Menu Plan for the Week…Plus Cake Boys Episode 3!

Here is our menu for this week. But more importantly, below you will find Cake Boys Episode 3! (Watch Espisode 1 and Episode 2 if you haven’t already.)  This time, the boys made a cake for Matt and me as we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. It was so very sweet.  Be sure to admire my very messy kitchen and cluttery countertops as you watch. Yikes. ;)

Sunday, August 26
Oatmeal, fruit
Cheeseburger macaroni, tossed salad, green beans
Potluck picnic – taking drinks, veggie tray, and Texas sheet cake (made by the Cake Boys – Episode 4 coming up!)

Monday, August 27
Whole wheat pancakes, blueberries
Taco salad
Creamy chicken and rice casserole, carrots

Tuesday, August 28
Honey whole wheat bagels, cantaloupe
Tuna salad on tomatoes, pickles, olives, watermelon
Grilled bbq chicken, corn on the cob, zucchini

Wednesday, August 29
Crepes with jelly, applesauce
Italian roast wraps, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet peppers, green beans
Chicken patty sandwiches, ranch potato wedges, peas

Thursday, August 30
Fried eggs on toast, creamy orange cooler
Hamburger patties, steamed broccoli and carrots
Pizza casserole, tossed salad

Friday, August 31
Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, apple slices
Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, carrots

Saturday, September 1
Whole wheat donuts, grapes
Steak on the grill, creamy cole slaw, corn on the cob

And now, Cake Boys Episode 3!


  1. says

    Just watched your Cake Boys episodes – I’ve seen the videos in your posts before but hadn’t had time to watch. They were fantastic! We have four boys in our family as well, but they are younger (9, 5, 3, and baby). I can totally see my boys doing something like this when they are a little older!


  2. Ashley says

    My 2 1/2 year old is your boys biggest fan! Haha she loves watching them make cakes! She’ll say Mommy “watch little boys make cake one more time Mommy” hahaha! We’ll be sure to tune in for the next episode ;)


  3. says

    Great job guys! Hoping my 2 boys (5 and 3 now) will be as creative as you when they get older! I just want them to make me cake! LOL!


  4. obearlady says

    way to go 18 yrs good job hope you make 30yrs like me and mined 4kids 6 grand kids best wish to you good kids on the cake looks like fun


  5. says

    I just love your meal plans! And the boys are adorable. It’s so great that you have them in the kitchen. I plan to do the same with mine when they get a bot bigger. I’ll be glad to know they aren’t helpless!


  6. Linda Hayes says

    Great videos. My cousin’s son started out making videos at an early age. He got so good, his teachers allowed him to do all his reports via a video PRODUCTION. Now he travels the world directing film crews.


  7. Karen says

    This is excellent and wonderfully presented. You have four wonderful boys – but I think you already know that!


  8. Sarah says

    I was wondering, do you bake bread as often throughout summer? I’ve been reading your menu plans and I don’t ever see bread listed. Great video, by the way :) We’ve never had much success making shaped cakes; yours turned out great!


  9. Cheryl Sammons says

    Cake Boys you are awesome. I was watching as your Mom was cutting the cake. The cake, even after cutting the heart out of the round cake, it was springy! It’s hard to make a cake springy. It looked so fresh and yummy. I see very happy people being around you as you go through life. If you can cook like that at your age, imagine what you’ll be able to do as you get older! Very well done.


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