The little Green Project Returns, March 17!

Some of you may remember The little Green Project last March. If not click here, scroll down, and read through all of the March little Green Project posts!

I had a blast last year reading through all of the posts YOU linked up sharing YOUR little Green Projects.

This year, The little Green Project returns! Only this time, we’ll just have one special day to link up our Green Projects:  Wednesday, March 17.  What better day to share our little Green Projects than St. Patrick’s Day, huh?


So what is The little Green Project? It’s a time for you to share ANYTHING at all that you’re doing that is GREEN.

It may be a way you’re saving green (penny pincher ideas!), going green (save the earth!), earning extra green (entrepreneurs unite!), eating more greens (Bring on the broccoli!), using your green thumb (woohoo gardeners!), crafting something green (lime colored scarf anyone?)…anything you want to blog about that is in any way related to the color GREEN.

Tuesday night (the 16th) I’ll publish my little Green Project post along with a Mr. Linky for all of you to link up your little Green Project posts!  Link up more than one  if you want! It’s a great opportunity for us all to share our GREEN ideas! Then on March 17, we can all click around on all the posts, reading about every one’s little Green Projects!

Any questions? Leave a comment here and let me know! Any good little Green ideas? Oh yeah…you know you have lots of good ideas!

Be ready to share them next week!

Don’t have a blog? Plan on leaving your wonderful little Green Project ideas in the comment section!

Okay, wow. After typing the word GREEN about 37 times in this blog  post, suddenly it doesn’t look like it’s spelled right anymore. Anybody else ever do that?  Did I spell green right? Wow.

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  1. Kristy says

    Awwww… How sweet. I love and look forward to your blog each and every day. I even look at old blogs more then once, I tell my friends different things about you and the blog, sorta like we are great friends and I’ve known you forever! :) Keep up the good work.


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