Our Family Service Trip Journal, Day 6: Rockies vs. Diamondbacks

I just realized I’m behind in sharing the final days of our Colorado family service trip! Be sure to check out Day One: SEVENS Ministry, Day Two: Handing Out Food to 100 Families, Day Three: Purple Door Coffee and a Wedding, and Day Four: Church in Colorado Springs, Meet and Greet, and Garden of the Gods

You may have noticed that I went from Day 4 to Day 6. What happened to Day 5?  Not to worry – I will be sharing about that soon. :)  It was a very special day in which our family was able to meet face to face and work with the people behind a ministry all of our families can take part in. Details coming soon, I promise! There are some technical difficulties that are still not worked out that are causing delays in my ability to “reveal” it to you. 

For now, I’m going to share what we did on the final day of our trip. After several days of traveling, working, and visiting with many people – we were all happy but tired. We chose to take our final day off, spending several relaxing hours with our friends (that had been kind enough to let us stay with them for an entire week), hiking, and playing lawn games. 

Late that afternoon, we headed to a Rockies game. This had worked out so perfectly! We are friends with Brad Ziegler, a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. It just so happened that the two teams were playing against each other in Denver on the last day of our trip. It was a no-brainer. Tickets were purchased!

We arrived early to the game so that we could watch batting practice and try to catch Brad. 


He was watching for us and came over for a short visit. He signed baseballs for the boys – always a fun treat!

Since we still had time before the game started, we headed up to the “mile high” row of seats in the stadium.  
It was quite the trek.  Matt and I decided to prove how difficult it is to breathe up there at such a high altitude.


Okay, just kidding. We were really fine. (mostly)


The game was a blast and we loved watching Brad pitch a perfect inning!


Side note:  They should totally have a “visitors section” at the stadium. We felt like the only Diamondbacks fans in a sea of Rockies fans. Awkward.  ;) 

It was a perfect ending to a perfect trip. God blessed us so much as a family and we pray we were a blessing to everyone we visited with and ministered to.


  1. Sheila says

    We lived in Colorado 5 years and now are in Arizona, so we are fans of both teams! We have managed to see them play each other in spring training the last two years since we moved here, and were fortunate enough to see several games at Coor’s field. Brad’s pitch is fun to watch. I always wonder how he learned to pitch that way. He gets them out of some really tight spots with his pitching! I couldn’t take the pressure that pitchers go through. I spend (waste ?) an embarrassing amount of time watching baseball. :)


    Laura Reply:

    He trained long and hard to be able to pitch that way. It is SO cool to watch!


  2. says

    LOL on the mile high seats. My husband keeps asking me to sit up there once when we go and I refuse. Too scary!! Living here we too feel awkward when we root for another team. My husband loves the Dodgers.


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