My Azure Standard Order (One Hundred Pounds of Potatoes? Really?!)

Since I took a picture last week of my grocery store trip and so many of you seemed to enjoy it, I decided to take a picture of this week’s Azure Standard order for you. 

The stinky part about sharing this is that not all of you have the option of ordering from Azure Standard. :(  I feel very blessed that they deliver to Nebraska, especially since I have very few options in my small town for organic food. Plus, Azure’s prices are amazing! (Read this post to learn more about Azure Standard and to see if they deliver in your area.)

This month, I ordered loads of fresh produce, a case of white cheddar cheese, and five pound bags of frozen green beans and peas. We got a 20 pound box of organic braeburn apples, plus a 20 pound box of pink ladies. There will be no limits on apples eaten for snacks at our house! 


Asa makes a mean Homemade Guacamole, so the avocados I got will be handed to him in a few days to make us some dip. I got a lovely two pound bag of kiwi, some lettuce, leeks, and tomatoes. Aahhhh, so many delicious options for my family!

Now, let me explain my crazyness bulk potato purchase. You see, last month I ordered 50 pounds of potatoes but they didn’t come in. So what did I do this month? I ordered two different varieties of 50 pound potato options, hoping that this would ensure that we’d get at least one 50 pound box of potatoes. Both were good deals, both were organic.

And what do you think happened?  Both varieties of potatoes arrived on the truck. I now have 100 pounds of potatoes in my kitchen. (50 russet and 50 yellow)


What will I do with 100 pounds of potatoes? Well, feed them to my family, of course.   I’ll make French fries and baked potatoes and mashed potatoes and hashbrowns for the freezer. In addition, I will likely bag some of them up, drive around town, and deliver them to some of my friends. Nothing says “I treasure our friendship” like the gift of a bag of potatoes, right?

Oh how my friends must roll their eyes at me. 

We plan to get a good start on the potatoes tomorrow since it is Justus’ 13th birthday and he has ordered homemade fries to go with our lunch. I gasped when he first requested this, asking if he thought this was a wise choice, seeing as we only had 100 pounds of potatoes to get us through the month.

He smiled, because he’s sweet. But I’m pretty sure inside, he was rolling his eyes too. On second thought, he may have really been calculating how many potatoes we really could eat tomorrow since there was no need to hold back.

Think of me tomorrow. I may be slicing two hours worth of potatoes into French fries at lunchtime. ;)

Do you have the privilege of ordering from Azure Standard? Are you a part of a different food co-op? What would you do with one hundred pounds of potatoes? 

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  1. Michelle says

    Have you ever used the Pampered Chef potato slicer? You simply press down on it like you would an old fashion apple corer/slicer. It makes absolutely perfect french fries and takes no time at all. My son loves it so much that he carried it on a Boy Scout camping trip this weekend as he was the chef and had homemade french fries on his menu.


    Michelle Reply:

    Forgot to add – I’m NOT a consultant for Pampered Chef so I’m not trying to sell anything. LOL.


  2. Kristin says

    Wow, I have trouble using a 5 lb bag of potatoes before they start sprouting eyes. Still cream of potato with leek soup with a side of cheddar chive biscuits sounds delicious on a cold winter day like today.


  3. Hannah says

    I’ve noticed people mentioning they process potatoes when they get eyes. Mine are beyond having eyes – are they not good to eat after they sprout? Can’t I just cut the emerging plant off and cook as usual?


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    You can just pop the eyes off, scrub them and cook them. :)


  4. jill says

    Okay, I won’t come pounding your door down. My potatoes showed up. Forgot, it was 100lbs. Although I gave 50 of it to my oldest daughter.
    I’ve processed two bags today, freezer hash browns.
    Haven’t decided what to do next. Although the 4 yr old helped me cook oven fries for dinner.


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