Santa’s Snot {A Gift in a Jar for the Practical Joker ~ Day Nine}

A few years ago, I was invited to a gift exchange in which the gift needed to be silly…and homemade. If you ask me, that was a tough order to fill. I’m not big into making crafts, so I could think of nothing cutesy or crafty to make.  I could think of all kinds of homemade food gifts I could make – but something silly? I’m way too practical (and apparently boring) for that. Plus, I didn’t want to go to the trouble to make something and have the food be wasted. 

Finally, I remembered that sometime in my life, I had seen mini-marshmallows in a baggie, given as a joke with the label, “Snowman Poop”. Ha…very clever. And so, I looked around my kitchen and tried to think of what other yummy…yet disgusting homemade gift I could create.

Thus, the idea for Santa’s Snot was born.

Disgusting? Yes. Funny? Mostly. Still practical and edible? Absolutely. (As long as you forget the label and remember that the jar actually contains Homemade Applesauce.)

This is certainly not a Gift in the Jar for everyone – can I get an amen on that? But if there’s a practical joker on your Christmas list and you have no idea what to give him or her…might I suggest a lovely jar of Santa’s Snot?

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing in which Laura brings you cheerful, tasty, and much less icky posts….


  1. Susan F. says

    Laura, this is awesome!! This is right up my family’s alley. My 80 year old mother makes applesauce and this is perfect packaginag for our nutty family tree. Thanks for sharing. (I wish my boys weren’t grown, they’d have loved this when they were younger.)


  2. Suzette says

    Why not add a little green food coloring to make it even more icky?


    Tina Reply:

    You could use chlorophyll for a natural green coloring option.


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