How to Take Your Oils With You (A Great Giveaway from Got Oil Supplies!)

It takes one to know one. What I mean is, if you are an essential oil user, you can quickly recognize another essential oil user. I’ll give a friend a hug and say, “Mmmm, you’re wearing Frankincense.” or “Uh-oh, I smell Thieves. Are you not feeling well today?”

It’s the common language of EO users. I love the smell of almost all oils, and of course I love that they are so beneficial. I try to have some of the basics with me at all times, even and especially when we are on the road. But of course, it’s easy to walk out the door without them. So hooray for my two newest items that I’ve acquired for my Essential Oils!

essential oils bag11) A beautiful necklace so that I can put a few drops inside and actually wear my oils
2) A handy travel bag that holds 10 oil bottles

Using both of these will be so much better than my current system which has been “throw several bottles of oil into my purse and hope they don’t get lost.” See the handy little pockets inside the travel bag? Fabulous. And it’s the perfect size to stash inside our snack tote so that between games or events if my kids come up and say, “What do you have for my sore neck/knee/throat/head/arm?” I don’t have to scrounge the bottom of my purse in hopes of finding the right oil.

essential oils bag2Then, of course, there’s the pretty necklace I’ll be wearing that holds a few drops of whichever oil I need for the day.

essential oil necklace

I received these from and am excited for you to check them out!

I’m most impressed with the quality of their products paired with their inexpensive prices. My favorite of all they offer is the jewelry and the travel bags, but you’ll see that they have all variety of essential oil necessities.

Check out all their Diffusing Necklaces to pick your favorite, allthewhile thinking about the people on your Christmas list. Then pick out your favorite Travel Bag because Got Oil Supplies is giving one away to FOUR different winners!

Do you see how inexpensive these are? Their prices make these purchases so doable. Hooray for practical items that are so cute and reasonably priced!

Ready to make it easy to take your oils with you?

Enter to win this great giveaway in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll draw 4 random winners on Thursday, October 12.

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Where to Get Supplies to Make Home Remedies

I’m working on some yummy new recipes and fun new printables to share with you this week, but for today I wanted to pop in to tell you where I’ve been finding many of my supplies for the simple home remedies I’m learning about.

Where to buy supplies to make home remedies

It’s important to note that the ingredients needed for making home remedies are pretty simple. The hard part for me has been knowing exactly what to do with them. I knew lavender was good, but what to do with it? Bath salts are healing, when used how? And on it goes.

Now that I have my collection of resources all put together in my Home Remedies Binder, I can easily reference it to know what I need to do.  (The notebooking printables for this are free for the grabbing, so go do some grabbing.)

The basic supplies I currently have on hand I’ve listed here.

  • A collection of essential oils to use daily as we need them. I always have basics like peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon, plus combo bottles that are blended for aid in digestion, for headaches, and an immune booster. (It’d give you the names of these combo bottles, but every company calls them something different.)
  • Bags of dried eucalyptus, red raspberry, lavender to make teas or baths
  • Epsom salt
  • Pre-made tea bags (to make life easy) – peppermint, immune booster, red raspberry
  • Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, onions, oats, fresh ginger root
  • Herbal salve

Where to buy supplies to make home remedies

There are hundreds of online sources for buying ingredients needed to make home remedies. I’m only listing a few here, because these are the places I’m purchasing from right now as I build my “medicine cabinet.”

1. Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary

They offer great products at great prices!

2. Mountain Rose Herbs

I order my vanilla bottles through this company, but how silly that I haven’t ever looked at their herbs before. Well, shucks, I didn’t really know what to do with them, I guess. But sure enough, Mountain Rose Herbs carries a big supply of herbs. Go figure.

3. iHerb

iHerb doesn’t carry much in the way of loose-leaf herbs, but they do carry a nice variety of vitamins and supplements if you find something you’d like to order ready-made. They also offer a $5 coupon to new customers and free shipping on $20+ orders, so that’s pretty sweet!

4. Vitacost

I needed to order a few food items anyway, so I ordered some pre-made tea bags recommended in the books so I’d have these on hand for when I need them. Nice and easy! (New customers can get a $10 coupon to use on their first order – details here.)

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Where do you like to purchase your home remedy supplies?

Free Home Remedies Notebook

Don’t forget to pick up your free Home Remedies Notebook printable pages here. They are available to everyone!

Home Remedies Notebook

Are Home Remedies the Be All and End All? (I Bought Something For You!)

We’re going to have a Home Remedies discussion, then we’re going to have a giveaway. Excuse me a moment while I first rub on some peppermint oil to get rid of the last of my headache. But you should know that yesterday I had to break down and take an over-the-counter migraine med – so don’t think I am closed looking at all the options. I mean, a migraine will make a girl desperate. ;)

First let’s talk about conventional doctors.

I am grateful for them and so very amazed by the investments they have made toward their career of serving people. I am constantly impressed by the sacrifices they make daily and the long hours they put in. I could go on and on in gratitude about the doctors who delivered my babies, performed surgeries on my husband, stitched up my sons, and on it goes.

Except for times we get late night phone calls about our son who fell and bit through his upper lip and needs stitches (his scar healed perfectly, thanks to one of our fav local doctors!), heading to our conventional doctors is no longer our first choice when we or our kids aren’t feeling well. Typically, we now look at other options like simple home remedies, chiropractic, or our natural doctor in a city nearby who looks at the root of problems instead of only treating the symptoms.

People should know they have options.

Before our youngest son was born with chronic eczema, I didn’t know. The kids got sick, I took them to the doctor. I got sick, I went to the doctor. It’s the thing to do, right?

Maybe. Sometimes. But I’m so grateful to know that that is just one option of many.

I hear from frustrated people all the time who have gone to their doctor with miserable symptoms – only to be given the same medication, or a stronger medication over and over to no avail.

That’s exactly what we experienced with Malachi. When he first broke out from head to toe with eczema (when he was about 4 months old), he was given steroids and cortisone. The rash went away. I was so relieved! But then the meds wore off and the rash reappeared. Back to the doctor. Again, he was offered steroids and cortisone. We were taken aback. Really? That’s our only option? Should we really keep giving this stuff to our baby?

That’s when we first realized we’d better look into other options.

So we went to specialists. To allergists. To dermatologists. Every time the answer was the same: steroids and cortisone.

This was heartbreaking (because our son was suffering) and more than frustrating (because the answers we were being given weren’t helping).

This is when we moved on to alternative forms of care. This is when we learned that it is best to get to the root of the problem instead of simply trying to treat the symptoms. This is when we learned that eczema isn’t even a skin condition, but rather an internal issue manifesting itself through the skin. This is when our lives and home turned upside-down as we changed our diet, our detergents and cleaners, and our medicine cabinet.

My Home Remedy Knowledge Quest

This has been a journey, and not one I’ll likely ever feel as though I’ve arrived. I’ve swung from one extreme to another in an effort to do what’s best for my family. But I’ve landed peacefully at the place of knowing that I have a lot to learn and I’ll never do it all perfectly. After all, is there actually a “perfect” way to do it?

For all major illnesses, I contact our natural doctor (about an hour away from us) who has been amazing at helping us become and stay healthy. But for minor illnesses like colds, stomach aches, low fevers, or even bug bites – we first try simple home remedies. This has saved us wads of money on what I consider to be unnecessary doctor visits. Why spend $100+ on a doc appointment when a few simple ingredients at home will give us comfort and a boost to help our bodies heal?

One of my goals this summer is to learn more about home remedies and natural care. I want to sharpen my knowledge and continue to build up our “medicine cabinet.” Through the years, we have been accumulating a nice supply of basic essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and herbal tinctures. But what else? There’s so much to learn!

How I’m Learning Right Now

A few weeks ago, I received an email about a set of herbs, essential oils, and natural care resources. I immediately went to hit the delete button because it looked like just one more thing someone wanted me to buy or promote. (You should see my overloaded inbox!!) But because the focus is on home remedies, I decided I should at least glance at it to see if it was something that would help me learn.

I took a couple days to look over it and chew on it before I realized that I really should invest. The price was amazing, but it doesn’t matter how much money I’ll “save” if I’m not going to use something, right?!

Getting this was a great idea! During the two weeks I’ve had the resources, I have learned a so much, and I really like having the quick go-to references. Since this is a topic many of you also want to learn more about, I decided I wanted to share the opportunity with you, too. In fact, I’ve been enjoying it so much that I went back and bought a second set to give to one of you! (See rafflecopter below.)

The thing is, just like over-the-counter meds like Advil or Sudafed, essential oils and natural remedies aren’t something to mess with unless you understand just how to use them. That’s why I’m thankful to come across these well-studied resources. What I love most about going the natural route is that I can know exactly what I’m putting in or on my body (unlike meds where I have no idea what ingredients are or why I should trust them).

I’ve already taken a few hours to really dig into these books and courses. I’ll have them forever as resources to revisit at any time, but I also found that I wanted to take notes as I read and learned. I thought it would be nice to have a “Home Remedies Notebook” where I jotted some go-to information for easy access.

So I had a little fun and I made this:

home remedies notebook2

home remedies notebook1

Home Remedies Notebook
This Home Remedies Notebook is free to all!!
Find download instructions here.

I printed the pages and put them into a binder. I also printed several of my favorite reference pages from the books and sources in this package so I would have them handy for quick help as needed. Beyond that, I created a new “Home Remedies” file on my computer so I could easily find these books and courses whenever I need them.

I’m pretty excited about all of this and happy about what I’m learning! I started ordering a few supplies so I could make some bath baths and teas. After all, I’ll want to have these on hand when we need them, and I can’t buy most of these in my small town.

Be sure to grab the FREE Natural Remedies Notebook printable!

What Would You Like Me To Talk About Here in 2016? (And Why I Might Say “No” to Some Requests)

I’ve been blogging here since November of 2007, which basically makes me an old lady in blog years. During the past 98 months (I did the math) I’ve written about topics ranging from marriage to eczema to homeschooling to parenting to healthy eating. And also butter. Obviously. It all goes hand in hand. (Not literally though.)


You know what I learned the hard way several years ago in my blogging career? Never write about something I don’t know much about.

See, what happens is that when I write about a topic – any topic – many people assume I know much and oodles and aplenty about that topic. I mention the word “run” and the people start asking questions as if I’m some sort of an expert on running. They ask my advice and trust my opinions and before I know it, everyone thinks I must be some running professional. I’m left screaming at my computer screen, “Wait! Stop asking me about running! I’m not a runner! When I said ‘run’ I meant run…to the grocery store for food. The real kind. That is what I know. Real food. I always run toward real food.

That was a bad example because no one has ever actually accused me of being an expert on running or asked me questions about it. Here’s an actual example:


I posted early on (March, 2009) about how to make mozzarella cheese. I’d made it a few times in my life, it’s not terribly complicated, and I thought it would be a fun post. It was. But then all of a sudden everyone thought I was a cheese-making expert. The questions started pouring in. Can I also share how to make cheddar? How about Gouda? What makes Swiss so holey? What supplies are needed for making Parmesan? Why did someone follow my recipe exactly and end up with mush? What if someone did not have the exact enzymes I recommended for mozzarella making? What might be a good substitute?

I became Mrs. Cheese Lady and all of the cheese questions were asked and people expected me to know all of the cheeseness.


That’s me, skillfully stretching my cheese curd in 2009.

I’m only slightly exaggerating, but suffice it to say that I quickly learned that while there are many topics I’m interested in and love learning about, there are only a few I am qualified to write about and offer advice on. Anything that I’m interested in but have not researched thoroughly or experienced muchly needs to be left to other people who have thoroughly researched and muchly experienced.

(It is clear by now that I have spent a good deal of time making up words and am therefore undoubtedly qualified to write them frequently and…muchly.)

What I’m good at (besides making up words):

  • Cooking real food
  • Keeping real food simple
  • Finding good deals on real food
  • Creating simple recipes with real food
  • Saving time in the kitchen
  • Saving money while eating real food
  • Sharing our home school experiences
  • Sharing what I’m learning in the areas of parenting and wifing (why is wifing not a real word?)
  • Sharing what I’m learning about scripture and serving others

What I love but don’t know enough to write about:

  • Essential Oils – I love them. I use them daily. They are fantastic. But I don’t know enough about them to answer questions or offer advice.
  • Natural Remedies – Like essential oils, I love and use natural remedies instead of conventional medicine if at all possible. But I’m a novice. I have to look everything up every time one of us gets sick. Please don’t ask me how to make a tincture.
  • Homesteading – The idea of having chickens and growing herbs on my windowsill intrigues me. Unfortunately, our fish only lived one week, so we don’t plan to get a goat anytime soon.
  • Parenting Teenagers – Except for the prayer part. Trusting God with our kids – this is what I know. Otherwise, I know nothing. Ask me again in ten years.
  • A bunch of other stuff that is relevant to most of us but not within my realm of knowledge. I don’t even know where to start on this list.

So what I want to know from you during the next few days is:

  • What do you love reading about here at Heavenly Homemakers?
  • What do you want to learn from me? What kind of information do you want me to share?
  • Want more recipes? More scripture encouragement? More tips on saving money? All or none of the above? Something else entirely?

All I can promise is that I’ll do my best, but I won’t write about making cheese or making a poultice for your toddlers scratched elbow. I would love to continue sharing relevant topics with you, as long as it is something I can share confidently. So talk to me! Tell me what you love reading about here the most!


Are Essential Oils a Fad?

Let’s talk. Are Essential Oils a fad?

Essential Oils - Fad

Chevron decor, tatoos, and skinny jeans – plus a bunch of stuff I’m not aware of because I just don’t keep up very well. Those are kind of fads, right? I mean, chevron is the way to decorate right now – but in a few years we’ll all be sick of it just like we got sick of our peach and teal southwestern wallpaper of the 80’s (raise your hand if you remember this delightful decorating era).

We went from flared jeans to skinny jeans – as if we all sorely missed our pant legs and want to now hug them close. I’m not opposed to tatoos, but I do wonder if people might eventually get tired of looking at the very same thing on their arm for 60 straight years. This is why I didn’t decorate my new bathroom in chevron – because I’d get tired of it eventually. Clearly there is a direct connection in my logic between chevron, bathrooms, and tatoos. It all makes sense.

And then there are diets. I’d love to think that the “low fat” trend is on its way out. I mean, it is if I have anything to do with it. Eat real food fats like butter and coconut oil! Balance this with other real foods! You have nothing to be afraid of! There, I’m doing my part. (Yes, you’ll still fit into your skinny jeans.)

So let’s talk about Essential Oils. They are all the rage. Are they a fad? Or are they the real deal?

It’s easy to discover a product and declare it to be the be all and end all. The product that cures everything. The thing that heals what ails you and cleans your toilets too. Got naughty toddlers? There’s an oil for that. Feeling sluggish? There’s an oil for that. Need to sleep better? Oil!

Are Essential Oils a Fad

Is it for real? This is what I think:

1. Essential Oils aren’t new. We just think they are.

They were the first medicine. There are 188 references to oils in the Bible. Oils were found in King Tut’s tomb. Oils have been around for a very long time, but I certainly never heard of them until just a few years ago. That’s why it seems like they are the latest thing. Perhaps there’s a lot of hype going along with oils now because they seem new to so many of us. But they aren’t new – and I don’t believe they are a fad. I guess to some people they might be – as in they’ll get excited about them for a while, then brush them aside when something else comes along. But I plan on using them forever (she says, as she takes a whiff of peppermint oil).

2. Oils work. I can attest to this.

They’ve helped our family with countless issues. Our family has experienced their work many times over. (That was me, being very vague and non-specific because the FDA doesn’t allow me to say much more.) :)

3. Oils are easy. I love this.

I do not have to run my kids to the doctor every time they have an ailment. Essential oils are a perfect remedy to try first. I love having them in my cabinet so that we can often experience immediate relief when we begin to feel yucky. At the very least, they give temporary relief as our bodies do their job to fight off sickness. And there’s no “wait four hours before using again” like conventional medicines. Need to rub some on fifteen minutes after the first application? No problem.

4. Oils are not the be all and end all. Nothing is. Okay, well – Jesus is. C’mon now.

This summer our 13 year old, Elias, got his shoulder yanked out of its socket at church camp. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that was the problem at first. He just said his “shoulder hurt.” (He is a man of few words.) I oiled him just as Asa always does when he has a sports injury. Whereas Asa usually finds relief immediately, the oils didn’t even take the edge off Elias’ pain.  I tried other oils. Nothin’. That’s when I finally looked at Elias head on and saw that his arm and shoulder looked funny (and by funny, I mean so not funny). Off to the chiropractor we went, where his shoulder was put back in place (also not funny). Oils are great, but they couldn’t put Elias’ shoulder back in its socket. There are doctors for this.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear your experiences with Essential Oils! Do you use them? In what ways have they worked for you? Which ones are your favorites?

How an Accessory Can Bless Your Health ~ Plus a Giveaway From Vessel Scents of Style

You guys know that I barely know how to dress myself and that my accessories are few. I just don’t get it. How am I supposed to know what necklace or scarf goes with what outfit?? Color combos? Beats me. My boys aren’t much help, God bless ’em.

Beyond accessories, I don’t wear perfume because it gives me a headache. But I was just blessed to review some products from Vessel Scents of Style. No joke – now we can all look cute, accessorize, smell good, and enjoy the benefits of essential oils all at the same time. For real.

Here’s me, wearing a locket from Vessel. See how cute it is? But the best part is that inside the locket are three adorable spheres that I soaked in one of my favorite essential oils. Yep, I’m wearing my oils around my neck in that sweet little locket. Throughout the day, I catch wafts of my oil. It’s awesome!


Here’s how this works…

Jolene, a consultant with Vessel Scents of Style, let me pick out a fun locket to enjoy. The shopping was too fun.

First you pick your locket.
Then you pick your scent spheres (which will go inside your locket).
Then you pick your scent (I chose unscented so I could add essential oils myself).
Then you pick your chain (or you use one of your own).

You can choose one of their scents if you prefer. I just really love that they offer unscented and that those work right along with essential oils. What a wonderfully healthy (and cute!) idea.

I love that the spheres come in a pack of 18 – but only 3 fit into my locket. This means I can soak my spheres in different oils to have on hand for different days and different needs.

So now, one of you gets to choose $40 worth of products on the Vessel Scents of Style page. Fun! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I’ll draw one random winner sometime next week. (I’ll be at camp, so my apologies if I can’t get online to post a winner in a reasonable amount of time.)

For additional chances to win this giveaway:

A bonus for everyone!

Anyone who places a $50+ order using Jolene’s consultant number #100304 will receive a charm of your choice for free! (Don’t order the charm with your other items. Instead, contact Jolene after you make your purchase and tell her which charm you would like to receive. Her email is

Okeedokee! Let the comments and bonuses and all the fun begin!

doTerra Essential Oils Giveaway


I am just now diving in to the world of Essential Oils. Why has it taken me so long?  Good question. I probably just needed someone to break it down and make it simple while I learned about these healing oils.

That’s exactly what Janine, a doTerra consultant, has been doing for me. She sent me several oils to try, along with a simple but detailed explanation of how to use each of them. Just what I needed! Break it down, tell me how to use them – aha! It is all beginning to make sense. :)

The Lemon Essential Oil seems to be a favorite, and I can see why. Talk about being multi-purpose!! You can clean with it, wash fruit with it, and use it as an antioxidant. Janine even uses it to make these delicious looking Lemon Bars!

Peppermint oil can be used for an energy boost, for sinus and  headache problems, and to lower fever. Lavender oil is great for burns and cuts, and to help you get a good night’s sleep. Janine sprays lavender oil on her three year old’s pillow at night to help him settle down and sleep. Smart thinking!! :)

And on and on the list goes of oils that help with concentration (great for kids who have trouble focusing – or mom’s who have trouble thinking straight!). Oils that soothe aches and pains. Oils that calm nausea or heartburn. All of the oils have so many uses!

What a wonderful way to naturally give our bodies the boost they need! Essential oils can be pricey, but a little goes a long way, which stretches your dollar. I am very impressed with the quality of these oils. doTerra is a brand you can trust! I encourage you to look at Janine’s blog, which she just started as a way to help you learn more about using essential oils.  That’s a great thing about doTerra – you have a consultant to help you learn as you go!

Today, Janine is offering a great giveaway! Two of you will win a bottle of doTerra Lemon Essential Oil. If you’re interested in winning, leave a comment on this post. I’ll draw two random winners on Monday, February 25. Be watching for a post stating the winners as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.