Butter on my Shirt!

As my blog was sneaking up on the day of its 10-Year Anniversary, I was putting the final touches on my book. Meanwhile, my friend Charlene was dreaming of some fabulous ideas.

See, Charlene’s the one who came up the idea of this blog in the first place. She helped me name it, helped me set it up, and spent hours and hours and hours teaching and guiding me in the beginning. She has been a part of Heavenly Homemakers since before it launched and continues to help me any time I call on her. She’s an amazing designer and creator and idea-thinker-upper.

And so, when she sent this to my inbox and said, “What do you think?” I jumped out of my chair and landed on the ceiling and haven’t come back down since.


Is that not a shirt designed perfectly for all Heavenly Homemakers everywhere??! Check it out here, along with all the color choices!

Her creations did not stop with the butter. She got out the daisies and the jars, and have I mentioned that I can’t climb off the ceiling?


Again, you have to see all the varieties of color choices! They are right there on Amazon, so ordering is easy peasy and prime members get free shipping too!

Then, to go along with The Prayer Mugs book I launched in June, she made this:


See how perfectly it matches the prayer journal? There are several color choices on that T-shirt too!


And THEN, she came up with this, which can be personalized and used along with your Prayer Mugs journal.


Yes. You can order your very own Prayer Mug with the names of all of your kids!! I love this so much!!!

Customized Prayer Mug
Customized Prayer Mug
A beautiful Prayer Mug to use as you pray over your child (or children). We can do individual names on a mug OR a grouping of names - all custom printed for you. This is a 100% ceramic coffee mug in 15 oz size. They are sturdy, white, and..customized for you! And the price INCLUDES shipping*! *Due to expense, we are only able ship to US residents.
Price: $24.95
Custom Information - PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR INFOMATION before ordering:

So basically, my friend Charlene is the most clever person on the planet and I can’t get over how fabulous all this merchandise is!!

Here are the quick links to all these wonderful new goodies to celebrate 10 years of HeavenlyHomemakers.com!

Grab them now. Put them on your Christmas list. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Here it is!! Get Your “Best of Heavenly Homemakers” Printed Book!

The Best of Heavenly Homemakers. In print! It’s here!

It’s better than I expected. The quality, the feel, the gorgeous cover. But the love poured in. That’s what makes this book so special.

best of cover4

This book is 10 years of Heavenly Homemakers. Your favorite posts. Your favorite moments of laughter. Your favorite moments of encouragement. Your favorite talk about chickens. Your favorite moments of real life shared together here. (The book may or may not share a large picture of an old toilet out on our side porch.)

It’s what we’ve dreamed of here for a long time, but the timing couldn’t be more perfect than today, November 1, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of Heavenly Homemakers.com. I can’t think of a more fabulous way to celebrate!

This book is in print, at Amazon, and ready for you to order! It will be on your porch and in your lap in just a few days, at which time you can re-live the past 10 years with me from the time my kids were itty-bitty all the way through now, the days of their budding adulthood.


I am filled with humble realization of God’s goodness through these 10 years. I am overflowing with gratitude for each of you, my dear readers who have become such a meaningful part of my life during this decade.

Thank you. This book is for you. I love you, appreciate you, and can’t wait to continue to do life with you during these next years as God lays out His perfect plans for us.

I now present to you, The Best of Heavenly Homemakers at Amazon:

best of at amazon

The Best of Heavenly Homemakers shares many of the best posts and a few of the most popular recipes from 2007 to now. It’s big – 161 pages. It’s chapters share the Best of Times I wrote about:

  • Parenting
  • Homemaking
  • Food
  • Homeschooling
  • Surrender
  • Marriage
  • Life and of course…
  • Chickens

Get your copy of The Best of Heavenly Homemakers now. 

High fives and happy hugs all around. Thank you for being you and for joining me here. Your friendship means the world to me!

P.S. If you send me a selfie with your book in your hands once it comes in, it will make my day!

Guess What’s Coming November 1? (Besides Tears of Joy, Obviously)

You know how you look at your kid or your brother’s kid or your dog or even your car, and you think, “How is it that you are this old already? Where has the time gone?”

And then all the happy memories come flooding back because when we get into reminisce mode, we can only recall the joyful, sweet, darling moments and suddenly, everything about our recollections seem to only be perfect.

This is where I am right now. I’m remembering this:


And this:

And this:


And this:


And this:


So many memories. So many hours sitting at this keyboard. So many ideas, challenges, learning curves, flops, and successes.

4,450+ posts. 1,000+ recipes. 124,600+ comments. Thousands and thousands of new friends. Joy beyond measure.

My dear friends,

HeavenlyHomemakers.com is turning 10 years old November 1.

It started with this: My very first blog postIt is so pitiful that I’m giggling at what blogging used to be and how little I knew back in the day. But every adventure starts somewhere. Mine started with a thumbnail picture and a few hesitant words all while I was saying, “Wait. What does this button do?”

My faithful friend Charlene patiently and lovingly taught me everything she could about starting a blog after God gave her the vision and she said to me, “Laura, you know a lot of stuff. You should put it out there for people on a blog.”

Of course I eagerly followed her divinely inspired declaration with, “Oh. What’s a blog?”

But the rest is history.

God opened big doors that day, helping me to discover my love of writing and gifting me with the opportunity to share my love of food and family.

My kids ranged in ages from 2-9 back then.


They loved it that I wanted to share all their fun pictures and daily activities with you.




You’ve watched my boys grow up. You’ve stuck with me as I’ve navigated these waters of parenting boys turning into men.



You celebrated with me when God helped my youngest finally defeat his chronic eczema.


You were there the day my oldest caught up to me and we stood nose-to-nose.


You were there the day his much taller self left for Ecuador.

asa leaving for ecuador

And the day he graduated from high school.

asa grad announcement

You’ve walked with me through some of my most challenging days, and many of my flops.

ranch disaster2

ranch disaster

ranch disaster8


You’ve been my cheerleaders, my sounding board, the ones who have handed me virtual tissues and offered me smiles and hugs. You’ve laughed with me, encouraged me, hung out with me, shared your knowledge with me, and held me accountable.

You’ve met up with me and taught me to love coffee.




How great is our God that He created this wonderful community back in November 2007? While I sure didn’t know what a blog was then, God did. He knew what we all needed and he created it, right here. He’s such a neat, fun, good God. Aren’t we blessed to be so loved by Him?

So here we are, coming up on November 2017.

Mostly, I want to say, “Thank you!!” Thank you, God. Thank you, Readers. Ten years is a long time to stick around, but I’ll venture to say, “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

What might the next ten years bring in this blogging world? Only God knows, but as long as He gives the green light, I’ll be right here with you.

We’re celebrating this ten year blogging victory with something many of you have been requesting for quite some time. I started this project two years ago, eagerly asking for your input as your vote mattered most in this. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as we hit the 10th birthday of HeavenlyHomemakers.com.

It’s here!!!

best of cover4

It’s a real book, IN PRINT, and you can order it from Amazon right away! It shares the best posts and most popular recipes from 2007 to now. It’s big – 161 pages. It’s chapters share the Best of Times I wrote about:

  • Parenting
  • Homemaking
  • Food
  • Homeschooling
  • Surrender
  • Marriage
  • Life and of course…
  • Chickens

Obviously there had to be a chapter about God being bigger than a free range chicken, how I fended off mean roosters, how I blackened the chicken on our grill, and well, as it all came together it just seemed obvious that we needed a Chicken Chapter.

I can’t wait for this book to be in all of our hands!!!!

There’s more celebration to come in November as we hit the 10 year mark here at Heavenly Homemakers. Watch for the book launch on November 1, a Nutrimill giveaway, and some super secret fun announcements! While we’re waiting for the big day, I’d love to hear:

How long have you been a Heavenly Homemakers reader?

Whether long or short, I hope you all know how much you mean to me. Your part of my journey is a gift, and I love you for making this site what it is. God is good, all the time.

Grab your copy of The Best of Heavenly Homemakers here.

What Do You Consider To Be the “Best Of” Heavenly Homemakers?


It’s been a dream of ours for over three years now to put together a new book (the paper copy kind!) that includes the “best of” our posts here at Heavenly Homemakers. Enough dreaming about it already. It’s time to do this!

Our idea is to put together some of our most popular articles, mixed with our most popular recipes – and combine it all in such a way that it creates a super fun read along with some practical tips and delicious kitchen delights. We want it to be enjoyable for all ages, kind of a coffee-table book that anyone could pick up and enjoy, but one that might also inspire a person to head to the kitchen to whip up something tasty.

Matt and I have some definite ideas as to what we consider to be the “best of” what I’ve written during the past eight years. But you are really the ones who get to have opinions about the “best of.” After all, you’re the ones reading here. Your vote matters most.

There are over 4,200 posts here at Heavenly Homemakers. We’d like each of you to spend several entire days reading through all 4,200 of them, picking which ones you like the most. We don’t ask for much.

Or, since I guess that request may be a little bit impractical (you guys can be so whiny sometimes), here’s a better idea:

Think for a few minutes. Click around for a while. Make good use of the search box in our side bar under the One Child Matters banner (where it says “Search this website). What posts, articles, series, and recipes come to mind that make you say, “I loved it when you wrote *******!!!” Even if you don’t remember the exact title of the post or the specifics of its contents, you can give us some hints like, “Remember that one time you wrote about that one thing and how it made us laugh and then we cried and some of us snorted and then we all made bread? Definitely include that one.”

If you happen to come across a very specific post you love during all of this thinking and searching you’ll be doing, feel free to grab the exact link to that post to leave along with your comment. In other words, we want you to do all the hard work for us. No biggie.

While you’re thinking, if you also come up with a clever title for this book, that would be great too. Otherwise we’ll just call it:

Laura Wrote Some Stuff

Because everyone would buy that.

Tired businessman sleeping at the table over white background

Friends, this is going to be fun. I’m incredibly curious to learn which posts are your favorites. From practical to silly to serious to borderline ridiculous – tell us what you have loved the most!

To get us started, I’ll share that the book will definitely include the story of the 2008 rooster attack. We’ll pair that story with some egg and chicken recipes. It just makes sense.


Let the thinking and the commenting begin! I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

What do you consider to be the Best of Heavenly Homemaker’s?

Free Scripture Encouragement Cards for Heavenly Homemaker’s Subscribers!

If you are a subscriber, you should have received the link to these free downloadable scripture encouragement cards in your inbox three days ago.  If not, let me know and I’ll send you the file.

Not a subscriber?  It’s free and it’s fun because not only do my posts come to your inbox each day, occasionally you get an exclusive freebie like this one.  :)  Subscribe here and you, too, will be able to download these pretty encouragement cards.  Once you confirm your subscription, you’ll be redirected to a page with the download links.

Free Scripture Encouragement Cards

These are some of my favorite Truths from scripture!  Hope you enjoy these as a blessing to you and as a way to bless others!

Did You Know Our New “Search By Ingredient” Tool Can Save You Money?

It’s been a few weeks since we installed our Heavenly Homemaker’s Recipe Search By Ingredient Box. Have you used it yet? Has it been helpful to you?

If you haven’t used it yet, you’ll find it over at the top of my right sidebar, just waiting to help you. It looks like this:

search by ingredients

Here’s how it works:  Let’s say you have a lot of eggs in your fridge you want to use up for dinner tonight. You know you have plenty of cheese to go with it. You could just scramble up eggs with cheese (always tasty!), but what other ideas are there? Simply head over to the top of my sidebar, type “eggs, cheese” into the recipe search box – and it will pull up recipes from our site that will hopefully fit your needs.

It’s not fool proof. (Type in “cabbage” and you’ll get my Pudding Pops recipe since I talked about my cabbage patch doll memories in that post!)  But our hope is that this tool will simplify your meal and snack planning, and help you come up with new, fun recipes for your family.

In addition, we feel that the Heavenly Homemaker’s Recipe Search By Ingredient Box will save you money! How? Well, we all have ingredients tucked away in our fridge that might go bad and be wasted if they aren’t used up. If you need fresh inspiration as to what to do with those ingredients, simply type them into the search box and see what comes up! No one wants to waste money by throwing away food!

The search box will also save you money by giving you meal ideas so that you don’t feel like you have to resort to going out to eat or picking up take-out. Seriously, sometimes we just want someone else to do the thinking for us so that we don’t have to figure out what food to prepare! Let the Heavenly Homemaker’s Recipe Search By Ingredient Box do your thinking for you, then have fun putting together one or more of our simple, healthy, and tasty recipes.

Go over to our sidebar and check it out!

P.S. If you type in “butter” you’ll likely get blasted with recipes. Go figure. ;)

Merry Christmas! Our Gift to You!

Thank you for joining us for our Christmas Brunch this year!

As a gift to you this Christmas, we are once again handing out $5.00 Gift Certificates to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop. These certificates are for every one of you, and may be used on any downloadable eBook in our shop that you would like. Because we have many eBooks under $5.00 in our shop, this means that you can even pick out something for free! Or apply it to something bigger you’ve had your eye on. (Printed items and eCourses are excluded.)

Your gift certificate code is: CHRISTMAS5.

Limit one certificate per person. Certificate may be used only on the eBooks in our Heavenly Homemakers Shop. Printed items and eCourses are excluded. This code is valid until midnight on December 29, 2013.

May you all be richly blessed this Christmas season!


The Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen! Join Us!

Our Funky Fresh Kitchen series last fall was so enjoyable, we’ve decided to do it again. Only this time, we have so much planned that we’re going to “party together” the entire month of September!! (And by “party”, I sort of mean work hard…so get out your rubber gloves and a mixing bowl — not to be used at the same time, of course.)

First, what is the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen? As summer fades and our fall routines begin, our goal is to inspire you to have a wonderful, fresh start! We want to encourage you to create a kitchen that is healthy and funky (aka functional). It’s time to clean out, clean up, be encouraged, and learn to (or be reminded that you) love your job as a heavenly homemaker!

All throughout the month of September, you can expect to see:

  • Fresh, New Recipes (All are easy, all are healthy, and many utilize a crock pot.)
  • Funky Fresh Freebies! (Including some eBooks from my shop! Some will come and go quickly – so be on your toes!) (Sit back down – that was a figurative statement.)
  • Funky Fresh Challenges (We’re all in this together. Be ready to get your game on. If you have a blog, be ready to link up.)
  • Encouragement and Inspiration (Unless I’ve already overwhelmed you with the obvious “loud excitement” of this post. Really, please do come back…)  ;)
  • because there are GIVEAWAYS!!!

Seriously – the giveaways!! Sprinkled all throughout the many fun (and hopefully helpful) posts this month will be some downright incredible giveaways. Want a sneak peek?

You may remember seeing some of those great giveaways last year at this time, and I am so grateful that so many were willing to work with us again this year as we inspire you toward a Funky Fresh Kitchen!

(It’s possible that I’m using too many exclamation marks in this post, but in all my excitement, I’m not sure I’m capable of editing them out.)  !!!!!!!  (sheesh)

Well now, are you feeling the excitement? Do you feel the love? Do you wish you could give me a chill pill? 

I’m warning you now, there will be a lot of posts this month. Freebies, giveaways, recipes, challenges – they will all be posted at random times, sometimes up to three or four posts each day. Don’t worry – I will keep each post short and sweet. After all, how are you supposed to create a funky fresh kitchen if you’re spending all day reading about it?

If you haven’t already, you may want to Subsribe to Heavenly Homemakers, and/or Like Heavenly Homemakers on Facebook so you won’t miss any posts. Of course, scrolling down through the posts on my blog works too. ;)

Take note:  All throughout September, each time you leave a comment on a post which displays our Funky Fresh Kitchen button (as shown at the top of this post), you will be entered in a drawing for three gift certificates to our Heavenly Homemakers Shop, good for any downloadable items. We’ve got two $25 certificates and one $50 certificate to give away!

Shall we start practicing now? Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. AND, if you share about this post about the month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen on Facebook, leave another comment on this post for a second entry!

Let the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen begin!

You Can Now Follow Heavenly Homemakers on Pinterest!

Follow Me on PinterestI’m always one of the last people to get on board with something new and fun. There are so many neat things “out there” that one can participate in, therefore I typically make a very slow decision to join in – simply because I have to know for sure that it is going to be worth my time.

Many of you have shared how much you love Pinterest. You’re right – what a cool opportunity to find wonderful homemaking, cooking, and decorating ideas!

In case you’re new to Pinterest, this may help you understand what it is a little bit better:

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”

Because of the urging of many, I finally asked my friend Emily, who happens to be a Pinterest expert, to help me get my site up and running with Pinterest. She’s been working hard to pin many of my archived recipes and tutorials (plus many other posts!), getting them all organized into categories to make it easy for you to follow me there and find what you are looking for. A  huge thanks goes out to Emily for all of her hard work on this.

And so, I am now officially inviting you all to follow Heavenly Homemakers on Pinterest. Feel free to re-pin any posts you see that interest you!

Follow Me on Pinterest

Homemaking Hints: Chicken Recipes Found at Heavenly Homemakers

Welcome to the first edition of “Homemaking Hints at Heavenly Homemakers”. This feature will run the first Friday of each month, giving you an opportunity to share any of your wonderful homemaking hints with the rest of us.

As we wrap up the Week of the Chicken, I decided to simply share as my “Homemaking Hint” this week all of the Chicken Recipes to be found on my site. Have chicken? Here are some ideas for what you can do with it:

Feel free to share kitchen tips, cleaning solutions, recipe ideas, cooking short-cuts, household money-saving suggestions, decorating ideas, gardening tips, or anything else you feel fits this category. (No product reviews or giveaways – thanks!)  As always, when linking your blog post, please post a link back to this blog so that your readers will know where to find more Homemaking Hints.