Spring Special from Origami Owl


I’m excited to share that Shannon, from Origami Owl, if offering all of you a spring special on her Living Lockets:

  • All orders of $30-$50 can choose one free charm
  • All orders off $50-80 and up can choose 2 free charms!
  • All orders over $80 can choose 3 free charms! (totals before tax and shipping)

This offer is valid March 7th-March 14th. Do not order the free charms, but instead email Shannon at its-a-blessing at hotmail.com (subject line “Spring Special” with your order number from her Origami Owl website. ┬áLet Shannon know which free charm or charms you would like and she will send them right to you!

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  1. Tara H says

    The link to her website isn’t working right.


    Laura Reply:

    Fixed it. Thanks so much for letting me know!


  2. Jen says

    Laura, if you don’t mind telling me what is your approximate turn around on answering emails? No rush, I know you are busy, but was just wondering if my email even came into your inbox. Thanks so much!


    Laura Reply:

    Yep, I did get your email! Sorry for the delay – I’m totally swamped right now. My husband and I are giving thought to a download option, and will get back to you in a week or two once we figure it out (and once the books come in!). :)


    Jen Reply:

    Awesome, I can’t wait! Homemakers like myself get excited about this type of thing!


  3. karli says

    hi there is a good book written by the Pearl’s and it is called How to Train Up a Child.
    it is Christian based and (my husband and i think) very very good.


  4. karli says

    just wanted to add that i googled the book to make sure i had the title right (i did), but there are a lot of negative reviews of the book. people blaming the authors for leading parednts to abuse, child death etc… i just wanted to say that i NEVER would have taken this book in this way. if you look it up you will know what i mean, but i didn’t want the “world views” (of something that actually works) to scare anyone off…
    i certainly do not abuse my child or anything that was citied in the google search. however, i will say that my child is wonderfully behaved (like all kids she has off days:) very respectful, has very good manners, listens very well, and is only 3! im not tooting my own horn bc i fully believe God is behind it, but without that book as a guide i do not believe she would be so wonderfully behaved. and i do believe that God brought that book to our attention…


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