Gratituesday: The Extra Room


When we moved from Colorado to Nebraska 12 years ago, we were so excited to get a really large house for a really good price.  It’s not a new house – as a matter of fact, it’s over 100 years old.  But there’s plenty of room for our boys to run around, invite all their friends to run around, fill up with company, and do all that we love to do with others in our home.

It’s also really hard to heat, has crazy plumbing issues, and gets cob-webby very easily.  We won’t focus on those disadvantages.  No house is perfect.  But God gave us this home, and we love it (while wearing many layers during the winter months).

One of the biggest blessings of owning our big home is the fact that we’ve been able to house extras from time to time.  It’s been so neat to watch God put people in our lives who need a place to stay.  We have an extra bedroom that is perfect for company – but even better for people who need to stay for an extended time.


That bedroom is tucked away in the “back” of our home, so our extended guests can have a little bit of their own space.  People have stayed in that room for anywhere from six weeks to seven months at a time.  We figure - if they are brave enough to move in with our (loud, crazy, busy) family - they are more than welcome to stay as long as they need.

From college students, to a widow in transition, to a friend in crisis, to guys needing a place to stay before they get married – it’s been so great to see who God moves in.  We’ve lived here 12 years, and God has moved 8 people into that room for one reason or another.  These guys and gals have blessed us so much!

The young man we have living with us now has become like a beloved son to us.  He gets married in December (yay!) so moves out the end of this month (sniff).  For some reason, he and his bride have decided to get a place of their own after their wedding (ha!).  He is a fabulous role model for our sons.  We are so blessed.

God is so good to fill our lives with people to love and serve.  In His constantly perfect way, He makes our service to others an even bigger blessing to us.  I love how He works.

Now your turn to share!  How is God working in your life?  Leave a comment to share your blessings!

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Build Your Menu Planning Notebook

If you could find the perfect combination of cute, practical, helpful, easy, and affordable – would you finally be convinced that menu planning isn’t such a drag after all?  If someone could hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to do to plan healthy meals for your family – would you jump on board and enjoy the ride?  If you found a menu planning system that was just right for you, instead of a one-size-fits-all mess that leaves you frustrated – would you say, “sign me up.”

It’s here!  You are going to love the Build Your Menu Planning Packet.  Your fun is just about to begin, and just wait till you see the extra special spin we’ve put on this so that you can bless others too!

The Build Your Menu Planning Packet is a resource that will not only simplify your grocery shopping and meal planning organization – it will make the job easy and enjoyable.  This packet is full of 124 pages of printables, offering you guidance (and cuteness!) in everything from stocking your pantry, to planning simple menus, to freezer cooking, to having company - and everything else in between.

Build Your Menu Planning Notebook 550x

Here’s a tiny peek into the planning categories this packet includes:

Step By Step - Build Your Own Menu Planning Notebook

In each of the categories you see above, you’ll get to pick and choose from your favorites, printing and putting together a notebook that’s just right for you.  Don’t like some of the styles?  Skip it and print the ones you do like!  Need your notebook to be heavy on Freezer Cooking Planners but don’t need the Lunch Box Planners?  Okeedokee.  The planners you like and need are the ones that make it into your notebook.

Here’s a list of each section of the Build Your Menu Planning Notebook Packet:

Basic Ingredients to Keep On Hand Lists

From chicken to beef in your freezer, to cans of tuna and salmon in your pantry – knowing what meats you like to keep on hand for meal preparation is very helpful.  The same goes for baking supplies, dry goods, and all other ingredients you use regularly in your kitchen.  Within each category on the worksheet, fill in each ingredient you find beneficial to have available in your kitchen in order to efficiently put together basic meals.

Once filled in, use this page as a guide for grocery list making, as well as for a general guideline to help you keep your kitchen well stocked.

Fruit and Vegetable Inspiration at a Glance

We all need many servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  Challenge yourself to include more of these nutrient packed goodies in your diet.  Use the Fruit and Vegetable Inspiration at a Glance sheet to offer you fresh ideas and to open your mind to variety.  Be sure to fill in the blanks with more of your favorite produce items.

Menu Favorites Cheat Sheets

These worksheets are super handy for keeping a running list of all your favorite recipes and meals.  They are organized by category so that when you plan your meals, all you have to do is glance through your Cheat Sheets for inspiration and ideas.

Menu Planners

This section is loaded with a wide variety of menu planning pages to help you schedule meals for each week.  Choose your favorites, mix and match, print and enjoy!

Grocery Checklists

Choose and print your favorite Grocery List worksheets.  Tear them out of your notebook one at a time as you plan your menus and make lists of items to purchase at the store or online.

Online Shopping Lists

If you purchase groceries online from sources like Amazon or Vitacost, it’s helpful to have a running list so that you remember what to order once you make it to the computer.

Freezer Cooking Planners

You might find that making meals ahead of time and storing them in the freezer for a quick meal will save you lots of time and money!

What’s in the Freezer” sheets

Have a freezer full of meat, fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods?  Make lists of what’s in your freezer and attach it to the front of your freezer for an easy reference so that you don’t have to dig around to see what’s hiding behind the frozen chicken.

Planning Ahead for Company Worksheets

Hosting guests?  These worksheets will help you plan your menus and prepare meals efficiently so you can enjoy your company.

Baking Day Planners

Need to get some baking done so that you’ll have easy-to-grab snacks and breakfast foods for your family?  Use these worksheets to help you plan.

Lunch Packing Planners

If you need to pack lunches for school and/or work, creating a plan will help you do this more efficiently.  Fill out any of these worksheets to help you and your family prepare healthy lunches to go.

Cover Pages

Find one that fits you.  Print it and slip it behind the clear protector on the front of your binder.

When I built my personal Menu Planning Notebook, I printed 52 Weekly Menu Planners so I’d have one for each week of the year.  Some of the planners work well for the way I plan, so that’s what I printed.  I chose my favorite designs – the ones that really jumped out at me.

After I had my Weekly Planners in place, I picked my favorites from all the other planning choices:  Freezer Cooking, Baking Day, Getting Ready for Company…

My notebook is all put together now, and working on it seriously makes me giddy.  Pretty pages, just waiting to be filled in to help me with organization as I work to feed my family?  I love it!

Now the even better news.

Anytime you buy an eBook or downloadable packet like this, you get to use it for yourself, and that’s it.  But we kinda figured you’d see this Build Your Menu Planning Notebook Packet and not only want it for yourself, but think of several friends who might enjoy having one too!  Here’s what we decided to do:

You can buy our regular Build Your Menu Planning Notebook Packet for your own personal use for just $5.99.  The contents will be yours forever, allowing you to print the pages and build notebooks that benefit you for years and years and years.

OR, you can buy our Extended License version of the Build Your Menu Planning Notebook Packet for just $10.99.  The contents are the same, however purchasing this version will allow you to not only print and build a notebook for yourself – it gives you permission to print and build notebooks to give as gifts to others too!

Just think.  For Christmas this year, you can put together some adorable, practical, and very inexpensive gifts for your friends or family members.  You can tailor make each of them according to the designs you think they’ll love.  There’s so much fun included in this packet!

Here you go!  Let the Menu Planning Notebook building begin!

Build Your Menu Planning Notebook – For Personal Use Only
(unlimited lifetime downloads)

Add to Cart

Build Your Menu Planning Notebook – For Personal Use and for Gifts
(unlimited lifetime downloads)

Add to Cart

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Time to Bottle Your Vanilla!

Did you make homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts this year?  Your friends and family will be so blessed!

If you’re ready to bottle it up, I wanted to share my favorite online resources.  If you live in a big city, you may be able to find something less expensive.  Since I don’t have that option, I take advantage of the good ol’ internet.

olive nation bottles

I’ve shopped around online quite a bit, crunching numbers, adding in shipping costs (ouch!).  If you only want 4-ounce bottles (and I have found that this is a great size for gift-giving), then Olive Nation is your best price.  This is because they offer free shipping if your order is over $50.  See, it’s the shipping cost on these orders that can really make the bottles expensive.  If you can swing ordering enough from Olive Nation to get free shipping, this will save a lot of money.  (The price ends up being just $1.26/bottle.)

Limited Time Only!!

Just before posting this, an email came through saying that you’ll get free shipping at Olive Nation with a minimum order of only $25 – now through November 19!!  Take advantage!  Use the code FREESHIP25 at checkout.

If you want 2-ounce or 8-ounce bottles, I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs.

Don’t let the cost of bottling your vanilla discourage you!  Your homemade vanilla is still an inexpensive gift, especially when you consider the quality of what you’re gifting!

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the recipient to save the bottle to give back to you.  Most people have given their bottle back to me without being asked (and some beg for a refill – of course!).

For those of you who haven’t jumped into making Homemade Vanilla Extract, you’ll be excited to know that we have a big batch of our homemade vanilla almost ready to bottle up and share with you.  This will be just in time for your holiday baking and/or gift giving needs!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 6 so you won’t miss out.

This post contains affiliate links.

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Don’t Waste Food ~ Money Saving Monday

Money Saving Monday Banner

Here are some real food grocery budget suggestions for you.  (Please note, I didn’t say they are good suggestions.  They are just some suggestions.)

1.  Spend time and energy making an organized grocery list.  Load up the kids and go to the grocery store.  Spend an hour (with a potentially screaming baby and run-away toddler) comparing prices, making wise choices, and filling your cart with food.  Stand in line (with the baby who now insists on being held, bounced, and patted constantly on the bottom – and the toddler who has suddenly grown eight hands, all of which are grabbing candy bars).  Watch prices get scanned incorrectly, manager overriding the purchase, another employee having to run check on the actual price and thirty-two hours later, fall exhausted into your vehicle.  Drive home, unload the kids, unload the groceries, find everyone a snack, wearily survey the food that needs to be put away.

With resolve, pick up 1/3 of the food you just brought home from the store and carry it directly to the trash can.  Dump it in, walk away.  Your job here is done.

Why?  Why would you do that?  The next scenario makes much more sense:

2. Get $40 out of your wallet, walk to the trash can, throw it in, and walk away.

Ah yes.  That is much easier than Option #1.  Why should you actually go to the trouble to make a list and go shopping when you can just stay home and throw the money away before you spend it?  Definitely, pick door number 2.  Or…

3.  Do everything mentioned in Option #1, only do not throw any of it away, because how silly would that be?  Put all the food away in the freezer, fridge, or pantry.  Shove the raw chicken all the way to the back of the fridge, and promptly forget about it for three weeks until it has turned green and smells like {don’t finish that sentence}.  Ignore the lettuce and grapes in the crisper drawer until they are slimy.  Open a package of rice, but don’t close it so that bugs can crawl right in.

And last but not least, Option #4:

4.  Organize and shop as suggested in Option #1, putting food away like a responsible citizen in Option #3.  Go so far as to plan a menu and actually go to the trouble to cook the food before it spoils.  Put it on your table, filling your plates.  Eat only half.  Throw the rest away.

dont waste food

These four options are obviously absurd, until you recognize that every time we throw away food, we are throwing away hard-earned money and wasting all kinds of time and energy.  We would never put cash in the garbage, so why would we think about spending that money on food and then throwing it away?

Obviously, sometimes food can occasionally go bad before we get to it.  It happens.  Don’t beat yourself up.  This isn’t about all the hungry children in other countries, unless you need it to be.

But one of the biggest ways to save money on your grocery bill, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to eat healthy food and save money at the same time is to: buy your food with a purpose, then make a point to eat it.

It’s too easy to ignore the great food choices we spent money on and let them go to waste.  Get out of the habit of putting more food on your plate or your child’s plate than you or they can eat, then throwing away what’s left.  Don’t want to eat leftovers after a meal?  Freeze them for another time or re-purpose them (like make soup with leftover veggies).

In summary:  Buy good food.  Eat it.

Or, just throw some cash into your fireplace, whichever you prefer.  :)

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Menu Plan for the Week ~ Plus What I Accomplished Over the Weekend

Here’s a little something worth noting:  Our work as homemakers and mothers is glorious, but rarely glamorous.  I spent some extra time online this weekend, researching new recipe ideas for the holidays.  All of the pictures I came across were so pretty, the end result of the recipe was so perfect, and I almost started feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the Joneses (or the Pinterest Queens as the case may be).

Then here I was, ready to post pictures of some of the very simple (but ever so helpful) tasks I got checked off my list this weekend so that I can try to better manage my wife/mom/school/work/ministries life next week.  None of my pictures even look exciting, much less pretty or pin-worthy.  And don’t look now, but I was so busy cooking and writing on Saturday, I never even made it upstairs to change out of my pajamas.  Glamorous?  Not even a little bit.  Glorious?  Absolutely.  I love the life God’s given me.

Rarely Glamorous, Always Glorious

Here are some snapshots of my not so glamorous, but absolutely glorious (or at least practical) weekend:

Friday afternoon I washed and poked three lovely squash our neighbors had grown in their garden and shared with us.  Into the oven they went.

weekend work 1

Then, I pulled out the chicken carcasses I’d saved from last weekend and set them to boiling for broth.  You’ve got to admit, a picture of chicken carcass floating in water is almost glamorous, yes?

weekend work 2

About 1.5 hours after I put the squash into the oven, I pulled them out, took out the seeds, scooped out the inside, and pureed it.  I now have five 2-cup portions ready to use for upcoming baking projects.  I use this squash in any recipe that calls for pumpkin.  No one can tell the difference.

weekend work 3

Friday night after the broth was finished, I strained out the bones and cooked rice directly in the broth.  I also threw tons of carrots and spinach into the pot.  Once cooked, I stirred in chicken and other ingredients to make Creamy Chicken and Rice Casseroles.  One went into the freezer for another time.  The other went into the fridge for my family to eat this week.

weekend work 4

Saturday we ate leftovers all day (a perk to having only three people at home all weekend).  I was barely in the kitchen at all except to make a quick batch of Chili and double recipe of Coconut Fudge Bars for this week.

weekend work 5

weekend work 6

Oh! And I finally finished the “Build Your Menu Planning Notebook” I’ve been working on for the past several months.  I’ll be sharing all the details about this on Monday once I get it uploaded into my shop.  You are going to love this new fun and helpful resource!

Build Your Menu Planning Notebook 350

Nothing about meal planning is particularly glamorous, but saving your family money and feeding them nourishing meals?  It is glorious.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had printing and putting together my own personal Menu  Planning Notebook!  I got seriously giddy as I picked from all the pages and then built a notebook to suit my needs.  Details soon!

notebook 2

Sunday night, about 30 youth and adults will be meeting at our house for High School Huddle.  I’m making baked ham, green beans, fresh pineapple, relish tray (carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and ranch dip), French bread (store-bought, yay me!) and butter, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

As for this week’s menu, here’s what we’re look at eating:




Fruits and Veggies to Work With (I serve 1-4 with each meal)

  • Pears
  • Clementines
  • Fresh Pineapple
  • Peas
  • Green Beans
  • Applesauce
  • Apples
  • Mixed Greens and/or Spinach
  • Steamed Broccoli and Carrots
  • Raspberries
  • Home-Canned Peaches
  • Mini Sweet Peppers
  • Sliced Cucumbers
  • Cabbage (need to use this up – not sure what we’ll do with it yet)

Here’s to floating chicken carcasses, a simple pot of homemade chili, menu planning, and the glorious lives we can all be thankful for as homemakers!

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What I’ll Be Doing This Weekend

If I thought I couldn’t keep up before with all that must be done each day, somehow I am finding it even harder now that our lives are so full of teenage activities.  Throw in the fact that our oldest is a senior, and all that goes along with making decisions for next year, applying for scholarships, and taking college level classes.  I officially surrender.  I am beat.

Except that I’m not, because God is in control (not me!), my family is awesome, and if all else fails, I can buy a pizza.

Great Homemaking Doesn't Always Mean Make it Homemade

If you haven’t already, or if you need a reminder about what’s really important,
you should read this post.

This weekend, I find myself with only one kid at home (the rest are enjoying time with Christian friends at a youth rally).  No school to teach, barely anyone to feed – I will be using this time to catch up and try to prepare for next week!  I’m thankful God is giving me this little window of “down time.”  Next weekend, basketball travel begins, then Thanksgiving, then more games, then Christmas…

We have much to be thankful for!  Life is never boring, and what would we do without these amazing kids who keep us so busy?  (Sleep, maybe?  No, no.  That was rhetorical.)

I’m writing down my weekend plan here to share with you.  On Sunday, I’ll try to share an update on what I’ve accomplished.

Friday after school is (mostly) wrapped up:

  • Grocery shop to stock up on fresh produce for this week, plus to get remaining food needed to feed 30 teens at Sunday Night Huddle
  • Finish the Menu Planning Notebook - and upload it to my Shop – finally!
  • Make Chicken Broth
  • Clean out the fridge (wow, does it ever need to be wiped out!)
  • Enjoy one-on-one time with Malachi, the lone child at home this weekend


Doing those tasks, along with getting some writing done and maybe tackling my email inbox (yikes!) should help me keep my head above water next week.

How about you?  What will you be doing this weekend?

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27 Recipes You Can Make Ahead for Your Lunch Box, Plus Easy Fruit and Veggie Add-Ons

Do you ever get sick of hearing me talk about eating more and more and more fruits and vegetables?  I am…not even sorry.  I believe in the Great Pumpkin (eating it, of course), and all the other Great Fruits and Vegetables our bodies are screaming for.  I believe in this even more than I believe in eating real butter, and I believe you and I both know how misty-eyed I get over a stick of butter.  Now let’s all grab a cucumber with a little homemade ranch and keep chatting, shall we?

love and butter

Several of you have seen this card and thought of me.  Yes, yes, and yes.

Packing a lunch can become a little boring day after day, right?  A sandwich, chips, maybe carrots or an apple…ho hum.  I like that combo every once in a while, but I have some exciting news for you:  Packing a clementine and some sweet peppers is just as easy as packing an apple and carrots.  Walk around the produce department a few minutes and just see what all you can find to liven up your lunches (whether you pack them to-go or not).

The Make-Ahead Lunch Box

Since beginning our Make-Ahead Lunch Box series, I’ve shared 12 fun recipes.  That’s a dozen new lunch box ideas that do not involve a package of lunch meat or a carrot stick.

Now, here are 15 more recipe ideas you should look through.  These have been on my website for quite some time.  All of the ideas will work great to make ahead, then pull out to pack for a lunch:

Don’t forget our newest challenge: Add Spinach to Everything!  With many of the 27 recipes listed above, you can add spinach for extra nutrients.

27 Real Food Make-Ahead Lunch Box Recipes

Now let’s look at good fruit and veggie add-ons.  I listed apples and carrots first, because those are a given.  But wait till you see all the other fun options to give your lunch box some life!

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Clementines
  • Oranges
  • Applesauce
  • Peach Cups (100% juice)
  • Grapes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Side Salad
  • Blueberries
  • Sliced Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Sliced cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Pears

That’s 20 yummy possiblities.  I’m sure you have thought of others I didn’t mention.

This has been on my mind lately as basketball season is starting up again at our house.  This means that many weekends now through March, we will be on the road.  We don’t mind eating out here and there, but to save money and to pack in the nutrition, I’ve been brainstorming options for food we can pack to-go.

Hearing your ideas always inspires me – so leave comments to share how you pack a healthy lunch box.  Also, fill in the blank:  There is little in life that could not benefit from a little love, a little time and _____________________________.  How would you finish that phrase?! :)

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Easy Noodle Stir Fry – Share Your Story

Share Your Heavenly Homemakers Recipe Story

If you haven’t tried our Easy Noodle Stir Fry recipe, you’ve gotta do it.  It’s such a fantastic way to eat veggies.  You can pick and choose your favorite veggies, which is always nice.  Here’s what Virginia had to say about this recipe:

Hi Laura!

We had the Easy Noodle Stir Fry tonight and it was a huge hit!! In fact, my pickiest eater, came downstairs and declared, “Mom, what is that delicious smell?” as I was finishing it up. By the way, that’s him on the right- with a mouthful because he couldn’t wait to eat for the picture! ;) (I do need to give a shout out to my oldest, not pictured, who missed out on what would be a favorite of his for sure- sorry, buddy, next time!)

I have always been intimidated by stir fry but your recipe is truly simple, very versatile, and definitely delicious! Thank you!! :)


photo 1
I love the kids’ matching shirts.  :)  Look at them eat all the good stuff!
Happy children, eating vegetables.  It is so possible.  :)

 Thank you, Virginia, for sending your story and picture!

Have a favorite Heavenly Homemaker recipe?  Whip it up, snaps some photos, and send in your story.  I love reading how you are using our recipes to bless your family and others!


Don’t forget!  MadeOn is giving all of us a FREE Pocket Sized BeeSilk Hard Lotion with any purchase.  Read my experience with these lotion bars here.  Take advantage of this wonderful deal – today only.  I grabbed several lotion bars this week, so I’ll be stocked up and have lovely hands all winter long!

Add the pocket size Beesilk to your cart, then apply the code HHNOV Code expires Thursday, November 13.  Receive free shipping on orders over $45.

beesilk hard lotion bars in hand

This post contains affiliate links.

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Not Groceries…TOYS!

I love sharing great deals I have found on healthy groceries.  But today, with Christmas coming up, I thought it would be fun to share some online deals for toys.

Amazon prices change without notice, so if the prices you see here aren’t accurate…just hope they went down, not up!  I’ll do my best to keep this page updated here on my blog in between making chicken broth and reading history to the boys.  :)

I think Green Toys are so super cool.  Of course, these weren’t around yet when my kids were little.  I would have loved a tub full of them!  There are several good sale prices on Green Toys.  These are the best I found:

Green Toys My First Stacker set is just $9.74 with free shipping if you have Prime.  My boys LOVED stacking toys when they were babies and toddlers.  Hours of simple entertainment (stack, knock over, repeat). green toys stackers
Green Toys Shape Sorter is down to $12.99.  This type of toy was also a favorite of ours, back in the day.

green toys shape
The Green Toys Tea Set looks so sweet I can’t even stand it.  It’s down to $18.19, and comes in two color sets: Pastels or Blue/Red/Yellow.

green toys tea set
The Green Toys Fire Truck looks like so much fun, and is down to just $18.19 also.

green toys fire truck2
Take a look at all the Green Toys at Amazon.  There are great discounts on many of their products!

Of course, I have to mention Legos as they are a favorite at our house still.

The Lego City Starter Toy Building Set is down to $23.96.  This one is fun because it has several vehicles and minifigures – offering much creativity.  Malachi (almost 10) loves this kind of Lego set.  Of course, he loves most any kind of Lego set and thinks he will never have enough Legos. lego city
Lego City Flatbed Truck is only $13.59.
lego city flatbed
Lego Friends Downtown Bakery looks so fun!  It’s down to $23.99. lego friends
Get one of our favorite card games, Blink, for just $5.00.

I’ll be sure to share more deals this season as I happen upon them.  What fun toys are you looking at this Christmas?

This post contains affiliate links.

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Pumpkin Breakfast Cake with Stevia Sweetened Cream Cheese Frosting

If it’s made with whole grain, is low in sugar, includes an entire cup of healthy fat, has 4 eggs, and one of its main ingredients is a vegetable - you can use the words “cake” and “breakfast” in the same title.  Of course, nothing is stopping you from using the word “birthday” and “cake” in the same title for this very recipe.  After all, who says birthday treats have to be loaded with sugar?  I just love that this recipe is healthy and filling enough to be a great breakfast option.  I serve this with a side of applesauce and my family loves it!

You might look at this recipe and think that it is surprisingly similar to my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins recipe.  That’s because it is.  ;)  I took the recipe, and made it into a cake with a stevia sweetened Cream Cheese Frosting.  See?  It’s not so hard to be creative in the kitchen.

Pumpkin Breakfast Cake2

Pumpkin Breakfast Cake

3 cups whole wheat flour (I used freshly ground hard white wheat)
1/2 cup sucanat
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 eggs
2 cups pureed pumpkin (or one 16 ounce can)
1 cup melted coconut oil (or butter)

Stir together flour, sucanat, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon.  Add eggs, pumpkin, and melted coconut oil.  Spread batter into a 9×13 inch baking pan.  Bake in a 350° oven for 25-35 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.  Allow cake to cook before frosting.

Stevia Sweetened Cream Cheese Frosting

8 ounces softened cream cheese
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Liquid stevia to taste (I use 2 droppers full)

Whip ingredients together until smooth.  Spread over cooled Pumpkin Cake.  Store in the refrigerator.

As you can imagine, I will be adding some pureed spinach to this cake next time I make it.  Why not, right?

Here’s another Breakfast Cake recipe our family loves.  Now tell me: What will your family say when you tell them you’re having cake for breakfast?!

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