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~ The Victorio Food Strainer I’ve been raving about while making Applesauce and Tomato Sauce this fall is even less expensive than when I got it a few months ago! At $40, this is such an great price and a wonderful investment. My kids now beg, “Can we please make more applesauce so I can help you?”  No joke. They might even love it more than I do, and that’s saying something.

~  If you are canning, these are the tools I find to be super handy in helping me not burn my hands or break my jars. At $12.97 for the whole set, you can’t go wrong. 

~  I know I keep sharing “favorite” Pyrex dishes and technically, one can’t really have so many “favorites”. But, um…here’s another of my favorite Pyrex sets. Love the blue lids. I have mostly red lids. Blue may become my new favorite. (Oh brother.)  Seriously though, this set is awesome for leftovers, or for baking small casseroles, side dishes, or even pans of brownies. Or for making homemade chewy granola bars. Now you see why they are my favorite? :)


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  1. Katie says

    AH! I wish I would have posted this earlier…didn’t realize it ended today, but there is a deal that Amazon sent me from one of their other sites…Woot I think? Anyway, $19.99 for an 11-piece Pyrex bake and store!! Unfortunately there’s only an hour left on the deal, but I thought of you and your love of Pyrex, haha. If anybody might be interested, here’s the link:


    Laura Reply:

    Oh wow, that deal was tooooo good! :)


  2. Julia T. says

    My husband got me that canning set for our wedding anniversary last week because I’ve been talking about wanting to try canning.

    I personally LOVE everything red for my kitchen, from my canning set to my dishes to my KitchenAid stand mixer. had 11 piece sets of Pyrex with red lids yesterday for $20 each (listed for $45 on Amazon) and I’m hoping to replace some of my blue lids if they’ll fit. I’d be more than willing to trade blue for red in a heartbeat!


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