Simplified Dinners eBook Winners

The winners of the Simplified Dinners eBook giveaway are:

1) Heather: blessedandbusy@
2) Angela: chrisandangelamiller@
3) Cheryl: cherylmessier@

Winners, email me and I’ll forward your information on for your prize.

Remember, Simplified Dinners is an eBook that can save you much time and effort.  Mystie offers a “regular edition” and one that is dairy and gluten free.  How great is that?!  Be sure to click over to give it a good look to see if this is something that would benefit you!  :)


  1. Phyllis says

    In the Gardening and Preserving Guide, re: “taking up knitting while waiting for your container potatoes to grow”… I highly recommend it (knitting, that is)! When knitting/crocheting/ tatting/quilting or whatever your hands find to do, you are spending precious minutes producing something wonderful (otherwise spent boringly WAITING–watching potatoes grow, waiting for a doctor,repairman, etc.)! Twiddling thumbs, the alternative, produces nothing, and isn’t it nicer to end up with a sweet hat or mittens or some lace or a little quilt to share with those you love–along with your wonderful potatoes? :-)


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