My Very Pinteresting Secret

Are you a Pinterest lover? I don’t actually spend much time there, but I do think it’s a great tool for finding just about any recipe, DIY project, decorating inpiration, and you-name-it idea that any of us could possibly need or want.

I figured it might be time that I let you in on my secret:  Since Pinterest is a great tool, but one I don’t have time to figure out, my friend Emily is working my Pinterest page for me. Yes indeed – anytime you see that “Laura pinned something” – that’s really Emily pinning something for me.  We are SO sneaky! (Not really, seeing as I just blurted the secret out to all of you.)

Here’s why this is a great Heavenly Homemakers Pinterest situation:

  • Because if it were up to me, my Pinterest page would be boring and bare
  • Because Emily loves Pinterest and is a Pinterest expert
  • Because Emily is a super fun mom with very creative ideas
  • Because Emily has been a Heavenly Homemakers reader since I started blogging and she knows what I like (she even created an I Love Jars board!)
  • Because if Emily is working on my Pinterest page for me, that means I can work harder on other jobs that make this blog helpful and fun for all of us
  • And because my Pinterest page has now become so cool – even I am enjoying hanging out there and learning new ideas!


I wanted you to be aware of this because if you aren’t already following me on Pinterest – you really should be. Emily has been creating a Heavenly Homemakers Pinterest page that everyone will love! It includes all of the recipes from my site (ALL of them), plus party ideas, craft projects, free printables, holiday ideas, and so much more that I could get lost there if I let myself.

That’s the beauty of Emily’s clever organization of my pin boards. None of us has time to get lost there – Emily’s organization of the pin boards saves us time as we look for what we need!

Follow me/Emily on Pinterest. You’ll have as much fun as I am having!

And now, join me in giving Emily a very lively round of applause for the work she is doing for all of us….

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  1. Margaret D says

    I am in trouble now. I just clicked to ‘follow all’. I love everything Laura/Emily. I won’t be lost be I will be there for a while taking it all in.


  2. Andrea Smith says

    I really enjoy Pinterest. Mostly it allows me a place to keep things I find on the internet that I don’t want to forget! (Right now it’s a lot of articles on homeschooling and gut health! I look forward to following you!


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