Free Shipping and 50% off Palm Shortening!

It’s a Merry Christmas from Healthy Traditions! I love it when they offer this!

Through the 25th, Healthy Traditions (formerly Tropical Traditions) is offering free ground shipping and 50% off Palm Shortening. We have no choice but to stock up on this gem! (Sales like this usually only come about once each year.)


How I use Palm Shortening

I use Palm Shortening for these five main purposes and recipes:

Palm Shortening is flavorless, so it will not change the taste of your fried foods or baked goods! We often hear that “all fried food is bad” but it’s important to note that food fried in coconut oil or palm shortening is perfectly healthy! This is because these particular oils can withstand the high temps required for frying without going rancid! There are oh so many French fried reasons to love Palm Shortening!

My Favorite Ways to Use Palm Shortening (and why it's good for you)

You can grab your 50% off Palm Shortening here.

Use the code christmas2017 at check-out for FREE SHIPPING to apply.

Important: This offer expires December 25, 2017. 

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Free Shipping and 50% off Palm Shortening at the Same Time!! (Stock Up!)

It is a rare thing when Tropical Traditions (now called Healthy Traditions) offers free shipping and a big discount on their Palm Shortening at the very same time. I look out for this and always give it a shout-out as soon as I hear about it.

The time is now!


Usually they knock their Palm Shortening down to 40% off. This time it’s a whoppin’ 50% off.

This is the time to stock up!

To avoid paying shipping on this gem is a huge money saver. And obviously paying half price is rockin!


Whole Wheat Quick Baking Mix – amazing stuff, made with Palm Shortening!

What to do with Palm Shortening

I keep Palm Shortening on hand at all times to use in any recipe that calls for Crisco. Crisco=BAD. Our bodies don’t like it. But Palm Shortening=GOOD! Our bodies digest this fat and can utilize it for energy!

Warning: Some companies who sell Palm Oil and Palm Shortening are doing so irresponsibly and hurting the forests. I’ve researched this and found that Healthy Traditions is providing this oil for us in every safe and responsible way! That, along with its health benefits, make me always buy Palm Shortening from Healthy Traditions. From their website:

Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening comes from small scale family farms in South America. These farmers are certified by ProForest, which ensures that they meet strict social, environmental and technical criteria. With regard to environmental criteria, the assessments are carried out at the landscape and operational level at both the farms and processing facilities. These assessments cover environmental impact on the soil, water, air, biodiversity and local communities. The lands the farmers use are not lands that were deforested. The lands used to grow the palm fruit are lands previously used for agricultural purposes (cattle, rice, banana).

I use Palm Shortening for these five main purposes and recipes:

Palm Shortening is flavorless, so it will not change the taste of your fried foods or baked goods! We often hear that “all fried food is bad” but it’s important to note that food fried in coconut oil or palm shortening is perfectly healthy! This is because these particular oils can withstand the high temps required for frying without going rancid! There are oh so many French fried reasons to love Palm Shortening!

You can grab your 50% off Palm Shortening here.

Use the code 29617 at check-out for FREE SHIPPING to apply.

Important: This offer expires Saturday night, July 1! 

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Enjoy your awesome 1/2 off Palm Shortening and the free shipping that comes with it!

50% off Palm Shortening Plus Free Shipping!!!

I rarely share deals here anymore. (Instead I send out special emails about deals like this to people who’ve joined specific lists like our Heavenly Homemakers Savings Club. It’s free! Join here.)

Today I’m making an exception because this is one deal everyone needs to hear about!

Tropical Traditions is offering free shipping this weekend PLUS 50% off Palm Shortening! This is a rare double deal, and offers incredible savings.


Therefore, I just ordered three gallon-sized buckets of Palm Shortening. Yup. I decided to take advantage because I don’t know when this deal will be offered again.

The Palm Shortening is only on sale through Sunday, December 18. Use the code 191612 at checkout for free shipping to apply.

I use Palm Shortening for pie crusts, to fry chicken or French fries, and to make this super creamy peanut butter. I love Palm Shortening!!! I’m excited to take advantage of this deal that happens about once each year.

Grab your Palm Shortening here!

The links I used above are my referral links. That means if you made a purchase through the links, I will receive a referral certificate as a “thank you.” It also means you’ll receive a free copy of a great Virgin Coconut Oil Cookbook!

45% off Palm Shortening With Free Shipping! Plus 5 Of Our Favorite Pie Recipes


Guess who’s making pies this weekend!?

This is the time of year I go through quite a bit of Palm Shortening and learn all over again why I love it so much. I always watch for it to go on sale and sync up with a free shipping weekend at Tropical Traditions. That time is now!!

Tropical Traditions is offering a 45% discount on their gallon-sized bucket of Palm Shortening. Use the code 151214 to receive free shipping on your order. Then do a pie-making happy dance. It’s a Christmas tradition.

And now for pie recipes to go with this wonderful deal!

First, my favorite Whole Wheat Pie Crust recipe.

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

I plan to make a triple batch of crusts so I can make several pies at once. We’ll eat some now (why not?) and freeze some for the week of Christmas. Here are more details on how to make frozen pies.

How to Make Your Own Frozen Pies

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie is super and easy.

Plus, it’s chocolate with peanut butter so I don’t think I need to give you more reasons for why it is so amazing.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Apple Pie is an old standby and a must at Christmas.


Of course I’m making Pumpkin Pies.

Sometimes I cut the sugar down and we eat them for breakfast. Nobody argues.


Honey Pecan Pie will amaze you.

Most recipes call for corn syrup. This one calls for honey. So good!


What kind of pies are on your baking list this Christmas?

Check out the Palm Shortening deal at Tropical Traditions. Take advantage of this price with free shipping. It’s awesome! This combo offer (45% off with free shipping) is only good through Sunday, December 13 so you don’t want to wait or you’ll miss the sale price!


P.S. If you’re new to Tropical Traditions and you shop through the links in this post (my referral links) – you’ll automatically receive a FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Book which is full of helpful information and great recipes. :)

Finally! Free Shipping and 45% Off Palm Shortening at the Same Time!

Man, I’ve been waiting for this one!! It’s hard for me to fork it out for shipping on something heavy like Palm Shortening (because I’m spoiled…and I like to save money). I’ve been needing palm shortening, but I was waiting for it to go on sale and sync up with a free shipping weekend. I waited, and I waited, and I waited…

Here it is! It is a free shipping weekend at Tropical Traditions AND their Organic Palm Shortening is 45% off through Sunday! $26.89 for a gallon…yes please.


How do I use Palm Shortening?

Well first of all, it’s almost pie baking season. Palm Shortening is a fantastic, healthy alternative to Crisco when making pie crusts (because our bodies can digest it well). I fry foods in it because it can withstand high temperatures without becoming hydrogenated (this is rare for a fat!). I use palm shortening to make my Whole Wheat Quick Baking Mix (like Bisquik), which is then used to make all kinds of goodies.

My Favorite Ways to Use Palm Shortening (and why it's good for you)

Yes, I love palm shortening.

Heard about the deforestation problem that accompanies the harvest of palm oil? This is not an issue where Tropical Traditions is concerned. They practice safe and environmentally friendly methods of palm tree farming. Read more details here. You can trust Tropical Traditions when it comes to healthy, nourishing food and the care of the earth.

Find the Organic Shortening here. Use the code 21159 at checkout to receive free shipping. The sale price is only good through Sunday, September 20. Stock up time!

Do you love palm shortening? How do you use it? Do you like frying food in it or do you prefer to fry in coconut oil?

This post contains my referral link. New customers who purchase through the links in this post will receive a free Virgin Coconut Oil Book!

Enjoy the FREE Gift of a 32 Ounce Jar of Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions This Weekend!

I love it when Tropical Traditions offers this! It’s a 4th of July special…pretty much the best one of the year. We can all put a 32-ounce jar of Organic Gold Label Coconut Oil – the best of the best (seriously, my favorite of all coconut oils) – into our cart at a price of $0.00. (Click here then scroll down to find it and put it into your cart.


Here’s the nitty-gritty: We have to pay shipping on our order, and they require a minimum purchase of $19.00. This is fair, plus it means that we can choose some additional goodies for our family while we enjoy our big free jar of oil!

Here are some great sales they are running alongside the freebie that you might want to consider to achieve your $19 minimum:

Organic Palm Shortening is on sale 45% off! I use this stuff like crazy. I’m grabbing a bucket to go with my free oil.


Organic Gold Label Coconut Oil (just like the free one above) is Buy-One-Get-One-Free. So pretty much I’m getting three jars of this oil in my order and only paying for one. (Although never would I actually pay $40 for one jar of their oil. I don’t care how great it is. I wait for it to go on sale – every time. This is the best sale I’ll come across. I’m taking advantage!)

tropical traditions coconut oil 2

Pure Coconut Oil (one of their odorless, flavorless varieties) is on sale Buy-TWO-Get-TWO-Free. This is an awesome deal. I’m not getting any this time because I’m well stocked up on this variety, but I wanted to be sure and point it out in case you need some. That’s a great price per jar ($11.25 each).

Tropical Traditions Pure Coconut Oil

If you don’t need additional coconut oil or palm shortening along with your free jar of oil – here’s a hint to keep your shipping costs lower:

Order some soap. I super love their Coconut Oil Soaps. This is the only kind I use and the only kind our son Malachi (who has very sensitive skin) uses. He even uses it to wash his hair.


Anyway, their soaps are wonderful and don’t weigh much. This keeps shipping costs lower if you want to simply add some of those to your cart along with the FREE coconut oil to reach your cart minimum.

And if you just can’t find anything else to get, and you want to keep your shipping costs low – order some chocolate. It’s for a good cause. :)

BONUS: If you are a brand new customer with Tropical Traditions and you click through the referral links in this post – along with your free jar of coconut oil, you’ll receive a free  Virgin Coconut Oil Book with your order.

These offers are good through Sunday, July 5.

Go grab your free coconut oil! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Palm Shortening 40% Off Plus Free Shipping at Tropical Traditions!

This is super exciting! With holiday baking season upon us, we’ll want to stock up on Palm Shortening. It’s 40% off this weekend, with free shipping too!

Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Here are the recipes I love making with Palm Shortening:

I also use it to fry Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, and Whole Wheat Donuts. Palm Shortening can be heated to high temps safely, which makes it healthy for frying. I love this! Plus, the Tropical Traditions brand is sustainably farmed. We can trust this product and this company!

Through Sunday, September 12, Tropical Tradition’s Palm Shortening 40% off! Get a gallon bucket for just $23.59 WITH FREE SHIPPING!!! Grab a bucket or three!


~  Are you a new customer with Tropical Traditions? If so, clicking through the links in this post to purchase will reward you with a FREE Virgin Coconut Oil Book. No need to add it to your cart – you’ll get it automatically with purchase.

tropical traditions coconut oil book

Use the code 141310 at check-out for free shipping to apply. Take advantage of these great prices as you work to feed your family well!

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Palm Shortening for $0.24 Per Ounce – FREE SHIPPING at Tropical Traditions This Weekend

Need Palm Shortening for that Super Creamy Peanut Butter you’re planning to make? Or so that you can make Whole Wheat Pie Crust? How about Whole Wheat Quick Mix?

I keep waiting for the Organic Palm Shortening to go on sale at a deeper discount at Tropical Traditions, and for that amazing sale price to coincide with a free shipping weekend. It keeps not happening. However, I see that the palm shortening is at least somewhat discounted this weekend.  Plus this happens to be a free shipping weekend.  So I did the math.

Because of the free shipping, you’ll be getting my beloved palm shortening for just 24¢ per ounce. What have I been waiting for?  The gallon bucket will stay good for months, and it should be enough to last you a good long while too.  It’s a great price for a great product!


Afraid of palm shortening? Don’t be! While most shortenings (like Crisco) at the store are to be avoided, this organic palm shortening is not hydrogenated, not prone to rancidity, and has no trans fats. In addition, Tropical Traditions is very intentional about sustainable farming and does not use lands that have been deforested. We can trust Tropical Traditions.

So, Palm Shortening. Go get yours. It’s one of my favorite buckets to have in the kitchen!

Enter the code 24314 at check-out for free shipping to apply. Don’t forget, if you are a first time customer to Tropical Traditions, if you shop through the referral links in this post, you’ll receive the Virgin Coconut Oil Book for FREE automatically with your order.

Vitacost is Offering FREE Coconut Oil With Purchase (Plus Tons of Other Great Sale Prices!)

I’ve looked through the Vitacost site thoroughly today and found many items I use regularly. I’m loving this sale!!  (If you are a new customer with Vitacost, you can receive an additional $10 off too! Info at the bottom of this post.)

~ Buy any of the products on this page, receive a free 4-ounce container of Organic Coconut Oil. It’s a lovely bonus with your purchase. You’ll see on that sale page that they offer several sizes of coconut oil, both virgin (coconut flavor) and refined (flavorless).  Expired

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips are only $3.27 right now. I love these because they are soy free. They are also dairy free if that is a need for you. This is a great time to stock up on chocolate chips. Why? Because if you order them in the summer, they might melt while they are shipped to you. Ask me how I know.

~ Spectrum Refined Coconut Oil is only $5.99 for a 14 ounce jar. This price is less than the Vitacost brand mentioned above, so I’d go with this one and buy a Vitacost Virgin Coconut Oil for the above free coconut oil deal. I love having both virgin and refined on hand for different cooking/baking needs and preferences.

~ Spectrum Organic Palm Shortening is only $5.19 for a 24 ounce tub. Because this is made from palm oil, it is a very safe and healthy variety of shortening!

Farmer’s Market Organic Canned Pumpkin is $1.90 per can.

~ Rolled Oats are $3.49 for a two pound bag. Gluten Free Rolled Oats are just $3.99 for the same size.

The best news yet:  Are you a new customer to Vitacost?  Sign up through my referral link and get $10 off your first order of $30 or more! Once you sign up, you’ll receive a coupon code to use on your first order, which will knock ten bucks off your total!

Shipping is free when you spend at least $49. It is also free if you purchase at least $25 of Vitacost brand products. Otherwise, shipping is a flat $4.99.

Free Shipping at Tropical Traditions This Weekend ~ Plus Sales on Raw Honey, Blueberries, and More

tropical traditions free shipping

Through Monday, February 24, you’ll get free shipping on your Tropical Traditions order when you use the code 24214. Orders must be $12.99 or higher to qualify. I love free shipping weekends paired with sales they are offering!

The best sale I found is on their delicious Organic Raw Honey. This stuff spreads like cream and tastes like a dream. Mmm, so good! It’s 50% off right now, so it’s just $10.49.

Their Freeze Dried Blueberries are on sale for $4.89. I love using these in my Whole Wheat Blueberry Streusel Muffins and Homemade Instant Oatmeal. They’re also great to snack on all by themselves. Hey – just for fun, type the word “blueberry” into the new Heavenly Homemaker’s Ingredients Search Box over at the top of my sidebar. You’ll see quite a few great recipes that are great with these Freeze Dried Blueberries. I am loving that new search box!

tropical traditions blueberries

Many of us have been waiting for Palm Shortening to go on sale during a free shipping weekend! I have seen lower prices, but at least it is discounted to $30.65 for a one gallon bucket! It’s costly to ship something that heavy, so take advantage of the free shipping deal with this!

New customers – Tropical Traditions will automatically include a free copy of their wonderful Virgin Coconut Oil Book if you purchase through any of the referral links in this post. It’s a great bonus!

This post contains affiliate links.