The Better to See You With! Valentine Crafts

Take a look at this silly Valentine craft idea! We’ll be making 30 or so pairs of these glasses to give out as Valentines at our homeschool Valentine party Friday.


On the side of the glasses we’ll write something like, “The better to see you with, My Dear Valentine!”  or  “Here’s Looking at You, Valentine!”

The kids insisted that I try them on too. Boy could I whip up some mean Valentine treats in these, oh yes I could.


You know you all want to have a chance to look like that. (Why do I do this to myself?)

Click here to download the pattern for these glasses. Simply fold a big piece of heavy paper in half and place the pattern along the fold…then trace and cut.


Now, if we get tired of cutting out the heart shaped spectacles, we’ll spend some time making something a little prettier (and a little chocolatier).


You’ll find the directions for making this Valentine Flower here.  It’s got a chocolate peppermint pattie in the center…which got me to brainstorming for a clever little Valentine wish to print on the center heart. 

Something like “We were mint to be together, Valentine” or “Have I mintioned how glad I am to be your friend?”  Seriously, I got caught up in the momint and laid in bed one night thinking of way too many mint-y puns that just didn’t work for one reason or another. Mostly because I think first graders are too young to make a commitmint. And also because there’s not enough space in that little heart to write something like, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s always lots of merrimint, When I’m with you!”   Yes, I almost went mintal on you this time. 

So I settled for boring old, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”  What a complete dissapointmint!   Ah, but it’s the sentimint that counts.

Okay, I’m done now.

Let’s not mintion this again.

But please feel free to leave a commint. ;)

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  1. Jennifer says

    Both of these ideas are so cute! I was thinking of ditching our party, but these look like so much fun that they might just get me to go! :)
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. says

    Love the heart glasses! I think I’ll work on those with my son today. The cutting will be fantastic fine motor exercise for him and I’m sure he’ll get a kick out of me wearing the glasses, too!


  3. says

    Those glasses are cute! When my boys see them, they might just have to make some for their friends. Of course, theirs will probably say something like,”Look out for Yucky Valentines!”


  4. Serenity Summers says

    I was lost on what to do for valentines for our homeschool party and the flower is perfect!!! Thanks for the idea! Much better than the boxed cards!


  5. says

    my bf and i have only been dating for a month, so i don’t want to do anything overboard for vday. i love the idea of the mint flower! it will be a cute thing to make and a tasty treat for him! hugs!


  6. says

    Too funny… :) Wish I could stay awake for even a couple minutes once my head hits the pillow…maybe that’s when all the creativity hits! Boy, I’ve been missing out lately! ZZZZZZzzzzzzz……… :)


  7. Tana says

    Not fair Laura. All of the cute ideas you have, I cannot steal, as I will go to the same valentine party that you do. I finally came up with book marks, and then I found out that Susan did them last year, so it wasn’t even my idea. My boys hate to craft, so after about the first 10, I was left doing them. I think store bought valentines are great.


  8. says

    love the latenight mint-al breakdown ;-)

    Any clever Valentine sentiments to go with the set of Rook cards I bought my DH? Pretty sweet, eh? I’ll be making him something like choc-covered nuts as well.


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