Moore Family Films Sale, Review, and Giveaway

Teaching and training our kids, raising Godly children, helping our young ones to have a relationship with Jesus – it’s what we as Christian parents strive for. The Moore family has taken this desire and created family films so that they can encourage families in this journey.

Their It is Your Life DVDs share about the lives of two different families who are living very counter-culturally. Even if you don’t agree with everything suggested in these DVDs, it is always good for us as parents to be intentional about our decisions to the glory of God.


My favorite of their DVDS, and the one that I think you would all enjoy is their More Than Making Maple Syrup DVD. I’d never seen the process of making maple syrup from start to finish. It’s so cool! Plus, the Moore family got all of their kids involved in the process.  The video is fun to watch, educational, and sweet. It even shows you how to can your maple syrup for easy storage. Shucks, I sure wish I would have seen this a few months ago so that my maple syrup wouldn’t have gone bad! :)

If you have young children, put the ABC Say it With Me DVD on your list! It is yet to be released, but I’ve been able to sneak some peeks at it and I am really impressed with it. You can see a sample here. If you pre-order, you’ll get to continue sneaking peeks. I love the way they made the Bible verse memory so visual and practical, how the videos help us understand what the scripture means, and how well-done these videos are.

Moore Family Films is running a sale through July 12 which allows you to get their DVDs for only $10 each. Or, if you pre-order their newest ABC Say it With Me DVD for $15.95, you’ll get free shipping when it is delivered.

Today, one of you will win a set of two DVDs (any two that the winner would like). Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. Sign up for their newsletter and leave a second comment here for an additional chance to win. (You’ll find the option to sign up on their sidebar.)

And now, I will go plant some maple trees in my yard so that I can make my very own maple syrup (I wish). :)

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  1. Holly C. says

    Ahh! SO happy to see you supporting the Moore’s! Their videos are wonderful, and their family amazing! We JUST got back a week ago from staying with them for the weekend as we look for land near them and their fellowship :o) Whoever wins these will be blessed!


  2. Marilyn K says

    Thanks Laura! We just started making maple syrup this spring so this DVD would help the kids get more interested in the process (although they did love it this year!)


  3. Priscilla F. says

    Just saw a little info about these yesterday and mentally made a note to look into it at some point. Thanks for the offer!


  4. Niki C says

    Went to their website and looked around. These look wonderful, thank you for introducing me to them :)


  5. Kathy Gibson says

    I have maple trees ! It would be neat to get syrup. (Well actually it might be messy, not neat :)


  6. Bethany says

    My dad is planning to make his our maple syrup! I’d love to see how it’s done since we live too far away to watch the actual process!


  7. Jean says

    I would love to win both of the It Is Your Life DVDs! I’m always interested in how and why other people do this.


  8. Barbra says

    This looks interesting, we’re always looking for learning videos for our family to watch.
    Thank you!


  9. Nikki says

    We just bought a 13 acre property that has some maple trees in the woods. Just yesterday I was thinking about making maple syrup!


  10. Christine says

    Wow! Never heard of these before. I think my children would really enjoy them (I know I enjoyed the preview!). Thanks!


  11. Lori D says

    I love it that they are making such great educational and wholesome films! What a great giveaway.


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