Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook – FREE for everyone!

Matt and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z series together, and appreciate the ways you have all sharpened us through your emails and comments regarding the subject of healthy marriages. Now that we’ve worked our way through the alphabet, we have compiled all of the posts in this series and put them into a free, downloadable resource for you. We are excited to offer this to everyone, with no strings attached.

We would be honored if you would be willing to share this eBook with anyone you feel might benefit from reading it. There is no limit to the number of copies you can make of this eBook or the number of times you are allowed to download it. All we ask is that you don’t sell it, but we probably didn’t need to say that, right? :)

We would appreciate any suggestions you might have as to where Matt and I should head at this point as we write more marriage content for the site. Share your ideas in the comments or send us an email to offer your thoughts about what you feel would benefit you and your spouse the most. Thanks!

And now, we are thrilled to offer, free to everyone, Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z eBook:

Healthy Marriage Tips from A to X ~ Free Download

Click the link below to download the book:
Healthy Marriage A to Z eBook

Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit…It’s Finished!! It’s Finished!!!

If it’s loud in here, that’s because I’m running around the house with my arms waving in the air screaming:

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s done, it’s donnnnne!!!!!!!!!

After two years of planning and writing, fixing, changing, editing, dreaming, praying, crying and praying some more…it’s done!!! It’s DONE!!!

I’d like to take a moment to thank all the little people.

Seriously. The little people. My kids.  The ones who were the inspiration for all of this back in the day when they didn’t eat so much food.  Back when they were my preschool servants.  They are now a little bigger and I can’t thank them enough for eagerly helping me add ideas, create projects and take pictures for the tutorials included in the kit. And also for being patient with me during the past few weeks when they would ask me questions and I would look up from the computer with glassy eyes. God bless you boys for putting up with me.

And of course, you know how much I want to thank my husband. He is the reason this kit is finished, the reason it exists at all. My husband is my rock, the one who points me toward The Rock. He spent hours editing, offering suggestions and in general putting up with a wife who was distracted and talked in her sleep, as I spouted off craft ideas all beginning with the letter Ii. Seriously, this endeavor had me talking in my sleep. About the alphabet. To my husband. And he was kind enough not to make fun of me. I’m keeping him forever.

I also MUST thank Lenetta, who had the grueling task of editing the entire kit when it was formatted all crazy like. She has a gift for making the written word shine on paper and screen. And Char…for all your help in the past few days as we got everything finished up, I thank you.

And now…without further ado…Learn Your Letters, Learn To Serve Complete Curriculum Kit!


Teach your child to serve…one letter at a time! This 240+ kit includes thorough lesson plans, games, crafts, recipes, memory verses, Bible story suggestions, vocabulary stimulation and discussion, play, books to read and so much more…all while encouraging service to God!

Each letter you study includes suggestions for service, such as “Take a new Bible to B__________” on Bb week, “Make soup for someone who is sick on Ss week, and “Deliver flowers to F_______________” on Ff week. Your child will make gifts or food, offer help and learn to think of others. As a family you can delight in praying together about who you would like to serve and what form of service you would like to offer! 

This curriculum kit can be used as a supplement to what you are currently doing to teach your child preschool basics…or it can be used all on its own as a complete early learners curriculum tool.  It is absolutely not just for home schoolers.  Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve is for any family who would enjoy learning and serving together with little ones.  In addition, Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Curriculum Kit may be purchased for use in a Sunday School Classroom or Preschool Classroom.

To get a feel for what this kit is like, help yourself to this free sample lesson!

What Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve includes:

  • 159 Page Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve Book of ideas, instructions, recipes, tutorials and service planners  (the majority of this book can be left paperless, unless you choose to print it and bind it)
  • Alphabet Practice Packet (26 pages of printable letter writing practice)
  • Alphabet Project Packet (printable projects that go along with various lessons)
  • Memory Verse Packet (26 printable memory verses to decorate and place on the wall or in a binder)
  • Parent Planning Packet (planning pages, teaching suggestions, scheduling ideas)

Feel free to email me with questions!

I pray that you will be as blessed as our family has been as you learn and serve together!



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New Free Downloadable Menu Planners for Summertime!

Pretty menu planners make me happy. They are much nicer to look at than a piece of faded paper ripped out of a notebook and thrown onto my fridge. Any menu planner is better than having no plan at all, but still…isn’t it more fun to be pretty and organized?

I’ve been wanting to work on some new summertime planners to share with you, but since I was having a hard time getting a round tuit, I asked Char of Delight-Design to make some for me. And for you. :)

Ah, she did way better than I could have ever done. Take a look at these! Not only did Char create pretty menu planners…she made pretty grocery lists to go with them! Just click the link below each image to download, print and share as many as you would like!!


Summer Menu Planner 1


Summer Grocery List 1


Summer Menu Planner 2


Summer Grocery List 2


Summer Menu Planner 3


Summer Grocery List 3


Summer Menu Planner 4


Summer Grocery List 4

Do feel free to share these, blog about them, tell your friends on facebook, print them and give them as gifts…whatever you would like to do! They’re free!

Enjoy your menu planning!! (Your PRETTY menu planning, that is!)