Pink is the New Black Friday

You know me. I like pink better than black. Therefore, Black Friday becomes Pink Friday around here. But of course.


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We filled our house with almost 30 people from the community and it was marvelous. (P.S. When you ask God, “Who needs to be around our table at Thanksgiving?” he will show you. It is a glorious experience.)


Today I want to share some of my favorite finds on the web, first and foremost, a big discount on my new Best of Heavenly Homemakers book! We marked it all the way down to just $14.95 today through Monday! Grab your copy here.

best of cover3


Simple Meals is saving everyone’s family time!! Plus it saves you money while you feed your family great, healthy food! Through Monday Simple Meals costs even less than normal.

Become a Simple Meals member at $10 off here!



Our beloved Rose’s Razors is offering a 25% discount on their Long Stem Boxes when you use the code BFCM25 (offer good through Monday only). Or use the code Heavenly20 to get 20% off anything else at Rose’s Razors (offer available through Dec. 31).

roses razors1


Lilla Rose is having an AMAZING Black Friday Sale, this Friday through Monday.

Up to 50% off everything!

Free Shipping on orders over $75!

And yes, it can be combined with the monthly special of a Free Poinsettia Gift Set with every $125 purchase! It includes a gorgeous Poinsettia brooch, a pair of Poinsettia bobby pins, and a beautiful silver bag to keep them in.

We also have over 90 brand new styles, including all the past 2017 Flexis-of-the-Month! I especially love the new Adora, a gorgeous dangling ribbon Flexi! We also have many matching gift sets, to make gift-giving easy!

These amazing deals run all weekend, but if you want even BIGGER deals, be sure to check out the Facebook Live online shopping event that is happening in Paula’s Black Friday Extravaganza,  at 1 PM Eastern time on Friday for fun time-limited steals!

BLACKFRIDAY lilla rose17


I’m writing this post ahead of time so I can enjoy a day off, so I can’t know for sure. But I am counting on my beloved Instant Pot being discounted this weekend! If it’s less than $100, grab it up. It’s a gem and a huge time saver!

instant pot


Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving weekend! I am thankful for you!

P.S. I’ll be sending out emails as I find the best deals during the next few days. Be sure to sign up here if you don’t want to miss out!

When Thanksgiving and Christmas Collide ~ And It’s a Good Thing

give thanks

Today, my family is celebrating Thanksmas. Hey, it’s a real thing. It’s when Thanksgiving and Christmas collide because of travel plans and family circumstances. We won’t be able to see my Kansas family on December 25. Instead, we’re celebrating both holidays together – today, at the same time.

“Oh no!” one might think. “We should never skip through Thanksgiving and jump into Christmas, forgetting to be thankful.”

I’ll agree with you completely on one point:  We should never forget to be thankful.  Never, ever.  But blending the two holidays? I have decided that it’s perfect. I’ve also decided that this same concept is perfect in the middle of February, early in April, and during summer break. After all, if I only choose to consider “what I’m thankful for” during Thanksgiving season and “how wonderful it is that God sent Jesus to earth” during the Christmas season – I have completely missed some major Truths in the Bible about who I’m called to be, and where my heart should be focused.

Hooray for holidays that bring our attention back to these important areas of focus! But not only do I disagree that we shouldn’t blend the holidays, I believe we’ve actually missed something very important if we don’t.

Our God is an amazing God – today, on December 25, and even on Black Friday, if you can possibly imagine. But, ack! What about all the commercialism?! Marketing tools! Flyers and ads and sales – they are everywhere this time of year! That is a true fact.

Also a true fact:  There are gimmicks and commercials and marketing ploys 365 days of the year – all of which are insisting I need their product in order to have a full and happy life. The only difference right now is that commercials slap the words “gift giving” on the reason they’re asking us to buy stuff. At least it’s better than telling us to buy something for ourselves because “we’re worth it,” wouldn’t you say?

Are we losing Thanksgiving because of all the Christmas hype? My thought is that it’s not up to what time the stores open their doors, or the fact that some are not closing theirs at all. It’s not up to sale flyers or commercials.  It’s up to you and me.  It’s about our heart focus.  Nothing in our lives can be separated. I don’t care when you shop, what you buy, how much you spend, or whether you ate turkey or ham. Jesus and a thankful heart go hand in hand, every single day – no matter the holiday, season, or date on a calendar.

For the record, today, not only am I celebrating Thanksgiving (so much to be thankful for!) and Christmas (how exciting that God sent His Son!) – I’m also celebrating Easter (praise God, Jesus died and rose again!) and Valentine’s Day (Love you, Matt!! XOXOXO). I’ll celebrate it all over again tomorrow. And since tomorrow just so happens to be Black Friday, I might also pick up a good deal or two. Bonus!

Have a blessed holiday season! May our hearts yearn for Truth, may our souls find peace, may we always be grateful.

Black Friday Shopping? Question #74

The time has almost arrived in which people who actually have a rare day off from work will intentionally set their alarms to wake them up after just a few hours of sleep so that they can get frost bite while waiting for a person with a key to open the door and let them into a place that will take a large portion of their money. They will then willingly allow themselves to be pushed around by crowds of hundreds in order to take advantage of a near impossible chance at an item in which there are only a dozen in stock. 

Can I pause a moment to say that I would never want to be the person with the key? Actually, maybe it would be just a little bit fun. I could go stand for a few minutes before opening time and dangle the key at the crowd and wave innocently (while I stood there holding my steaming mug of hot cocoa) and act like I have no idea why they are standing there. Yes…that would be just a tiny bit fun. 

I’ve actually participated in the Black Friday event…once. It was back when my kids were all little bitty and I didn’t have a chance to get out much all by myself. The only  possibility seemed to be shopping in the wee hours of the morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving and so I planned it…I even looked forward to the outing. When I got to the store and saw that there were hundreds of people in line out in the cold, I just sat in my van (with my heater on) watching them shiver. Already I was questioning my sanity. At just before opening time I decided to join the party at the door, which basically means that they stood in the cold for an hour and I stood there for two minutes and we all got  let in at the same time.

I headed directly to the kitchen department for the items I was planning to pick up at their amazing $5 price and realized right away that these items were not even worth $5 as they seemed to be made of tissue paper and rubber bands. I did enjoy shopping all by myself without my kids…but could I have done that after a few more hours of sleep? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could have.

Since then I’ve been a Black Friday shopping rebel. I stay home and sleep. I shop online later in the day in my slippers (with my steaming cup of hot cocoa). I like it.

And yet this year I feel myself being pulled over to the dark side (literally…because it’s dark at 4 am you know?). Some friends of mine are making the idea of shopping early on Friday morning awfully appealing and fun. We could all go together and shucks, I could almost be home and cooking breakfast before my family even knew I was gone.

What’s a girl to do? 

I may actually join the crowds this year.

Do you think I could just bring my hot cocoa with me?

What do you do? Are you a early morning Black Friday shopper? Or do you stay home and sleep in your warm bed?