My “To Do” List As I Prepare for the Fall (And My Plan to Blog My Way Through the Preparations)

I know it’s only July, but I have to start preparing now if I plan to survive the busy fall season. August through October are always our busiest months of the year, as we start school, freeze and can garden produce, and juggle umpteen soccer practices and games. I love soccer season, and am so excited for it to start I can hardly stand it.   My husband helps coach our local York College ladies soccer team (I can’t wait for these gals to get back into town!), three out of four of our boys play on teams, two boys referee, and two boys are on additional traveling teams.  There are a lot of schedules to keep up with. 

I’m not complaining. I soooo love it. But at the same time, I’ve started to feel almost panicky about being away from home so much and keeping up with all of my responsibilities. My solution?  I’m praying for peace.  Panicking helps…nothing. Oh yes, I’ve proven that over and over. I’m asking God to help me relax, to use me to bless people, and to help me enjoy the ride this fall. Oh, and I’m also already starting to warn and remind my friends that in a few weeks, I will not be able to formulate cohesive thoughts or finish my sentences. I am so blessed to have friends who continue to put up with me during these busy months.

In addition to spending much time in prayer, I’m doing as much as I can now to make my homemaking and home schooling efforts easier once we’re in “the thick of it”. I decided to share my “to do” list with you, then blog my way through it during the next several days. You do want to watch me prepare for the insanity, don’t you? Yes, that’s what I thought. ;)

First, here are the home projects I’d like to complete by August 5:

  • Clean and organize our “School Room”.
  • Help the boys get their bedroom and the “Lego Room” cleaned and organized.
  • Type up book lists and writing goals for the boys for the year.
  • Take the boys on our traditional “school supply shopping, then eat lunch out” celebration. (They’ll never be too old for this, right?!)

Here are the kitchen projects I’d like to work on so that our fridge, pantry, and freezers are stocked and ready for busy days ahead:

Disclaimer:  All items on these lists are subject to change. I may not be in the mood next week to make calzones. I may instead decide to make Creamy Chicken and Rice Casseroles. Or maybe I’ll make both. Or neither. I will likely think of something in the middle of the night tomorrow that I forgot to add to my list. I’ll be sure to call you at that time so that you are aware that my list has changed. You’re welcome. I may decide that cleaning the Lego Room isn’t even worth it since it’s likely to be a mess thirty seconds after we finish. If produce becomes freezable or cannable during this next week, that will trump all else. (“Cannable” isn’t a word and spell check wants me to change it to “cannibal” but that is obviously not at all related to my plan for next week, so I am leaving it as is. We all know what I mean. I think.)  Regardless, I do plan to take lots of pictures and blog my progress. It may will be messy. Read at your own risk.


  1. Kari C. says

    Go Laura go! Praying for peace that passes understanding. I love the idea of praying that you’ll be a blessing along the way. Not just trying to “survive” but enjoying the ride. Hope you get plenty of those kinds of moments.


  2. Stephanie T. says

    Thanks for your list of make ahead food. Last year during my son’s basketball season, we ate way too much fast food and I am determined to not do that this year. I was wondering what I could make ahead, so I think I’ll just use your list. Thanks so much!!! I just recently found your blog and I LOVE it!!


    Jen Reply:

    Every recipe of Laura’s that I’ve tried is awesome! If I’m caught close to dinner, with no idea what to make, I can always come here and find something quick, easy and healthy. The food is always a hit with my family too. All I have to tell my husband is that it’s a Heavenly Homemaker recipe, and he knows it’s going to be good. :)


    Ashley Reply:

    If you make up a batch or two of her pizza dough you can freeze the
    crusts and put them in the freezer till you are ready to make pizza!
    Just pop out the crust add sauce and whatever toppings! Easy and FAST!


  3. says

    I can so relate to this post. I myself am getting anxious about the new school year. I know towards the end of last year we slacked on responcibilities and it was a big unorganized mess that caused me to scramble and get frustrated each and every morning. My plan is to be more prepared as well, with ready made breakfasts in the freezer as well as some meals made ahead and such as well for lunch and dinner. And of course I’ll get started on all that somewhere between 12 and 2am because right now my priority is canning to get us through the winter and until next summer comes along. Its a never ending battle to try to stay on top of things but I love my family and they are worth it!!! Good luck in all your trying to get ahead on!!!
    Dana C.-Virgina


  4. says

    You have officially motivated me! We school year round so that I can take needed time off when I need it. Like If I were having Soccer games, and it was canning season, I would start school or do light school ( reading and math ) until that busy time was over. I know that might not work for everyone, but its just a thought. I am sure it is nice to have the boys off school for the summer, so that they can do summer stuff, but I have found we can still do school and summer stuff too! I am excited to see your reading and writing list for the boys. Love your blog!


  5. Erin says

    I’m impressed. You have a Lego Room!! We went to LegoLand last week and got to the room with the kids and free play and it was like being home again only with shoes ON for a change…ouch!!!


  6. Dorothy says

    Laura, I really appreciate how you write. It is so real! Thank you for blessing my days with your posts and encouraging me to be a great mom!


  7. Charlotte Moore says

    It is working today!!!! I tried and tried yesterday and it never worked. If I misspell a word this time I am going to try and fix it. That is what I did the last time and it would not let me and I could not post. So today is the first day I have been able to in a week or so.

    I am tired just from reading your to do list. What a busy time!!!!

    I wanted to comment on your boys chocolate cake video. So cute. I do believe you have trained Justus well. He acted like he had lots of practice with measuring and giving orders (directions) to the helper. hahaha!!!

    I am so glad I got to post finally!!


  8. says

    Funny! You are way busier than I am. Thanks for reminding me to plan for convenient breakfast and lunches this coming school year. My chest freezer is sitting empty right now waiting to be filled.


  9. Susan F says

    Laura and all, pray for peace and savor this precious time you have with your children who are still at home with you. I know how overwhelming it can be with active kids. I also know what it is like for them to be grown and the house ever so quiet. Hugs to each of you.


  10. kim c. says

    Susan F~ your post to Laura filled me with tears. My day is unusually hard today with my little boys and I needed to read that unexpected inspiration. I love everything about this site..including the other moms! ~ Kim


  11. Kathryn says

    Wow! So many modest skirts all in one place–that is exciting!

    May the Lord bless your planning and preparing!


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