Self Employed? What Our Family Does for Health Insurance

This post is exactly like the Taco Salad post. Exactly like it.

What I mean is, I’ve had dozens of requests that I share this info and it’s only taken about six years for me to get around to it. (Just like it took me six years to share the taco salad recipe. You see how that makes the posts exactly the same?)  I have nothing to say for myself about this issue. Perhaps there’s a home remedy for this??

Health Insurance for our Self-Employed Family

Our family has qualified as “self-employed” for almost all of our 22 years. Even when my husband worked as an employed minister for churches, we carried our own insurance. So trust me when I say we’ve shopped around for the best type of health insurance to pay for out of our own pocket. We’ve experienced all the good, bad, and ugly. We’ve nearly gone broke in the past from paying monthly premiums, and we haven’t had a co-pay option since 1998.

Lest you think I’m complaining, let me tell you where we’ve landed after all these years of trying to figure out the best way to carry health insurance for our family:

We are so super happy that we get to make the decision for ourselves!

Taking care of our own health insurance means we aren’t stuck with what we don’t need or want, paying money we don’t want to pay. We hear from too many people about how much money comes out of their paycheck to go toward health insurance. We hear many a complaint about poor coverage. Instead of dealing with these frustrations, we get to choose where we want to put our money! We’re thankful for this.

We’ve always chosen a high deductible plan so that we pay less per month and instead put our money toward real food and natural/homeopathic/chiropractic care. But with regular insurance companies, even with a high deductible, our monthly premium payment kept going up and up and up. It was horrible, actually.

The worst of it for us was that we really only kept this insurance for major illnesses or catastrophes. As I’ve shared before, our family doesn’t head to the doctor for every sniffle, and in fact, the only time we’ve taken any of us to a regular doctor in the past 11 years is for stitches.

So it was becoming more and more painful to pay hundreds of dollars each month for what felt like nothing. (Not that we wanted anything major to happen, of course. “Let’s get majorly sick so we can get our money’s worth out of our insurance!” said no one ever.)

How we save thousands on health insurance every year

We looked into alternative options for health insurance

I’d heard some of my friends talk about Christian Healthcare Ministries, so at the point our regular insurance premium doubled (again!) I decided to see if their price might be better.

Oh my stars and dollar signs.

Their price was shockingly lower. You guys – our family of six pays $135/month for insurance. The price hasn’t gone up for years. I still can’t even believe how good this is. Annnnnd, instead of our money going to who knows where, our monthly payment goes to another Christian family to help them pay their medical bills. It almost makes me want to pay a higher premium. (Except not.)

Now granted, we pay such a low monthly fee because we chose a $5,000 deductible (which is the same deductible we had on the super expensive insurance). We chose the “bronze” level of coverage, which doesn’t cover anything beyond the big stuff because that’s what works best for our needs (since we rarely, if ever, go to a regular doctor).

We’ve saved thousands through the years – putting the money we would have been paying for insurance into savings so we have deductible money if we need it. And here’s the best part:

Instead of paying huge money every month for insurance that covered nothing but catastrophes, we can put money into our natural doctors, chiropractors, and home remedies instead. All that, and we still save money.

I’m not an affiliate for Christian Healthcare Ministries; I don’t get a kick-back for telling you about them. (Actually, I do see that they give incentives for telling your friends. I haven’t yet learned how that works. Hmmm….) I’m just answering people’s questions I get so often about what we do for insurance since we’re self-employed. Just like knowing about home remedies, I believe people should know they have options for health insurance too!

Because they aren’t technically an “insurance company” (though they still meet the government requirements to be considered such) things work a little differently than you might be used to with Blue Cross or whatnot. As a matter of fact, Christian Healthcare Ministries claims, “We are not health insurance. We are a ministry.” I love this! While their system works differently, it’s not complicated and every need and issue we’ve had has been worked out beautifully; every phone call pleasant.

So there you go. Christian Healthcare Ministries. That’s how we handle our health insurance as self-employed family. I can’t believe it took me so many years to finally write this post.

I’d love to hear what you do for health insurance. Do you have it through your employer? Carry your own? Have you tried a Christian ministry option like this one? 


Many have looked into Christian Healthcare Ministries since I posted this. It seems that if you give them our insurance number, our family will get a referral bonus which would cover the cost one month of fees for us. What a wonderful perk! If you feel this is a good option for you, our referral number is 145625. Thanks! :)

Health Insurance…Or Not?

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with health insurance.

I love it when it actually does something to help us (which is rare…but we have had a few times when it has actually paid for something).

I don’t love it during all the times that it doesn’t do anything (except take our money for premiums…and then not cover anything) Grr.

Now that we’ve started using more natural health options, our health insurance really doesn’t seem to be worth having. Insurance companies tend to freak out when you use the word “natural.” Yikes!

We’ve started looking into Christian Healthcare Ministries. With this program, the money we pay each month actually goes directly to another family with medical bills. If we were ever in need, this organization would help us directly, thanks to the sharing of other Christian families. We love that concept, and it just seems to make so much sense.

Christians helping Christians. Love it.

So, I’m wondering…what experiences do all of you have with health insurance…or alternative ideas like Christian Healthcare Ministries?

What are your thoughts on how we as Christians should best be using our money in this area?

Share with me your ideas and opinions!!!


How we save thousands on health insurance every year


It’s been a few years since I originally wrote this post. Since then, we jumped aboard with Christian Healthcare Ministries and haven’t looked back.

It has been fantastic!

We’ve saved thousands of dollars every year using this. They’ve met our needs fully. They have been wonderful to work with through medical issues we’ve had. My favorite: They didn’t worry about pre-existing conditions.

I highly recommend you look into this for your family!

Our family of six pays only $135/month for Bronze Coverage. That is perfect for our family since we choose alternative medicine if at all possible. Instead of paying high monthly premiums that cover nothing for our family, we pay a very low monthly premium and put money in savings to cover a deductible if we need it and to cover our chiropractor or natural doctor bills as needed.

With the cost of health insurance rising, the coverage getting worse, and the frustration mounting – look into Christian Healthcare Ministries. We are so thankful God has provided this!

Christian Healthcare Ministries

P.S. Many have looked into Christian Healthcare Ministries since I posted this. It seems that if you give them our insurance number, our family will get a referral bonus which would cover the cost one month of fees for us. What a wonderful perk! If you feel this is a good option for you, our referral number is 145625. Thanks! :)