Need to Detox After the Holidays?

Sure, I’ve eaten a few salads, steamed veggies, and raw veggies during the past few days of holiday fun. But I’ve also eaten a few too many bowls of chip and dip, a couple slices of pizza, and some amazing French fries that were well worth the splurge. It seems that perhaps a detox after the holidays is in order?


Hmmm. You too?

Yesterday I went to the store and restocked all our fruits and veggies. I came home and immediately ate a half a cucumber all by myself. Never before had a cuke tasted so good. Then I dove into the carrots and avocado. Okay fine. I ate my avocado in the form of dip with chips. Whatever. I’m working my way off chips and dips slowly. It’s still the holiday season, right?

I do have to say that I am amazed at how good I feel, even with the junk food splurges, since I started drinking Javita products. Every day I start by drinking a Fiber drink. Then I enjoy a Burn and Control Coffee. Both of these have been fabulous to naturally rid my body of toxins. Since I started drinking these every day (since July of 2017) my gut is lighter, my pants fit better, my blood sugar is more regulated, and well, I go to the bathroom better. (Where is a cute little poop emoji when I need one?)

So first things first, if you’re interested in a natural way to detox every single day, read more that I wrote about Javita products here. I’ll be spending the next several days drinking extra water, eating extra greens, and being very thankful for Javita drinks and all the ways they help keep us healthy.

javita party2

Eating Better in 2018

Next, if the end of the year has you thinking about how you want to take more steps toward healthier eating in the future, I definitely want to turn your attention toward this gem being offered right now.

We created Simple Meals in 2016 as a way to save you hours of time and oodles of money every week while still putting great real food meals on the table regularly. This has been a huge help to many of you, and the price to be a member is ridiculously low! So if you aren’t yet a Simple Meals member, we excitedly invite you to become one!


Perhaps this fun (limited time) promotion will be a perfect match for your family’s food needs!

Through January 5 only, you can pick up one (or more) of these Healthy Menu Planning Mini-Bundles that are beautifully categorized and highly discounted to meet your needs and to encourage you to start the new year off right! The mini-bundle recipe categories include:

  • Budget Meals
  • Freezer & Batch Cooking
  • Gluten-Free
  • Instant Pot & Slow Cooker
  • Ketogenic
  • Meal Planning
  • Paleo
  • Quick & Healthy
  • Real Food
  • Vegan

See any in the list that you want to jump in and focus on in 2018? Each mini-bundle is loaded with ebooks, recipes, and menu plans!

I’m most excited about the Instant Pot & Slow Cooker bundle, the Budget Meals bundle, the Freezer & Batch Cooking bundle, and the Quick and Healthy bundle. Which of these would you use the most?

The beauty of how this promotion is set up is that if I buy one mini-bundle it will cost $27. But if I want more than one, I can pay just $20 more and get THEM ALL!!

meal planning bundle options
Having access to all 10 categories gives us all 100 digital resources, 3,800 recipes, and 100 weeks of made-for-you menu plans. I’m in it for the whole package, baby!

Quick review: If you have special dietary restrictions you can pick one of the mini-bundles and get recipes dedicated to your way of eating for just $27! Or for just $20 more, get all 10 mini-bundles with every single recipe, eCookbook, and meal plan!

But you have to act fast — this sale ends on January 5th! Go get yours HERE.

I’m looking forward to getting back on track with regular healthy meals, how about you? And now, I shall eat the other half of that cucumber.

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