.” I can not please everyone, so instead I seek to please God and let Him work out the rest.

    I pick and choose the deals I post, only sharing those which I believe will bless my readers. Some need them, some don’t. No problem to me either way. Whatever works for each individual.

    I’ve been sharing good deals for years, so I’m not sure why it seems to be more now. It truly isn’t. I share just as much free content as I’ve ever shared. Yes, sometimes I include a good deal that is relevant to the kitchen tip or recipe or whatever (instead of how I used to do it which was to write a separate post about the item or deal). That is meant to bless readers, plus it saves me time. I find that if I don’t share where to purchase certain items, I’ll be bombarded with inquiries, so I might as well share it in the first place.

    Please take note of all the posts that do NOT share a deal. There are many. Please know that my work on this blog is a full time job now (I’m not exaggerating. 30-50 hours a week). As I said yesterday, people can read here for free but it costs me hundreds of dollars each month in order for that to happen (the bigger the blog and the more newsletter subscribers – the higher my expenses for tech support, dedicated server, newsletter services, and on it goes).

    I will say that this week started with a bang when it came to posts that included links to other sites. The Favorite Things Giveaway post and the Homeschool Build Your Bundle post when up back to back because they started on the same day. I try not to put two posts like that back to back, but this time it just happened. I’m dying over here trying to keep up with teenagers and all of life (while recovering from graduation) so I blew it this week with balancing content heavy posts with link posts. I apologize. I’ve got recipe posts, a Surrendered Heart post, and other link-free posts in the works – I’m just barely keeping up so hang with me. :)

    Enjoy the content that works for you, skip what doesn’t, and be blessed. :)


  5. Joy says

    Well, Laura, I certainly understand life getting crazy and things like the garden having to be put on the back burner. I REALLY appreciate that you acknowledged my concern and even recognize that there were more “deals” posted lately than normal. Also that you took the time to enlighten me (and maybe others!) on what is required to run a blog that has a larger readership – I had no idea! So, I will now “cut you some slack”! (-: It’s just that I have appreciated your blog over the years and have gleaned so much from it – I would hate to see it change! I don’t know why it seems that there are more ads now, if you say that there aren’t. Maybe because of the fact that you used to keep them separate. I may have just scrolled past them without even thinking before, whereas now because they are embedded in the posts I end up reading them. Keep up the good work, though – following hard after God – and you will always be a blessing to others!


  6. Julie says

    So yummy! I had to make it right away. Thanks!


    Julie Reply:

    My 5 yr old said it is too yummy to talk about and gives it a 700 star rating. :)


  7. Mary says

    Thank you, Laura, for what you do… You have been such a blessing and encouragement to my family! I think Joy is talking about the ads that pop up as you scroll down, not the links you deliberately put in your post. There are ads for things like CitiBank, Ford, Red Cross, etc that just pop up directly over the title of each of your posts as one scrolls down. I have to close each one before I can click on your post’s title if I didn’t accidentally click on the ad first. I’ve just been aware of that and dealing with it. I’m not sure you have control over that. It is what it is. Not THAT big of a deal.

    Anyway, I was wondering if almond milk could be substituted for the coconut milk. ?


    Laura Reply:

    You can definitely sub almond milk for coconut milk and it will be yummy!

    Regarding the ads you see popping up – that should not actually be happening and is not what I see on my end! I do have a few ads within my posts, but not so that you’d have to X out of them before you can read or see the title. A few others have commented that they experience those too, and when I asked my tech crew, they said it’s likely some sort of adware/malware issue that Google has injected into the browser. You might try running an adware scanner (through something like to see if that gets rid of the problem!


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