Simple Meals $10 Christmas Discount

What can you get for $1 per week? You won’t believe it!


How much time do you think you spend every week…

  • figuring out what to eat?
  • making grocery lists?
  • shopping?
  • cooking?
  • cleaning?

How much extra money do you spend on eating out on those nights you…

  • don’t feel like cooking?
  • forgot to plan ahead or thaw meat?
  • are too tired to think about what to feed your family?
  • are too exhausted to be in the kitchen?

Caring for our families well in the midst of all the juggling of life can become overwhelming.


Here’s what we have to offer you, and we’re thrilled to think about what this can mean for your energy and family time!


It’s called Simple Meals and our goal is to wow you with everything it offers each week. We especially hope to impress you with how much time, energy, and money you’ll save.

The meal plans, the grocery guides, the recipes, and the bonus tips – they are created with the busy family in mind. Everything is kept simple – the meal ideas, the recipes, and the ingredients.

What is Simple Meals?

For starters, each week Simple Meals will provide you with complete plans for 6 meals, giving you flexibility on the 7th night to enjoy leftovers or one of your family’s favorites. Simply look through the 6 menu ideas and plug each of them into the upcoming nights that will work best with your schedule.

Even better? (You’re really going to love this part!)

We’ve organized our 6 weekly menu suggestions like this:



No Thaw Night

Aside from grocery shopping, you don’t have to think ahead on this one. There’s nothing to thaw, nothing to prep ahead. Just head to the kitchen and throw this complete meal together within just a few minutes.

Crock Pot Night

Yay you! You took a few minutes and put this meal in the crock pot earlier in the day. At meal time, just open the pot and serve.

Made Ahead Night

You’re so smart. You knew tonight would be busy so you put this meal together ahead of time. Tonight all you have to do is bake or re-heat and serve!

No Trouble Night

Breathe a sigh of relief. There is very little work or time involved in putting this meal together! Just follow the simple instructions for this brainless meal and you’re set!


Build it Yourself Night

Tonight your family will work together to set out an amazing (but simple!) buffet of food and everyone can build their plate or bowl to their liking. Prep together, enjoy a meal together, clean up together.

Savor it Night

Use this meal idea on the night you have a little extra time to cook and sit at the table 
enjoying family time.

Night Off

Tonight you’ll clean out the fridge, enjoy leftovers, or fall back on one of your favorite family meals.


The Most Important

Delicious and nourishing vegetables and fruits are the most important part of your meal. We never specify your side dishes in our menu plans, but strongly encourage you to include 2-4 veggie and/or fruit side dishes with each meal.

Special Diet Needs?

No problem. Many of our meal suggestions are naturally gluten free. But if not, each of our weekly Simple Meals plans will offer adaptations so you can make your meals completely gluten free with little to no extra work.

Every single week, you’ll be given a menu plan which includes all this and more.

What is the “more” you ask? Beyond the detailed menu plan, you’ll be given a grocery guide, bonus tips to help you save time and money, breakfast recipe ideas, and a resource guide. Every single week. Plus, with the change of seasons, we’ll send you additional free bonuses to help you along your Simple Meals journey.

It is our pleasure to give you all a completely FREE sample so you can see what a typical Simple Meals packet will include.


Download a FREE SAMPLE of a typical Simple Meals packet here.

Love it? We do too! We love all this offers families each week!

How does this work?

Simple Meals members will receive their weekly packet, full of menu plans and everything detailed above, via email each Thursday morning. Our hope is that this will give you plenty of time to use the guides offered to get your meals lined up for the following week and hit the grocery store in preparation!

Time to talk cost.

We did our research. Most subscription plans, which are super helpful and do save you money in the long run, can be a bit tough on the budget. Our goal with Simple Meals is to offer you oodles of help, loads of practical meal options, dozens of time and money saving tips, grocery guides, and even seasonal bonuses. We’re offering it all for just…


$1 per week.

We love this. Your dollar offers us a little “thank you” for our time while offering you a huge relief in your weekly tasks.

Just think. You can pay just $1 per week to have someone else do your thinking and planning for you. Sound too good to be true? Not only is it true, it gets even better! Your $1.00 saves you grocery money, take-out money, time, energy, frustration, and so much more. Best of all? You get to spend more time with your family instead of more time working in the kitchen.


Let the Simple Meals fun begin!

Payment is simple (because we like to keep things simple at Simple Meals). Sign up here and pay once for an entire year’s worth of Simple Meals plans. Your subscription will auto-renew one year from now (unless you cancel before then*). So for $52, you can enjoy 52 Simple Meals menu plans, grocery guides, time and money saving tips, and all the additional bonuses we offer our subscribers throughout the year. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that comes with your yearly subscription!

Care to double your pleasure?

As we kick off Simple Meals, we’ve decided to give you a $52 bonus! Yep, that means you’ll pay $52 for a year’s worth of Simple Meals plans, grocery lists, and bonuses and as a thank you, we’ll give you an additional $52 worth of downloadable goodies which includes:


227 Healthy Snacks eBook ($6.95)
Eat Right Away Collection ($8.00)
Do the Funky Kitchen eBook ($3.95)
Totally Tortillas ($2.95)
HeavenlyHomemaker’s Guide eBook Collection ($9.95)
Learn to Cook Collection (great for the kids!) ($9.95)
You Can Do This! eCourse ($5.00)
Let’s Do This! eCourse ($5.00)
Make Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook ($4.95)

For the record, these freebies add up to over $56, but who’s counting?

A Bonus Bonus

With Simple Meals making your evening meals, well, simpler – you’re going to have more time to spend enjoying your family. We love this so much. To celebrate, we’re so happy to share that AndHeDrew (our very talented artist friend) has agreed to give each Simple Meals subscriber a free digital copy of his amazing Book of Coloring!

This isn’t just any coloring book. This coloring book is one everyone in your family can enjoy at any age. Each page flows together into one cohesive design, no matter which pages you put side by side. It’s the coolest coloring book we’ve ever seen. Genius.


So let’s review. Your Simple Meals subscription earns you:

  • 52 weeks worth of Simple Meals menu plans, grocery lists, and task sheets for just $1 each.
  • An additional $56 worth of free eBooks and eCourses to help you in the kitchen.
  • A free Book of Coloring (worth $8) to enjoy with your family!

Ready to join Simple Meals?

We’re ready to welcome you!

Bonus: Now through November 30, get $10 off your first year’s subscription! No coupon code needed. Simply click through to order and the $10 discount will be automatically applied! Offer expires Thursday, November 30.

Simple Meals Yearly Subscription
Your yearly subscription equips you with a 52 week's worth of meal plans, grocery guide, recipes, and bonus tips, plus you get over $60 worth of bonus eBooks! Your Simple Meals plan will arrive in your inbox each Thursday morning.
Price: $52.00

Get ready to win back your family time!


*The fine print: Because we are offering Simple Meals at such a fabulous low price with oodles of freebies, we will not be offering refunds on this product. If you choose not to renew after one year, please let us know so we can adjust your account settings.