The Ultimate List of Father’s Day Ideas Starting at $0.00!

This was so much fun at Mother’s Day we put together a Father’s Day list too! Once again, my friend Kim was the genius behind this list. Brilliant, clever, and creative. Check these out!

The Ultimate List of 65 Father's Day Ideas

8 Gifts for Dad That are Free (or Almost Free)

  1. A letter to Dad (25 things I like about you, or top 10 favorite memories)
  2. A hand-drawn picture of you and Dad doing something together
  3. A photo album of pictures of you and Dad
  4. Your favorite picture of the two of you, framed
  5. Vacuum and wash his car or truck
  6. Coupons to help him organize and clean the garage, his workshop or his office
  7. Coupons for cleaning out his car, washing his car, or doing his share of the mowing
  8. Coupons for a batch of his favorite cookies or his favorite meal

Gifts for Dad That Cost $25 or Less


4 for Camping

  1. Single Hammock ($20)
  2. Color-Coded Roasting Sticks ($20)
  3. Two Person Tent ($13 – Amazing Price!)
  4. Biolite Portable Light ($15) If you need to do things in the dark, the USB will also operate this light.  NO batteries, no electricity required.

3 for Baseball

  1. MLB Team Logo Baseball (less than $8)  You choose the team!
  2. Equipment Backpack ($25)
  3. Coffee Mug ($8)

3 for Football

  1. Light-Up Football ($10) So you can play in the dark!
  2. Parking Sign ($18) You choose the team.
  3. 3D Puzzle (like Legos) NFL team characters ($15)  You choose the character.

3 for Golf

  1. Golf Scope ($15)
  2. Tees ($5-$10)
  3. Golf Ball Pick Up Tool ($5)

2 for Fishing and hunting

  1. Portable Fish Scale with Measuring Tape ($10)
  2. Cross Body Tackle Bag ($20+)

1 for all Sports Fans

  1. Chair with its own shade ($23)

6 Great Tools

  1. 3-in-1 Laser Level, tape measure and bubble level with ruler  ($14)
  2. Leatherman Multi-Tool ($25)
  3. Telescoping Magnet ($6) Great for picking up spilled nails, screws and such!
  4. Nice Work Gloves ($14-$15)
  5. Headlamp ($8)
  6. Survival Kit ($13)

3 T-shirts

  1. For Dads with a Sense of Humor
  2. For Dads with Gas and a Sense of Humor
  3. Me and Mini-Me Set

Coffee Mugs

  1. For a Star Wars Fan ($13)
  2. Awesome Dad ($13)
  3. New Dad ($14)

Fun Outdoor Games for Dad (and the Entire Family!)


  1. Kubb ($34)
  2. Lawn Bowling ($21)
  3. Yard Dice  ($38)
  4. Ladder Ball  ($33)
  5. Molkky ($24)
  6. Washer Toss ($20)
  7. Ring Toss ($23)
  8. Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf) Set ($32)
  9. Floating Pong ($16)

Gift for Dad That is On the Pricey Side, But Awesome

biolite stove

Biolite Stove

Note from Kim: This camp stove requires just a little bit of fuel.  (It will burn anything that will burn and can be made small enough to fit inside the stove.)  It is great for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows.  Plus, while it is working, it will charge your device via USB.  With the right pan or pot, you can boil water and cook.  Or, set it beside you to keep warm.

Recipes to Make for Dad


For Breakfast

For Carnivores

For His Sweet Tooth

What ideas do you have for ways to make Father’s Day great?

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The Difference Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Have you noticed a difference in Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day? In my experience, Mother’s Day seems to have us all focused on bowing down to mothers and spoiling them -recognizing all their hard work and amazing influence in the lives of their families. Not that I mind this too much. Yay for all mothers, everywhere. We are awesome!

Then comes Father’s Day. It seems like we somehow switch gears, letting Father’s Day become an opportunity to lecture men on how they should be better leaders and good role models.

I’m all about empowering men to lead and grow. But if all the sermons on Mother’s Day were about how I should step it up and be a better mom, I sure wouldn’t feel very honored. Not that I need accolades. That’s not my point. My point is this:

My man works hard. Most men work hard. Most men are incredibly good to their families and they all deserve to be honored just as much as the women.

Do you agree?

The Difference Between Mother's Day and Father's Day

I’m guilty too. I’m guilty of expecting to be spoiled on Mother’s Day then barely throwing together a small token of celebration for Matt once Father’s Day rolls around. Sure, maybe this is because I cook for him almost every day of the year and do all I can to take care of him all day, every day. But this year I’m struck by how much I need to honor him for all he does for our family. Truly, what would I do without him? He is a rock star in our home, an incredibly hard worker, and I’m quite sure I don’t tell him this often enough.

While my love language is “acts of service”, my husband’s love language is “physical touch.” If I stood behind him all day, every day, giving him a scalp rub – he would not mind even a little bit (so what if there was no dinner on the table that night?). So while I’ll be making him his favorite peach cobbler and other favorite meals for Father’s Day, I’ll do my best to spoil him with physical touch so he knows without a doubt how much he means to me. If we can squeeze it in between camp sessions for the boys, we’ll probably play a family game of Settlers of Catan since I know he’ll love that too. (You can be sure though that just because it’s Father’s Day, we will not have mercy and let him win. Whatever though because he almost wins anyway.)

Perfect for Spoiling Your Husband on Father’s Day

Matt and I got the MELT Massage for Couples video series about a year and a half ago. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving – and one that is a perfect way to speak Matt’s love language. We have loved learning more about giving great massages and you better believe I’ll be using these in my efforts to spoil Matt this Father’s Day.

A nice bonus right now is that the MELT folks are giving away their Foot Massage Videos for free with each MELT purchase! Plus they have some great free printables you can cut out and hide throughout the house to give little hints as to what is to come! :)

Weirded out by the idea of watching someone give a massage just so you can learn to give a massage? Don’t be. These videos are completely appropriate and modest. We continue to reference them and learn. I’m excited that the Foot Massage option comes free with purchase this time. Great bonus!

You can check it all out here and learn the specifics. I think it’s a great Father’s Day gift because it’s a win-win for both you and your man!

What has been your Mother’s Day/Father’s Day experience? Maybe I’m the only one who has noticed a difference in how we honor men and women. How are you planning to honor the men in your life this Father’s Day?

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Don’t Forget ~ Last Day to Get Your Free $5 Lowe’s Gift Card!

My free Lowe’s gift card came in the mail today! I am so excited to surprise Matt with this. We’ll use it the next time we head to the big city. :)

If you haven’t grabbed yours yet, here’s one last reminder…

Every single one of us can get a free $5.00 gift card to Lowe’s right now.  We can pick from 22 designs, including those with Father’s Day themes if we want to use this as a gift this June. AND they’ll ship the gift card for free. Don’t want to use it as a gift? Just grab it and use it for yourself on whatever you need at Lowe’s. It’s a free five bucks!

Free Lowes Gift Card

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I definitely took advantage of this deal. I clicked through, chose a fun card, bought it for $5.00, and am watching for it to come in the mail within just a few days. (I can’t wait to surprise Matt, if in fact he doesn’t see this post first.)  TopCashBack will replace my $5.00 into my account in 1-3 months. Easy as that!

Give me a shout if you have questions.

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Menu Plan for the Week


Peach Cobbler, our special Father’s Day breakfast!

Here’s our menu plan for this week:

Sunday, June 19
Peach cobbler, milk
Lasagna, tossed salad, corn, chocolate chip cookies
Beef brats, “angeled” eggs, cream cheese salsa dip, corn chips, fruit, homemade ice cream

Monday, June 20
Simple soaked pancakes, blueberries
Spanish rice with chicken, mock frozen yogurt
Sourdough pizza (using the no-knead dough in the Sourdough A to Z eBook), tossed salad

Tuesday, June 21
Scrambled egg sandwiches, oranges
Black bean taco salad, cantaloupe
Cheesy beef and rice, green beans, watermelon

Wednesday, June 22
Creamy orange cooler, cinnamon toast
Meat and cheese burritos, fruit salad
Salmon patties, ranch potato wedges, peas

Thursday, June 23
Blueberry streusel muffins, bananas
Homemade pizza pockets, carrot sticks with ranch dressing, apples
Chicken fried steak strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus

Friday, June 24
Easy breakfast casserole, oranges
Taco corn fritters, watermelon
Hamburgers on homemade whole wheat buns, baked potato fries, raw veggies with ranch dip

Saturday, June 25
Homemade funnel cakes, fruit
Lamb roast, carrots, potatoes, gravy

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