My Discovery Kids Fabric Map Story

While I could just say, “We got a Discovery Kids Fabric Activity World Map. It is neat.” I figured I’d give you way too many unnecessary details instead:

One day I went to the toy section of the store, which I never do, but for some reason that day I did. I found a Discovery Kids Fabric Activity World Map on clearance, and was intrigued. But then I passed it up, deciding that it was likely one of those “oh we’ll use this so much!” items that would end up getting stuck in the back of a closet and forgotten. But back at home, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the ways we could use it if we had it.

(So Laura? You saw it, almost got it, didn’t get it, decided to get it, went back for it, got it, and we all lived happily ever after? Cool.)

Well yes, except for the went back for it got it happily ever after part. Not that I’m not happy with or without a map.  Because my joy comes from Jesus.  But anyway.

I went back a few days later, and there were no maps left. None.  I cried a little. Not really. I simply wheeled my empty cart to the produce section to pick out some raspberries.

Then, I went back to the store another day, because if you can believe it, we needed more raspberries. Or toilet paper. Or something. I decided to check the toy section again – just in case more of the maps were there, even though I felt sure that there wouldn’t be because clearance means they had clear-anced them out of there.

But to my great excitement, they had not one, but four Discovery Kids Fabric Activity World Maps, still at a clearance price. And so I got one. And also some toilet paper.


The three younger boys have gotten great use out of this map so far.  I’ve especially used it with Malachi.  He has been labeling the continents, finding countries and learning what continents they are a part of, and learning about oceans. Soon, we’ll tackle rivers. Every day, we get out the map to practice and learn more. I have been thrilled with how much he’s learning.

And the best part? While we could hang the map on a wall, it has instead been very handy to simply lay out on the floor, then roll up and stow away when we’re finished.

So there’s my story. We’ve also made good use out of the toilet paper, but those are, again, more of those unnecessary details that you don’t need to know.


  1. Mrs. E says

    I bought that map on clearance too, most likely at the exact same store you purchased it at. We enjoy ours as well.


  2. Lisa says

    I loved seeing this post… believe it or not… I too passed up this map on 2 occasions thinking I did not need it … and then so sad that I didn’t buy it… praise the Lord it was there when I went back the third time and all 3 of my kids LOVE it… we too place it on the floor (and try to remember to pick it back up ;D )


  3. Mary says

    We always used the maps from old National Geographic magazines the public library got rid of each summer. Those magazines had other great charts/photos as well. Free. Kids love maps!


  4. Laura A says

    We have one of these, and the equator was labeled too far north. So we get to talk about it every time we get it out. But the kids love putting the animals on it.


  5. angie says

    We have this too, but MANY of the country labels were missing or had multiples. Since it was a present, I couldn’t return it. I need to call Discovery and see if they can help. I can’t have my boys thinking there are four Europe’s or anything! ;)


    Hallie Reply:

    I got this for my two little fellas just after Christmas when I stumbled across it on clearance at JC Penney’s. My four-year-old rather quickly noticed the whale shown in the pictures was missing. I called Discovery and was told they’d look into and get back to us, but I’ve never heard anything more. This is a good reminder to follow-up, especially since our new rescue dog has been enjoying eating the labels!


  6. Kristy says

    Pray tell!!! What store has these on clearance?!?!??! How much of a discount was it!!!!! Thanks for sharing your tidbits of wisdom!!!!


    Laura Reply:

    I got mine at Walmart (the only shopping option in my small town), and it was only $7.50. :)


    Kristy Reply:

    If I wasn’t already in my PJ’s I’d go check to see if my store had it! Thank you!


  7. melissa says

    Thanks. I just ordered this. Of course I didn’t get it at clearance, but it fits our social studies curriculum perfectly. My son is a visual and hands on learner so this will be a great addition to the blow up globe that we toss around!


  8. darialauren says

    Even though your post was about maps:)…when you said your joy comes from Jesus, that spoke right to me today! What a reminder I needed. I Thank you. My marriage thanks you.


  9. Stacy says

    Such a funny post! Thanks for the laugh! I am, of course, going to search the toy section the next time that I head to the store for some shopping to see if I can snag one of those maps too. Geography is what we are concentrating on this year and this looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!


  10. says

    Awesome! I keep a container of river rocks and another of blue pony beads for them to make the mountain ranges or rivers to label (also some limpet shells which make cool volcanoes).


  11. Jeri says

    A couple of months ago, I bought the exact same map at Kohls when it was highly discounted. It’s a perfect addition to our home school classroom.


  12. says

    Just got this too! The kids are loving it. We got ours at Tuesday Morning for $9.99. Some of the labels are printed off center and such but we’re loving it nonetheless.


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