Menu Plan for the Week (Feeding the Masses!)

It’s that time of year again. My husband helps coach our local Christian college women’s soccer team. They are back in town for pre-season practices and well, they’re hungry. :)  Remember how we fed them several meals last year?  We’re at it again, feeding them five different times. We already fed them one meal last week. This week we’re feeding them lunches Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

So how many are we feeding? Well, there are 34 of them…plus the six of us. So that’s a total of 40 people each time. Yeah, that’s a lot of food.

My friends think I’m crazy and can’t decide whether to shake their heads at me for saying yes to this or to just simply feel sorry for me because of all the work looming ahead for me. I say, do neither.  We LOVE this. I don’t think we could do it if we didn’t. We’re just using our gifts. We love these ladies. We love feeding people. You have no idea how awesome it was Thursday when they arrived and many of the returning students ran into the kitchen to give hugs and let us know how excited they were that we were feeding them again! Shucks…they even stay after and help with dishes. And they’re girls. It’s nice to be around the female sort every now and again.

nacho bar

As I was planning the meals this time, I went back and re-read all of  the ideas for feeding a crowd you all offered last year. Wow, was it helpful!! I’m sticking with some of the team favorites (I don’t think they’d let me get away with not making lasagna!) but I’m adding in some of your ideas too. 

Here’s what I’ll be feeding the crowd:

As far as the rest of our meals this week, you know, since my family will still be wanting breakfast and dinner before and after those big lunches? I’m just going to make lists here to pull from. I’ve been saving most of the food I had made ahead and put into the freezer specifically for this week. YAY for freezer food. It will be saving my neck this week for sure!   (Not to mention my brain.)

Breakfasts – served with fruit or smoothies:

Dinners – served with whatever vegetable I can find to throw in:

In case you’re worried or wondering…I’m drinking lots of water and taking my vitamins this week to be sure and keep myself healthy. Matt actually has two days off this week, which doesn’t happen very often, so he’ll be a great help. The kids are a huge help too…and somehow we’ll get their school work done in the middle of the cooking.

Oh, and did I mention that I already have most of the bulk cooking finished and in the freezer? Yes, and I took pictures in case you want to see the mess. I mean…in case you want to see the big pans of lasagna. I’ll try to share all about it soon. ;)


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  1. says

    Sounds like a fun week…wish I was there and could help out! I also love cooking for crowds. Hey, I would count all that cooking as school for the boys…they are learning life-skills and serving others in the process, congrats!


  2. Danielle says

    It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already!!!

    I wish I were there too, to help you out!! Sounds like fun!


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