The Boy With the Glasses

We were blessed several weeks ago to spend a few days with some of our good friends that we hadn’t seen for two years. They are a family with two sons (ages 7 and 11) and a daughter (age 5). As the time for our visit approached, their little girl kept asking her mom questions about our family – specifically about our boys.

How many boys does that lady have?”   “How old are the boys?”  “Doesn’t she have any little girls for me to play with?”  “Do you think that lady is sad because she only has boys and doesn’t have any little girls like me?”

And my personal favorite, which was likely said with a sigh:  “Does that lady have to bring all four of her boys to our house??”

It would seem that our upcoming visit wasn’t very appealing to a five year old girl. Understandably so. What would four big boys have to offer a five year old little girl? There would certainly be no one to play dolls, or house, or kitchen…

Thankfully, she welcomed us in anyway, playing “little hostess” to our overwhelmingly male family. 

It wasn’t long before her mom noticed that her little girl was rather enjoying herself. She was all smiles, putting herself right in the mix of all of the boys without hesitation. And then, the whispers began:  “Mom, these boys are all sooooo nice.”  “Mom, I like all of these boys – but especially the boy with the glasses.”  “Mom, what is the name of the boy with the glasses?”  (Justus)  “Oh yeah, Justus. I like him. He’s really nice.”


And so it went during our visit. “The Boy With the Glasses”  aka Justus, didn’t quite know what to think about the situation. What is a 13 year old boy to do with a 5 year old little girl who has an apparent crush on him? He just continued to be sweet…and to mind his own business as much as possible. ;)

At meal time we began to hear:  “I’m going to sit by The Boy With the Glasses.”  While watching a movie:  “I’m taking popcorn to The Boy With the Glasses.”  On the way to church:  “Can I ride in the van with The Boy With the Glasses?”

By the time we loaded up and headed back to Nebraska, we had made plans for their family to come visit us this summer. Holding onto the hope that she would see The Boy With the Glasses in a few short months, the little girl waved cheerfully as we pulled away. 

Fastforward several months. 

As our family sat at a basketball game recently, I pointed out a banner on a far away wall. My boys all looked over, read it, and chuckled. That is, all except for Elias. His reply was, “Hmm, are there words on it? I can’t read it.”  Many questions followed, and it was determined that we needed to make an eye doctor appointment for him.

It was after this appointment that I called my friend to let her know (or rather to warn her) that when they came for a visit this summer, there would be not one, but two Boys with Glasses.



Look out Coppinger household (and five year old girls). There’s a new kid in town. 

We’ve been having fun this week talking about when I got my first pair of glasses (I was right around Elias’ age!). Do you have glasses/contacts? How old were you when you realized you needed them?


  1. Deane says

    I realized I needed glasses in the 6’th grade but my parents couldn’t afford them till I was in 7’th. My vision had gotten so bad I had to stand up and move closer to the chalkboard even though I was sitting in the front row. I was amazed and excited over the difference they made! I thought everything looked like a picture postcard, I could even see the leaves on the trees!


  2. Kari C says

    5th grade for reading. Within a few years, it switched and I needed them all the time for distance. The really important thing to say though is that I really like the boy with (new) glasses. :-)


  3. Anitra says

    I got glasses when I was 7. My mom put it off for almost a year because she was in denial – but once I put them on the first time, I loved them! I could see EVERYTHING and the world was so crisp.

    I got LASIK last year and got to have that brand-new, crisp feeling again. I no longer have to find glasses to read the clock in the middle of the night, or put contacts in to see my children’s faces when we’re swimming.


  4. Mary G says

    I got my first pair of glasses when I was nine. Frames are so much better now than at that time. I usually wear contacts now, but I also like the glasses I have, too (deep red and just right).


  5. mrs. p says

    I had glasses since I was 2years old. Need to take my little one to he eye doctor


    Nia Reply:

    Thanks for sharing. Hubby and I have been discussing this because it seem eye doctors want a child to be at least 12 years old for their first exam. I was wondering “How do they know if a child younger than 12 needs glasses”. I know I’ve certainly seen them much younger with glasses, even toddlers as you were with your first pair. But did you have to see a specialist? Or how to even find a specialist for a toddler eye exam.


    Kimberly Reply:

    We go to a Children’s Ophthalmologist. Our little guy was 23 months old and really needed them much sooner. Our daughter got them at 3, or maybe 4. They dilate their eyes and “read” the prescription that way.


  6. Fletcher R. says

    I got glasses at 5 and bifocals in the 6th grade – they weren’t fun. I hated being the only 4 eyes around. I got contacts at 26 and haven’t gone back – don’t plan to either!

    My children all have glasses and were amazed at what they could see. Leaves on the trees, words on signs.

    Your Boys with Glasses are very handsome young men.


  7. Lisa says

    I got glasses at age 9. They did eye exams at school and I could only read the E. I was mortified. I wore glasses until 9th grade when I finally got contacts. I had RK in the 90s and really don’t recommend that to anyone because now I am back to wearing glasses and cannot wear contacts any longer :( Glasses are okay, but not good for wearing on rainy days.


    Anitra Reply:

    Lisa, are you wearing glasses for reading, or do you need them all the time? I know that corrective eye surgery of the 10’s is not like that of the 90’s, but I just had it done last year, and I’m curious. They told me that I shouldn’t need glasses again until I need reading glasses (and I’m OK with that – it means no bifocals, I hope!)


    lisa Reply:

    I have gotten near sighted again. I don’t need bifocals which I guess is good, but I continue to get more nearsighted each year.


  8. Marsha M says

    FYI, my computer is showing links in this post that I don’t think you put there? They are ads but not all nice ones.


    Laura Reply:

    Uh-oh, no I didn’t put them there. I’m not seeing it on my end – not sure what the deal is!


    Marsha M Reply:

    I think they may be on my end…some spyware or something.


    charity Reply:

    UMMM I’m seeing them too and I have a mac….. Which I usually don’t have problems with


  9. Heather says

    I got glasses when I was 12. I remember walking out of the eye doctors with my new glasses, and I was so surprised to see the individual leaves on trees!


  10. Megan says

    Both of my siblings and parents need some type of corrective lenses, at least part of the time. The siblings got them in middle school. At age 30, I still don’t have any. :)


  11. Lisa says

    I was 8 and in third grade. One week I could see the spelling words at school and the next week I couldn’t. My reading teacher called my mom immediately. I get contacts in 8th grade and haven’t gone back.


  12. Colleena Stark says

    I got glasses in 5th grade and contacts in 9th grade. Contacts made playing sports sooo much easier! Being a homeschool mom, my glasses currently get used more than my contacts. My 15 year old son wears glasses/contacts. Welcome Elias into our awesome group of lens wearers!


  13. says

    I got my first pair of glasses when I was 9. My teacher at school figured out that I needed them; my parents assumed that since I passed all the eye exams at school that I was fine. Little did they know that their insistence on straight A’s meant that I was memorizing the answers from the kids ahead of me in line to take the eye exam so that I wouldn’t ‘fail’!

    My first eye exam results were 180/20. Here in WA, you can’t get a driver’s license if you’re 120/20, as a comparison. My focus distance was about 8 inches from my nose. The biggest surprise I had the day I got my glasses were (a) clouds (when you think the sky is just this blank slate, having big fluffy stuff up there is a little startling) and (b) seeing individual branches and leaves on trees from a distance. Trees aren’t big green blobs… who knew?

    Enjoy those new glasses, Elias!


  14. Cheryl says

    I was in 6th grade. They were only supposed to be for the blackboard but at recess I was astonished at how well I could see (like the kids playing in the distance) that I refused to take them off. Been wearing them ever since. I remember being astounded that you could actually see rain fall. I’d seen it splash up in puddles, felt it, ect… but never realized you could see it falling.

    My son was in grade 1 and came home complaining that the words in the books in grade 1 were so different then the kindergarden books. He’d been complaining of headaches. Took him to get his eyes tested again (I’d done it when he first started complaining of headaches). Turns out 1 eye was relatively okay, the other was very very weak. So when he was younger and they tested him with both eyes he did fine, cover up his good eye and things get very blurry! Once he got glasses his headaches stopped.


  15. Carrie says

    He looks so cute! My son was 6 when we realized he needed glasses. He’s now 12, and he has the same black frames as Justus! I always find little boys with glasses to be adorable!


  16. Birdie says

    I was 18 years old. When I looked out the car window I noticed the mountains were blurry. Our second dc cried when they found out they would be needing glasses by the next visit to the eye doctor. Now ALL of us have to wear them. This pair that I wear are my first bifoculs (how do you spell it?). Found my first gray months ago and now upgrade to “older” lady glasses. I thought I was prepared for this but felt a little surprised. I’m my mother now :-)!


  17. Jenna says

    First got glasses when I was 6 or 7. This past year, at age 28, was the first year my prescription hasn’t gotten worse from year-to-year! I was pretty excited!


  18. Celena says

    I had my first pair when I was about 5… but didn’t end up wearing them for long. Not really sure why. My daughter just turned 4 and got glasses… bifocals actually. She says they make everything even more blurry for her, so we have an appt tomorrow to double check everything.


  19. says

    You’ve raised lovely boys – how could a five year girl resist? I hope Elias likes his new glasses – very handsome, and they make him look older! It’s been fun to watch your family as they grow up!


  20. Jackie says

    You have some very handsome boys!!! I can see why girls would go after them!!! My son is 6 and he already has girls chasing after him!!!!


  21. Jen says

    I was 26 years old, and had gone back to college. I realized I needed glasses in organic chemistry class, when the friend I sat next to got tired of me constantly bugging her because I couldn’t clearly see the formulas on the chalk board. She was sweet, and kindly pointed out that I should go to the eye doctor. It hadn’t even occurred to me. I was truly AMAZED at how clear and sharp everything was when I first got them. I had no clue I had been missing all the details in life. I wore contacts for a few year, but now I’m back to glasses. I need them for distance, and have to take them off to read, or I feel nauseous.


  22. says

    I was in first grade when I got glasses…but I needed them before that. My parents wouldn’t believe me!!

    I was a freshman in college when I got BIFOCALS. Yes, seriously. I am old before my time. :)


  23. Anna Rose says

    Very cute post! I don’t remember when I got glasses…! I’ve never known life without them! My eyes turned in when I was born and I had surgery when I was 3 months old (so I’ve been told) =). My eyes worked normally for a month, but then my eyes started working independent of the other so at 17 months I began wearing glasses and have always worn them since. 20+ years later, my classmates still remember my huge blue plastic-rimmed Supergirl glasses I got in 4th grade (not as many options then)! Contacts are not an option since I have to have *prism* in my lenses, but I am just thankful that I can see!


  24. says

    Reading about the little girl had me tickled. Oh, how fun! I was in second grade when I got glasses. Yeah, when you’re crossing the road and can’t really see a MAC truck headed your way, it’s time to do something about that. I got across safely thanks to people I was with and he was fairly far away but still. I wore contacts for awhile but I have a really bad astigmatism that makes it uncomfortable for me to wear them anymore.


  25. Alison L. says

    Watch out little girl! What are you going to do with 2 boys with glasses?!

    I was in the 3rd grade when I got my glasses. Once during free reading,I was so concerned that I would crush them if I set them between my legs while reading, so I set them beside me. I thought they were safe until my VERY pregnant teacher walked past and stepped directly on them! We were both so surprised neither of us could think of what to do next! Oops.


  26. Judy says

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this post. I have twin daughters and #2 got glasses at 18 months, and #1 got glasses at 3 years. I had glasses from 2nd grade to 7th grade, and then my eyes corrected themselves. Now since I am 40something :) I have found myself back into glasses again.


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