Need a Soda Fix? Get $3.00 Off a Case of “The Switch” and 20% Off Izze 100% Juice Soda

Don’t miss the 25% off Kashi coupon, and the $4.00 off Larabar coupon I just posted. I guess Amazon just updated their coupon deals because I keep finding new and wonderful deals! (It probably also helps that I’m actually home long enough to sit and look for deals like this. Welcome home, me.)  I’ve updated our Amazon Deals page – be sure to check it out!

Remember how I’ve talked about these sodas, and how they give me a fun soda fix once in a while for a treat? I just found a $3.00 off Amazon coupon for The Switch! Plus, I paired it with my Amazon Prime 20% off subscribe and save deal. What a fun deal!

switch soda

Grab this case of 24 sodas for as low as $16.20.

Even better is the 20% off Izze Soda, put together with 20% off with Amazon Prime 20% off subscribe and save. Get an entire case of 24 sodas for as low as $13.80!

izze coupon

If you have Amazon Prime/Amazon Mom and purchase 4 other subscribe and save items, you can also get 20% off – read this post for more information. Want to learn how to earn free Amazon gift cards so that you can get free groceries? Read this post about Swagbucks.

This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Heidi says

    If you are an amazon prime member, you will not automatically be enrolled in amazon mom. Search amazon mom on main page, you add family info and it will link to your prime account. Hope this helps.


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