6 Unexpected Blessings I’ve Experienced Thanks to Javita Drinks

I’ve been drinking Javita drinks (coffee and flavored waters) for well over a month now and I’d like to share the unexpected results I’ve noticed! It took about one week of drinking some of these every single day for me to experience this…

javita products snapshot2

1) I don’t have to eat every two hours anymore.

For my entire life, as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with feeling crummy and light headed if my stomach starts to get empty. I’ve never, ever been able to eat breakfast then feel fine until lunch time. But since I started drinking Javita (and I give the credit to the Fiber drink for this), I have shocked myself by not even thinking about food for several hours after breakfast! Who even am I? It’s like I’m finally…normal? Nah, that’s probably taking it too far. ;)


2) I don’t turn into a zombie at 9:00 at night.

I thought it was a fluke the first night we had people at our house until 10:30 pm and I was still enjoying the conversation and completing my sentences! Before, my energy always ran out by 7:00 pm and after 9:00 I was pretty much worthless. But after a week of drinking the Burn + Control coffee every morning and the Energy + Mind coffee every afternoon (what can I say, I love their coffee!) I’ve found that I’m actually a functioning human well past my normal hour of passing out. It’s sooo nice!

3) I’ve lost some weight around my gut.

Even though Javita products brag that they help people lose weight, I didn’t start drinking them for that purpose and was instead excited to enjoy all the life-giving herbs infused into each drink! But then I started noticing that my pants were looser and let me see if I can explain this right…

My insides just feel lighter.

The thing about the detoxing herbs found in Javita coffee and tea is that they help cleanse the fatty cells that surround our organs. I am quite convinced that this has been happening and while I don’t carry around a lot of excess fat, I definitely knew I had some detoxing to do around my gut. This has been the most gentle detox I’ve ever experienced! And if my stomach is a little flatter too? Well, that’s pretty cool!

By the way, every single one of my friends that I’ve talked to here in and around my hometown who are drinking Javita have also been losing weight simply by drinking these healthy drinks. We are all kind of amazed! My weight loss leveled out after 3-5 pounds; those who have had more to lose continue to lose. I think at this point my body will continue to benefit by continually cleansing because of the healing herbs I’m feeding it through these drinks.


4) The Fiber+ drink has become my favorite.

I started out with this Javita business most excited to start drinking and sharing healthy coffee. But then I started drinking Fiber+ every morning (which tastes amazing, by the way!) and it’s been so incredible to help keep me regular (ehem) and keep my blood sugar regulated. I don’t want to ever be without Fiber for the great cleansing and leveling effects it’s had on me!


5) Flex is incredible to help take away pain and stiffness.

I have been amazed at how well Flex works. I started drinking it after I’d been cooking at camp for 140 kids, 3 meals a day, standing on hard cement, lifting heavy boxes, etc. I was so sore by the middle of the week I could hardly move, yet I had to keep cooking for two more days! Matt had to run home from camp mid-week and found that our Javita box had been delivered. So he threw it in the van and hauled it back to camp. Thursday morning I made myself a Flex, drank it down, and was absolutely shocked that within 30-minutes I was able to move around normally and had no pain the entire day.

Like Fiber, I don’t want to ever be without Flex. Matt’s been drinking it every day to help with shoulder pain and the kids and I drink it any time our bodies are calling for a pain killer. This is going to come in so handy during soccer and basketball seasons!


6) Defend works almost immediately.

Every time any one of us has the tiniest bit of a cough or a tickle in our throats, we drink a Defend. Elias (my 15-year old) said yesterday, “I just drank that and I already feel better. Weird.” It blows my mind how good these are, though it shouldn’t because the ingredients in every single one of these drinks is the best of the best, so of course they work!

I’m planning to give my oldest son a stash of Defend to keep in his dorm room because I’m very sure it will help keep his normally terrible fall allergies to a minimum. Can’t wait to see!

Are these Javita drinks organic?

I’ve been asked this quite a bit lately so I wanted to answer in full to all of you: All of the Javita drinks are better than organic. They are Kosher certified, fair trade, and GMO free. Even the “natural flavors” you’ll see listed in the sweet drink ingredients are pure fruit powders. Nothing is hidden in these. They are completely pure and good.

Too good to be true? I have been drinking them long enough to learn that they are everything they say they are. The are effective, healing, and as an added bonus…they are delicious. :)

Here are many more Frequently Asked Questions you might want to read through.

How to purchase Javita drinks

javita coffee club

Here’s the best way to become a part of our Javita Dollar Club! The least expensive option is to purchase with Auto-Delivery so that you only have to pay a dollar per drink. Each month after that you can adjust, add, subtract drink options at any time before your next delivery.

  1. Click here, then on “Experience the Products.”
  2. You can look through the various drinks and check out each of their ingredients, then click on “Order Now.”
  3. Select the country where you life (United States is at the top left).
  4. Click on “Build Your Own” to select any of the products you are interested in for your family. (If you order 2-5 boxes, shipping is free!)
  5. Once you’ve added your selections to the cart, proceed with the check-out process.
  6. Again, each month you can make adjustments to your auto-delivery to fit your family’s needs!

How to get your Javita drinks FREE

This is a huge perk of becoming a Javita member! When you sign up to own your own Dollar Club, you can share the drinks you love with your friends and family and if just three people buy two boxes each from your Dollar Club, you’ll get your monthly boxes for free! The more customers you have, the more free boxes you get, up to five free boxes each month. It’s rockin’ plus you earn commission too. (You do have to pay for shipping on your free boxes. It’s worth it though because the products are free!)

Give me a holler if you want more details about owning your own Javita Dollar Club. Or you can read more about it here.

Also let me know if you have any other questions or if you want help deciding which drinks might be best for your family’s needs!

Explore my Javita Dollar Coffee Club here.

Answering Your Questions About the Healthy Coffee, Tea, and Other Drinks I’ve Been Sharin

The emails about our Javita Dollar Coffee Club have been flooding in and rightly so. There’s a lot to know! Is this coffee as good as I say it is? What’s in it? Does it really help people lose weight? What if I don’t need to lose weight? What if I don’t like coffee? What if I can’t have caffeine?

javita cups

I love that so many have already given these great drinks a try! And I love that so many are asking about it!

See, if I was normal (and we are all well aware that I am fAr FrOm nOrMaL) I would have you all into my home to learn about Javita. We’d sit at my table and I would make you a cup of coffee or tea, and I’d fix you a sample of all the cold drinks, and we would chat in person while I answered your questions.

javita party2

Be here I am...not being normal. I have had several very fun moments of sitting around my table with local friends sipping the drinks and sharing about Javita! But for all of you who live in other states and countries, it’s just not possible. So we’ve been partying through emails. Keep the questions coming and I’ll answer all I can! To make this process just a bit easier, I thought I’d answer some frequently asked questions here today…

Answering Your Questions About the Healthy Coffee, Tea, and Sweet Javita Drinks

What is so great about these drinks you’re telling us about?

In short, they are filled with fabulous God-given herbs and mushrooms that our bodies need for great health. We could grow these herbs ourselves and utilize them every day to help cleanse our systems, give us energy, regulate our blood sugar, and so much more. Or we can take advantage of the fact that the hard work has been done and the wonderful herbs are already prepared for us in these delicious drink packets!

Personally, I am beyond thrilled that I can enjoy my beloved coffee every day and know that it nourishes me and gives me the wonderful enjoyment of coffee too! All the other drinks are super for my health and drinking them feels like a huge treat – all day long. Javita is so much fun!

I don’t like coffee. So I’m not interested in Javita…

Only two out of the eleven drink options are coffee. Beyond coffee, there are two kinds of healing teas, a hot cocoa (that is out of stock and coming soon!), and six cold drink options that are sweet, delicious, and wonderful for our health. Each drink has different health benefits, so you can pick and choose based on your needs or the needs of your family. (I’m happy to help you with this. Email me and tell me what you’re looking for and I can give suggestions for what would benefit your specific health needs the most. laura@heavenlyhomemakers.com)

javita products snapshot2

Is there a difference between the two coffee options?

The Burn and Control coffee is great for helping a person lose weight as it reduces cravings and gives your metabolism a natural boost. But I drink it because the herbs naturally remove toxins from around my organs. Yes, yes, yes!

The Energy and Mind coffee is great to help with alertness, concentration, memory, and of course, energy. I tell you, it works!

Both coffees are wonderful because the herbs in them alkalize the coffee, which is one of my favorite perks to this. No more acidic coffee!! They both taste really great to me, and I happily drink them both daily! If I had to pick which one I like best, I would say that I like the flavor of Energy and Mind coffee just a tiny bit better. Just a tiny bit. I really love them both. :)

Instant coffee? How can that possibly be good?

I know!! I thought that was so weird when I first saw that you dump a little coffee packet into hot water and stir. You all know I love a goooood cup of coffee and avoid that cheap stuff in a red canister if at all possible!

But believe me when I tell you this is not anything like cheapo instant coffee. It’s finely ground and I’ve loved it from my very first sip. I almost always add cream to my coffee, but Javita coffee tastes so good to me I happily drink it black. Or sometimes with cream if that’s what I’m wanting that day. I love it either way!

One thing to note: The package suggests stirring the coffee into 6-8 ounces of hot water. I personally like it best stirred into 10-12 ounces of water. But you can play with it to see what you like best!

Can I doctor up this coffee with cream and such, or will that defeat the purpose of drinking “healthy coffee?”

Yes! Add cream or whatever you normally put into your coffee. No matter how you drink it, you’ll still be enjoying all the health benefits of it because you’re getting all the wonderful herbs mixed into the coffee. Now of course, if you add loads of sugar, you’ll be slowing down your health progress. But baby steps, right? At least the coffee benefits you! And I would venture to say that these drinks will likely help you break free of sugar addiction, so it’s a win-win!


I can’t have caffeine. Will these drinks still work for me?

Absolutely! The Lean and Green tea has only a tiny amount of caffeine, so that makes it a great option. You’d need to avoid the coffees, of course, and the Rush drink. But ALL THE OTHERS are free of caffeine. That leaves seven drinks that are safe for you to drink, all of which will still give you great health benefits!

I really want to lose weight. Which drinks do you recommend?

I really recommend that we drink these with only their health benefits in mind, letting possible weight loss be a fun bonus benefit to becoming healthier! But if weight loss is a specific goal you have, I’d drink the Burn and Control Coffee (or the Lean and Green tea – or both!), the Control (cold pomegranate drink that helps regulate blood sugar and provides appetite control), and the Fiber (to help cleanse your system).

I really don’t care about losing weight. Which drinks do you recommend?

All of them. :) They are all so beneficial for our health that there is not one I don’t recommend no matter your size or situation. I’m personally not drinking Javita drinks to lose weight. I’m drinking them daily to help naturally rid my body of toxins and to give my body energy and balance. They do not disappoint! I can now get to the end of the day and be tired (as in, I feel a normal tired after a hard day’s work), but not so done-in and exhausted that I can’t finish my sentences and I forget how to be nice.

What are you drinking every day, Laura?

Well…I’m plowing through about four or five drinks a day. Excessive? I don’t think so. I think my body needs these right now. I’ll adjust as necessary as I go along in this journey.

I begin the day with a Fiber drink (and it’s working so well I may write an entire post about it!). I follow that immediately with a Burn and Control coffee. Later in the morning I’ll have a Flex (if I am feeling stiff and tight) or a Defend (if I feel my immune system could use some love). In the mid afternoon I drink an Energy and Mind coffee while I’m working (fabulous for brain clarity!) and I try to just listen to my body for anything else I need before the end of the day.

I also drink one-two glasses of water between each Javita drink, so no doubt I’m getting plenty of good hydration throughout the day. And yep. I pee a lot. But what’s new?

Can you drink these when you’re pregnant or nursing?

If you’re nursing, it is recommended that you avoid Rush. But otherwise you can drink these as you wish. If you’re pregnant, you can enjoy FiberDefend, and the occasional Flex. But you should probably wait to drink the others until after baby is born. The herbs in these drinks are wonderful, but perhaps a little strong for a growing baby inside you. :)

Can I give these to my kids?

Yep! Even little ones can drink them, especially Defend and Flex. Rush is great if your kids are athletic. Fiber is wonderful for their digestion. They’ll feel like their drinking a big treat! (I hear you can give them the drink stick and let them eat it straight out of the package like a pixie stick. For real.)

Are these hot drinks or cold drinks?

Yes. Both. Either.

You can make the green tea and coffees either hot or cold. (Though I’ve found that it’s best if you add the drink pouches to a tiny bit of hot water to dissolve it first, then add cold water and ice and whatever else you like.) You can even add Control or another of the sweet drinks to your Lean and Green tea for fun flavors and extra health benefits. You can drink these however you want! (The only exception is that it is not recommended that you add the Fiber drink to anything but that you drink it as-is without stirring it into the tea or anything else. It’s more effective this way!)


I think this could be a great at-home business for me. Can you tell me more about the business side of Javita?

I actually think many of you could benefit from being a part of the business side of this if God leads you to it. Not very many have heard of this company and the products sell themselves because they are so wonderful and because so many people love coffee, tea, and sweet drinks! So this is a great time to join.

I’d work side by side with you as you get off the ground to share these products with the people in your life you know will benefit!

To become a business partner on my Javita team…
  1. Go here and click on “Build a Business.”
  2. Click on “Join Today.”
  3. Assuming you live in the US, click on United States (it’s at the top). Or click on whichever country applies to you!
  4. There you will see the package options. I recommend the $499 package as you’ll get plenty of product to share with people so they can taste it and love it with you. I can’t believe how fast I’m blowing through drink packets as I share them with people! (The $299 package is totally fine too, you just don’t get as many boxes of goodies and you may run out quickly!)
  5. Under each of those package listings you can click on “more info” to learn more about what is included.
  6. Once you’re ready, click “Continue.”
  7. Look at the options and click “Select” on the one you feel is best for you. (I went with the Variety pack so I’d have some of everything!)
  8. You can then go through the final checkout process, in which you’ll need my Member Number: 433280.
  9. Once done, you’ll need to confirm your account via the email they’ll send you and THEN YOU WILL BE IN!!
  10. You can get started sharing right away, and your products will be at your home in just a few days.
  11. I’ll help you in any way I can!

Note: The only “minimum requirement” you must have to maintain your member status is to have an Autoship of products coming to you each month. This isn’t a problem as you’ll likely be drinking them yourself, plus you want to have plenty on hand to share with people as you tell them about what you’re offering! And, you can quickly get your Autoship products for free after having just a few people sign up to purchase products through your Dollar Coffee Club!

javita coffee club

If I don’t want to be a business partner, but I want the products in my home each month in the least expensive way possible, what do I do?

Simply become a part of our Dollar Coffee Club. That will get each of these healthy drinks to you at just $1 each! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here to check out our pretty new Coffee Club Shop.
  2. Click on “Learn More” or watch the video if you like.
  3. When you’re ready, click the “Order Now” button.
  4. Select your country.
  5. Click “Build Your Own.” (You can select a “Popular Pack” if you like, but I found it best to build my order specific to our family’s needs.)
  6. Select 2-5 boxes that you feel will benefit you and your family most. (I started with both varieties of coffee – the Burn + Control and the Mind + Energy – plus the Flex, the Defend, and the Fiber drinks.)
  7. As long as you select 2-5 boxes of coffee, shipping is free!
  8. In a few days your first shipment of drinks will arrive and you can have as much fun as we are having!
  9. After that, you’ll receive monthly auto shipments of drinks, but you can change your drink selections, add or subtract boxes, or cancel at any time.

Phew! After all that, you surely have more questions, so fire away! What else would you like to know about Javita drinks?