Thanksgiving Encouragement

I received this email this morning from a friend of mine and thought I would share it! I found it encouraging to know that she is enjoying the site. I also thought her “cousin box” was a great idea to pass along to you!


 Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your site. I love checking to see what new ideas you have. I have always admired your creativity, organization and Godly example.

I am busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. I find myself slipping up on feeding my kids wholesome meals when I get busy, so I am trying to think ahead this week and prepare ahead.

We are making a “Cousin’s Box” for our cousins that don’t get to come for Thanksgiving this year. We put in homemade ornaments and coloring books,( we even put in the Turkey Tale activity from your site), as well as letters telling our cousins what we have been doing since the last time they came. It’s a good way help the cousins feel connected even when they are far apart.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

As an aside, I was at this Tana’s house recently and happened to see a jar filled with little slips of paper. I said, “Hey, is this your Jar of Thanks?”  and she said, “Yes, and you should see Chandra’s!” 

Chandra is Tana’s married daughter. Apparently Chandra is asking her two year old, Daniel each day what he is thankful for. She said he is coming up with the sweetest things (Grandma, flowers, the Wiggles!). I love it! I guess their jar is almost full. Way to go! I hope you all feel encouraged and excited as Thanksgiving approaches. God is good!