Menu Plan For The Week in Which I’m Down My Two Biggest Eaters

Yep, both Asa and Justus are at camp this week. This means I’ll need to try and remember to make less food for each meal. It is when my 14 and 17 year olds are gone that I realize just how much food the two of them eat.  Wow.

Speaking of camp, Matt and I (and the two younger boys) will also be heading that way a week from today. Since church camp is such a huge part of our kids’ lives, Matt and I really want to be a part of it with them. We’ll be there for two weeks in a row – helping in the kitchen during a junior high session, and team-teaching a Bible class during a senior high session. Since we just got back from a week long trip, and I am still playing catch-up…I am not even close to being ready to be gone again for two weeks. I’ve decided it just doesn’t matter.  Ready or not, I can’t wait to be there. After all, God didn’t call me to go and ask me to get all my ducks in a row. He just said, “Go.”  The to-do list will take care of itself.

(That was me speaking truth to myself, and giving myself a much needed chill pill, pep talk, and kick in the pants.)

Easy Noodle Stir Fry

Easy Noodle Stir Fry is a perfect way to eat all the yummy summer veggies available right now. :)

For this week, while I work really hard to get ready to go totally chill out and surrender all worries about everything I need to do, here are the simple meals we’ll be eating:

Sunday, June 29
Easy breakfast casserole, fresh peaches
Hearty green bean casserole (from Oh, For Real), tossed salad, seven minute strawberry ice cream
Grilled burgers, watermelon, pickles, potato salad

Monday, June 30
Whole wheat waffles, blueberries
Easy noodle stir fry with carrots and broccoli, strawberries
Italian cream cheese chicken, tossed salad, green beans

Tuesday, July 1
Instant oatmeal, blueberries or other berries of choice
Easy cheesy bean dip with chips, carrots and cucumbers with ranch, apples
Italian pasta bake, tossed salad, roasted asparagus

Wednesday, July 2
Pancake and sausage muffins, cantaloupe
Turkey sandwiches, sweet peppers, carrots and cucumbers, watermelon
Sloppy joes, peas, sweet potato fries, strawberries

Thursday, July 3
Dark chocolate almond granola, plums
Pizza boats, peppers and olives, fresh pineapple
Tuna casserole, peas, tossed salad

Friday and Saturday – grabbing the boys from camp to head to a short but sweet family reunion. Nothing like adding more traveling and packing and laundry and FUN to life before heading to camp for two weeks, right?

Have any fun plans coming up in July?



  1. Lana says

    You are right to just chill and enjoy it all because when they are grown you cannot get these years back.

    Hubby and I are heading to our vacation house on the lake for most of this week and then in a few weeks we are traveling 5 hours for our oldest granddaughter’s 3rd birthday. I am just about counting the hours until I get to the lake house. LOTS of chillin’ going on there!


    Laura Reply:

    Thank you for your encouragement and permission to “chill.” That lake house sounds….marvelous!!!!!!!


  2. says

    Will be celebrating an old fashioned celebration of the nations’ independence which has been a tradition in our town since 1890. Definitely will be having a traditional southern picnic of fried chicken (fried in coconut oil), potato salad, corn on the cob, yeast rolls, and plenty of fresh berries with your homemade whipped cream, fresh, homemade lemonade, tea, and, of course, watermelon :) Other than that we go to the lake at least once a week, or tubing down the Chattahoochee river :)


    Lana Reply:

    Kelley, you must be nearby. We shoot the Hooch every few years, too! Our house in the top comment is on Keowee.


    Kelley Reply:

    We tube in Helen. We’re not too far away from there :)


    Lana Reply:

    We do too! Helen has gotten SO crowded though. I remember when it was way more laid back there, twenty years ago.

  3. Leesa Bartu says

    Hope to see you at camp. We will be bringing our oldest, Joey, there for the second week of intermediate!


    Laura Reply:

    Oh yay! It will be fun to see you and to get to know him! :)


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