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~ MadeOn (my favorite place to buy safe and effective lotion and lip balm) has all kinds of great deals going on this weekend only! First, save 10% off your purchase when you use the code cocoa at checkout. Next, get a free Tinted Lip Balm with every purchase. Third, you can buy a pocket size Beesilk Jr or Simply Soothing Diaper Rash Cream for only $3.95 (limit one of each at this price).  What a great time to purchase!

~  Paula at Lilla Rose is offering free shipping on any purchase over $20, through this link only

~  We love tuna salad at our house, and easily go through five cans in one meal. I was excited to see this case of Wild Planet Sustainably Caught Wild Skipjack Light Tuna for $26.98 at Amazon with subscribe and save, making it just $2.25/can. (Yep, more expensive than some from the store, but it has less mercury, so I’m happy to pay more.)

~  I make homemade granola, but occasionally I will order a box or two of Cascadian Farm Dark Chocolate Almond Granola because my family loves it. You can get a case of 10 boxes from Amazon, which breaks down to $3.42/box.

~  Get a 24 pack of Izze Sparkling Apple Juice for $17.45 at Amazon with subscribe and save. My family has been enjoying these for a very occasional treat and I love them!!

~  Remember that Vitacost is offering free shipping on all food orders over $25! Plus, if you are a new customer with Vitacost and you first sign up through this referral link, you will receive an email with a $10 credit code which you can use to make your purchase. Read more details about this deal here.

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  1. Jordan says

    I will have to jump on that MadeOn deal, thank you! I wanted to note, both Izze and Cascadian Farms are under parent companies who are fighting to prevent labeling of GMOs (under the Prop 37 in California). For this reason, I will be boycotting these and any other natural/organic companies that are owned by General Mills, Nestle, etc! We deserve the right to be informed consumers and know about the presence of frankenfoods! :)


    Randi Reply:

    Amen to the boycotting of companies trying to destroy our health with gmo’s!


    Mary Reply:

    I, too, am boycotting Izze and all Pepsi products but for another reason. Anyone who uses aborted fetal cells to develop their drinks is off my list. See or the Children of God for Life
    site for more on this. Amen.


  2. Amy G. says

    Laura –

    If you hear of a deal on Miessence deodorant, please let us know! I started using it based on your recommendation and it is truly wonderful.


  3. Peggy H says

    How do you get the Beesilk Jr for 3.95. It shows full price when I put it in my cart?


    Renee Harris Reply:

    If you click on Laura’s link above, you’ll be taken to the main page.
    On the right sidebar is a graphic which links to a giveaway page with the special discounted Beesilk Jr and rash creams listed on that page.
    If that’s too confusing, place the order and email me at the address below and I’ll credit the difference.

    Renee Harris

    MadeOn Skin Care


  4. Susan Wright says

    I don’t know if you have a Kroger affiliate near you but they have a sale right now where if you buy 10 Cascadian Farm granola they are $2.49 a box! Stock up price for sure. There are also coupons on for it!


    Laura Reply:

    Bummer, I sure don’t. Great deal!


  5. Nancy says

    Totally agree with Jordan on boycotting Cascadian Farms and Izze. The only way we can make a difference is how we spend our money. And with that said I’m really struggling with spending my money on Amazon also. It was announced that the CEO of Amazon donated 2.5 million dollars to help get a bill passed for same-sex marriages in Washington. So I have been trying to order less and less from Amazon!


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