Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Working Out (Until After I’m Done)

Most of the time I crave it, love it, and can’t wait to hit the pavement and/or the weight room to get in a good workout!

But every once in a while, I just don’t want to do it. Not even a little bit. The very idea reminds me that I might just feel hip pain. And truly, there are days when I just don’t feel like I can add one more item to my to-do list. Working out? Is it really necessary?  After all, I ran up and down the stairs four times this morning to switch out laundry. Doesn’t that count for something?

This week I had one of those days. I was tired, my muscles were sore, and I was crazy busy. I had two hundred things to do (which, of course, is not an exaggeration or an overstatement at all because I would never do that in a million years). The thought of leaving my house for even a short workout just made me feel stressed out. One more thing to do? I don’t want it!

But Jen, my workout buddy and trainer, showed up to my house as planned anyway.  The nerve. ;)

I smiled (sort of). I stretched. I put on my running shoes. And we went for a short, but fast paced walk for 30 minutes. It wasn’t long. It was certainly not the hardest workout we’ve ever had. But it was a good workout nonetheless. I worked up a good sweat, got my heart rate up, and burned off some stress. But I really thought nothing of it.

Once we got back, I continued with my afternoon, finishing some of Malachi’s school work with him, then running Asa up to the soccer complex so he could referee a game.

It wasn’t until I was pulling out of the complex that I realized:  Wow. I feel really, really good.

It was amazing actually. Before the workout, I had been sore, tired, and discouraged thinking about all the work that loomed before me – wondering how I would ever get it done.

After the workout, I felt relaxed, energized, and ready to tackle the to-do list. I was breathing deeply, smiling, and well, I kind of needed a shower…but that’s beside the point. :)

The moral of this story:  If you don’t feel like working out? Do it anyway. You’ll feel better, and you’ll get more done than you would have if you would have skipped the workout to do something else.

Disclaimer:  Obviously, you shouldn’t workout if you don’t feel like it because you are puking, have a broken bone, or are otherwise bedridden and under doctors orders to stay immobile. I think you knew that, but in the effort to cover my tracks, I felt as though I ought to say it anyway. 

Ever feel like you just don’t want to work out – then feel so grateful that you did afterward?


  1. Lesley Wert says

    One of my favorite times of day is right after my workout (more specifically right after my shower). Love the feeling of getting it done! But sometimes it is halfway thru my workout that I actually wake up and feel good!


  2. Vicki says

    “Ever feel like you just don’t want to work out – then feel so grateful that you did afterward?”

    Every. single. day.

    :-) :-) :-)


  3. Katy says

    Every day. It seems if I keep it up, I love it and keep going. If I stop it’s sooooo hard to get back to it. I heard a saying once, “You’ll never regret working out, but you may regret not.” – Very true!


  4. BUSY MOM IN AL says

    My husband and I decided to increase our workout time at the advice of my doctor. It is only by 10 minutes! The first few mornings I was asking “How much time is left?” It was then that I realized it is a mental thing for me. I want it to be over with as quick as possible! I am trying to focus more on enjoying the quiet time with my husband and the benefit of exercise.

    It is getting easier and you are right – it feels good afterward! What a blessing to feel better. I was able to take a break with my kids the other morning and warm up by doing two whole minutes of jumping jacks. I could do it and it actually felt good!


  5. Amber W. says

    I have figured out a way to help me combat the “workout blues”. We have a park down the street with a small walking track around it. A few mornings a week I load the kids up (all 4 of them) and we head to the park right after breakfast. I push the younger two in the stroller while I walk and the older two can play on the playground or ride scooters on the walking track. And because we go so early, we almost always have the whole place to ourselves. Putting on an exercise dvd doesn’t excite me a whole lot, but I love getting outdoors and making it a family affair. BTW, I wish I had a Jen!! ;)


  6. Steph says

    I have to say that realizing this made the biggest difference in my life. Up through college, I had always felt that I wasn’t a runner (er, jogger, even)…it didn’t feel good, so it obviously was not something my body type should do.

    Then, in nursing school, I met a friend that had been a lifelong runner and was training for a marathon. She told me that the only thing she liked about running was the feeling she had when she was done.

    I realized then that I could get those incredible benefits of running (er, jogging SLOWLY) even if I didn’t love it. I lost fifteen pounds a ran a couple of 10k races, including one in my first trimester of pregnancy (finishing almost last but FINISHING!).

    I can’t say I don’t ever struggle with getting out the door (making the time commitment is now my biggest struggle), but this made a world of difference.


  7. Sheri Beeker says

    I NEVER want to get out of bed at 6 am to workout before my little ones get up…but, I’m ALWAYS glad that I did.


  8. says

    I’ve been down w/bronchitis for a week now. And I actually missed working out!! I made it thru half a workout last Monday before the bronchitis knocked me off my feet. Now w/a hurricane mixed in w/a Nor’Easter looming it could be Thursday till I work out again. :-(


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