Sick Kid, God’s Care, and Last Day for Real Food eCourse Sale

I’ve got some fun posts in the works for you, but I have been running and running and running…

Yes, definitely picture me actually running. Like, in tennis shoes, across miles of terrain, with a pink head band catching my sweat, while I look adorable and perky in a cute athletic outfit. Picture that. That is definitely what I mean by running. I just can’t stop running. I am such a runner.

Now, if you’re realistically thinking, “Yeah right, Laura” then you can instead picture a more accurate description of my running which involves barely being home during the past few days and if I was home, I had guests. I have posts in my head that have not yet come out of my fingers and onto this screen. Now that I’m finally sitting here at my keyboard, I’m too tired to write actual words. Therefore, I’m going to take a couple of days off to rest and find some complete sentences. I know they’re in there somewhere.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share a little Gratituesday with you, and also offer you a “last day of sale” reminder.

First, Gratituesday.


Part of my running recently has been in the form of caring for a very sick boy. Most of us had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago, which is no fun at all, of course. But one of our sons got a seemingly weird version that has been hanging on for way too long. When a teenage boy doesn’t feel like eating day after day after day, you know something is wrong.

It was beginning to get scary for us and for him. I am grateful to share, though, that today we got some answers. I was able to get him into our natural doctor in Lincoln who discovered the root of the problem and provided treatment solutions. He’ll likely still be weak for a few days, but I’m confident now that nothing is seriously wrong with him and that he is on his way to recovery. I don’t think any of us knew how worried we were until we got home from Lincoln and his brothers met us anxiously at the door asking for answers about what we learned from the doctor. (This is significant because these are boys who would normally say, “Oh were you gone? I didn’t realize. What’s for lunch?”)

I am so thankful for God’s provision in this. It is extremely difficult to get an appointment with this doctor right now as she just had a baby and is only back for very limited hours. In fact, I’ve had my next appointment scheduled months in advance. The fact that I called at 8:01 and got in because “there was a last minute cancellation” is amazing to me. Praise God for opening a slot that worked perfectly for us on the very day we needed it, and for providing answers that will put our son back on the road to good health.

Soooo after I got my sickie settled back at home in the recliner with food and drink and remedies, I got into the van again and headed south to a ranch with Malachi for a horse class he’s taking right now with some fellow homeschoolers. This class has been so fun and fascinating!

As you can see, I’m very gifted at photography with my phone camera. Also, you can see that as much as Malachi enjoys horses, he likes dogs even more.


Praise God for Make-Ahead Meals. Wearily, I slid a prepared casserole into the oven when I got home from the ranch (which we will eat with a salad consisting of whatever greens and veggies we pull out of the fridge). Then I plopped onto my computer chair to try to find some words (which I obviously found, thank you).

Thanks for letting me share. It’s great to reflect on God and His work and to be able to share it with people I care about (you!).

More fun posts coming back after I take a short Sabbath rest. :)


  1. cindy says

    Hi Laura, the unknown is daunting and scary. Answers are awesome. Thank God you have answers about your son’s condition and that he is on the mend. I look forward to your daily posts and I use your recipes and your meals-right-away and other suggestions frequently. You are a blessing to so many :) Hey – my first ever batch of vanilla (that my daughter and I put together mid-June) is just about ready for bottling as soon as I can find the time to do it! My Christmas gifts to family this year will be several made-with-love-from-home concoctions!


  2. Ivette says


    I would love to hear more about your natural doctor. We have done the NAET series with my son for his asthma, but I would love to know how to go about finding a natural care family doctor. Thanks.


  3. mrs.p says

    Enjoy your “day off” haha, Us mom get thoses. My daughter fighting allergies. We had test done and now we did to meet with the dr to see what she can do. I am thankful for no food allergies but there some she cant avoild like dust mites, johnson grass, and dog. We have a dog. Time will tell.


    Barbara Reply:

    Laura, I hope you don’t mind me replying to Mrs P about her daughter’s allergies . . .

    Our son had allergy testing a few months before he turned 9. He tested as being allergic to dogs, all weeds, mold and house dust! We don’t vaccinate, so weekly allergy shots were definitely out of the question for us. He landed in the hospital twice because of difficulty breathing after being highly exposed to some of these allergens.

    In our research, we found a product called, “Mango Xan.” We gave him 4 ounces (mixed in juice) each day for a year, then dropped back to 2 ounces each day for another year. Jacob turned 15 just a week ago – we have 2 big hairy dogs; he is an Eagle Scout who had to go on many camping trips, sleeping and working among weeds; thankfully, we don’t have mold issues, but sadly, we have plenty of dust! He has not had a reaction to anything for at least 4 years!!!!

    If you consider trying Mango Xan for your daughter, don’t get a generic brand!


    mrs.p Reply:

    Thank you. Iook into it


  4. Annie T. says

    Oh my gosh, my youngest brother Elias (almost ten) has been having a blast helping us take care of our three Haflinger ponies! As teacher for the year, I’ve made an executive decision that helping us groom them, walk them, and generally take care of them will count as a good chunk of his schoolwork.

    Today I’m grateful for several things, actually – our kitchen is finally coming together, we’ve almost got the woodstove hooked up so we can have some proper heat (October in Maine is cold), my first piece of writing got published this weekend, Elias and I had an absolute blast making supper ahead of time and then doing up the dishes, Mother and I have boxes of books to sort through (yummy, love books!), and I’ve got pumpkin ice cream in the freezer. :)


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