Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than $10

How about a list of LEGO sets that all cost less than $10? This comes at a perfect timing with Christmas right around the corner!

lego set12

This year I made two mistakes: 1) I asked Malachi if he still thought he’d want to put LEGOS on his Christmas list and 2) I mentioned that it didn’t seem as if he played with LEGOS as much anymore. I got quickly put in my place seeing as 1) of course he still wants LEGOS on his Christmas list and 2) he doesn’t play with LEGOS; he builds with them.

My bad.

My youngest LEGO lover is turning 13 this month, but “old age” has not stopped him from loving the bricks. He still has a room dedicated to LEGO and still spends hours working with them. I truly won’t be surprised if he somehow makes a career out of LEGO some day, somehow.

For all who have LEGO lovers in your life, you will enjoy looking through all of these great sets that cost less than $10. Many are less than $5!

Grab them for stocking stuffers. Grab them for party gifts. Grab them for gift exchanges. Grab them for incentives or rewards.

Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than $10

First, check out these two pages that feature 43 Lego sets that are less than $10. Look around and see which are best for the kids on your Christmas list!

lego color packs

And now for a little more of a specific break down of sets. Keep in mind that not only are all of these sets less than $10, many of them are only $5 or $6!

Classic Creativity Boxes

I love these colored Classic Creativity Boxes! You can buy them as a set of four then divide them among four recipients. Or you can buy them individually if you prefer. For easy access:

lego first

Have little bitties? Check out these My First sets!

lego creator

These Creator sets are fun because kids can make 3 different items out of the one set!

(These range between $5-$6)

lego city

The LEGO City sets are probably my favorite because I overall, my kids have used them more than other specific themed sets. 

lego star wars1

LEGO Star Wars is always a hit!

lego friends2

Don’t forget LEGO Friends…

Merry LEGO Christmas!

Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less than Ten

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Gratituesday: Lego Room Make-Over


Yay, yay, yay, and yay some more! Our Lego Room is finalllllly clean!

You know how you have those places in your house that you walk by and immediately upon looking at it, your shoulders droop, you suddenly feel tired, and you just have to walk away? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am so happy for you. I hope to be like you some day.) 

Our Lego Room is such a place as this. It is constantly a mess. We clean it, and within days it is a mess once again. Legos all over the floor. Legos beginning to string out into the hallway. Legos, Legos everywhere.

First, how is it, you might ask, that we happen to have such a room in our house that is dedicated only to Legos? It is a blessing and a kid’s dream come true, that’s for sure. Well, the simple answer is that we have a Lego Room because all four of our boys sleep in one big bedroom. We used to have them divided into two bedrooms, but they’d always end up sleeping in the same room anyway (and fighting each night over which room and which bed and whose turn and bleh). So, enough was enough, and all the beds got put into one room which  became “the boys room”. Then the other room became a Lego Room. 

Side note, because apparently I’ve decided to jump around in this post:  It is awesome to have all of our boys in the same room. Sure, sometimes (like once a year at the most) one of them mentions something about having their own room, and truly, we’d figure it out if they really wanted it that badly. But having them all together means that they are making awesome memories together. At night, we hear them reading together, making up stories together, singing together (serious or goofy), and laughing together. It’s incredible and wonderful, and Matt and I love listening to it. 

Anyway, back to the dreaded Lego Room. It was constantly a disaster, and nothing I’d tried in the past to make it better had ever worked. Finally, last week, the boys and I talked about how we could work together to solve the problem (so that Mom could learn to like Legos again). After way too many suggestions (seriously), we finally decided that the best idea would be to purchase some drawers so that they could separate and store the Legos by color. 

We spent hours and hours the next few days, sorting colors, sorting Lego people, sorting, sorting, forgetting that we were sorting and starting to play, being reminded that we were sorting, and sorting some more. Then we re-arranged, swept, dusted, set up some ground rules, and we were finished!

Isn’t it lovely!? Now, instead of feeling discouraged when I walk by, I get excited. It looks like a great place to create and play! I’ve made the kids promise NEVER to dump out a container of Legos again for the rest of their lives!! And if they are working on a project and have Legos on the floor, when it’s time to do something else, they are to put their project into a plastic container until later. 

Will this new system work? Oh I hope so. I think so. It better. ;)

I’m thankful to have this project behind me, and thankful that together, we figured out a system for Lego Room survival. :)

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