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~ I am super excited to let you know of a sale I am participating in beginning on Monday! For only 5 days, you’ll be able to purchase 34 Healthy Living eBooks for only $29! Plus, you’ll receive some actual real food products. It’s amazing all you’ll get for less than thirty bucks! Be watching for more details here on Monday morning!

~  I love making my own pizza sauce. But occasionally (like during soccer season), I can’t tell you how nice it is to have Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce on hand to throw at Elias, who can then grab frozen homemade pizza crusts out of the freezer and get busy with lunch. Right now, you can get a case of 12 cans of Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce for just $20.41 with subscribe and save at Amazon.

 ~  Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk is just $23.76 for a case of 12. Love this product! It is super healthy and makes wonderful smoothies.

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  1. Lisa Cernik says

    Watch out for BPA in canned foods; one more thing we have to look out for, but I don’t believe this brand is BPA free. I think Eden brand’s cans are all BPA free, and the Native Forest brand coconut milk is.


  2. Mary Ann says

    I just read a fair number of negative reviews on Amazon about the coconut milk as apparently some of it is coming from Sri Lanka and is very watery. There seems to be a lot of inconsistencies in the coconut milk that people are receiving with many, many unhappy customers. Just wanted to throw that out as a precaution.


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