“Spring Cleaning” Giveaway from Tropical Traditions


Woohoo…another Tropical Traditions giveaway!

This time, it would appear that they expect us all do be doing a little bit of Spring Cleaning. Maybe they saw the inside of my house and thought I should take the hint. They sent me a 32 ounce bottle of their All Purpose Cleaner, a gallon of their Dish Liquid, a gallon of Glass and Surface Cleaner and a six pound container of their Oxygen Bleach. This is a wonderful package and yay!…you have the chance to win one too! 

This is quite the prize.  Non-toxic, completely safe, fear free, clean and healthy (how many ways can I find to say that these products are safe for your home?!) cleaning products that WORK!   Yep, they are safe and they get your house (or your dishes, as the case may be) clean!

Here, let me give you an example of how these work. We got something dirty this week, just so we could demonstrate. Are we thoughtful or what? Okay actually, we didn’t mean to mess up Matt’s favorite soccer jacket, but since we did, what better way to test the Oxygen Bleach?

I don’t know how many times one or the other of us is adding wood to our fireplace, then we lift our arm just a little bit too high, rubbing it on the top of the fireplace, getting black soot on our sweater or jacket. SO many times, you’d think we’d know better…and yet we keep doing it. Often it leaves a forever stain. :(  When Matt came in and showed me his jacket I said, “Well…here’s a great chance to test the Oxygen Bleach that Tropical Traditions sent us.”  To which he said, “Bleach? On my blue and white soccer jacket?!”  And I said, “Yeah, but it’s from Tropical Traditions, so you know it can’t hurt anything.”

And then, I forgot all about the jacket and the stain and the bleach because I was making tortillas. Little did I know that he had grabbed the camera (because he has lived with a blogger long enough to know that one documents things like this with pictures) and headed upstairs to work on his jacket. He came down a few minutes later and said, “Okay…I got the black out of my jacket. And here…I got pictures for you too.” 

He is so the greatest.

So here it is…black on the jacket:

He dipped the sooted area into water/bleach mixture then used his thumbnail and it scrubbed right out.

Well…would  you look at that:

I LOVE this because I have been completely afraid to have bleach in my house.  Regular bleach is so scary. But this Oxygen Bleach from Tropical Traditions? We can actually use the words safe and bleach in the same sentence! Hoo-rah and it works too!

For a chance to win this prize package Tropical Traditions All Purpose Cleaner, Dish Liquid, Glass and Surface Cleaner and Oxygen Bleach leave a comment here letting us know you’re interested in winning. For an extra chance, you can sign up to receive the Tropical Traditions newsletter (then leave a separate comment letting me know that you did!).   Sorry to all of “outside of the U.S. friends”…you have to be a U.S. resident for this one. :(  Apparently this package is a heavy one to mail!

I’ll draw a random winner on Monday, March 21.

This giveaway is now closed…thank you!

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  1. Sally McQuaid says

    If its not too late to enter.. i would lvoe to win this.. I am trying to go to all natural cleaning products.


  2. Jen says

    I was just looking at oxygen bleach at the store wondering if they were safer than the bleach. Nice to know this one is– I’d love to be entered in the drawing if there is time.


  3. Jenny says

    I have recently started changing the way I clean my house to use products that are toxin-free. I’d love to try these out!


  4. Amy says

    Just got back to town–hope it’s not too late–lots of dirty little boys = lots of dirty little (and big) things.


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