The Heavenly Homemakers YouTube Channel, Back in Action!

I’ve had a Heavenly Homemakers YouTube Channel, and I’ve been afraid to use it.

hhm youtube videos

Actually, I haven’t been afraid as much as I’ve been overwhelmed with the when and the how and the are you even kidding me? So many people have encouraged me to do more with video through the years. My sons are super into videography, we have a houseful of video equipment and editing software, and I have many fun video ideas. But I also have a very full plate, and so many other excuses that may or may not include the fact that I rarely actually fix my hair so why would I want to put that mess onto video for all the world to see?

Wow, Laura, Wow.

mocha 1

In summary, I’ve loved and hated the video idea for a good many years. Loved how much fun it could be, hated trying to figure out how to actually fit the work it would take into my days. So the video thing never happened, even though it’s been a great idea.

But this summer, my youngest, Malachi (age 12), started creating a couple of YouTube Channels for himself. (Your kids might have fun following him. Check out Th3 Builder Guys here!) He has been having a ridiculous amount of fun doing it, he’s been learning lots, and a few weeks ago he said, “Mom, you should have a YouTube Channel!” I had to then admit to him, “Umm, I actually already have one that I haven’t done anything with for a very long time.”

Happy news! Malachi used his expertise and redid my YouTube page! Together we’ve been brainstorming how to make it super fun for all of you!

hhm youtube channel page

It begs the question at this point: Who is more excited? Malachi or me? This is yet to be determined.

He’s doing all the filming and editing, which means this YouTube thing can and will actually happen! (If left up to me, I would never find the time to learn all I need to know about editing and uploading. Plus, it’s oh so very helpful to have a fun camera guy on the scene.)

Here’s the little welcome video we created:

Then a couple days later, we made this one, which threw me over the edge to decide that making videos for YouTube is really, really fun!

(To clear up any confusion you might have while watching this video: We went to two soccer games two days in a row out of town. The two trips are intermixed with one another in this video, in case you are like, “Wait. Hair up, hair down. Short sleeved shirt, sleeveless shirt. What is happening right now?”)

We would love it if you followed along with the fun we’re having! We’ll keep our videos short and sweet. We’ll give you a glimpse into the life of the Heavenly Homemaker Household. I’ll share fun and helpful tips as you watch me cooking or shopping or unloading groceries. And you can be sure of this:

I will rarely be wearing makeup. Sometimes I won’t even put in my contacts. Occasionally my clothes won’t match. I won’t clean my kitchen before we start recording footage of me making tomato sauce.

You’ll get to see real life, with all the messes, and rest assured that the messes are many.

Will you join us? It’s going to be so much fun!!

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