Menu Plan for the Week and The Cake Boys Episode 2 (Special Birthday Edition!)

Here’s my menu for this week if you’re interested. If not, just scroll down saying “blah, blah, blah” until you get to the bottom so you can see the birthday cake my boys made for me!! It was so cute – I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Sunday, August 5
Oatmeal, fruit
Grilled bbq chicken, corn on the cob, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, tossed salad, brownies

Monday, August 6
Whole wheat pancakes, blueberries
Tuna salad on crackers, tomatoes, cherries, carrots
Chicken fried steak strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas

Tuesday, August 7
Scrambled eggs, creamy orange coolers
BLTs, cantaloupe, carrots
Alfedo sauce with pasta, steamed broccoli, zucchini

Wednesday, August 8
Peanut butter honey toast, strawberries
Easy noodle stir fry with broccoli, yellow squash, and carrots
Pizza with the YC soccer team

Thursday, August 9
Chocolate chocolate chip muffins, applesauce
Chicken veggie quesadillas, grapes
Chicken patty sandwiches, tomatoes, green beans, watermelon

Friday, August 10
Crustless breakfast quiches, oranges
Pigs in a blanket, peaches, sweet peppers
Homemade pizza, fruit salad

Saturday, August 11
Whole wheat donuts, fruit
Cheesy salsa enchiladas, tossed salad

Okay, birthday cake time. But first, let’s review something about me that you may or may not know:


I don’t hold back on butter, I think butter has many health benefits, butter is real food, butter tastes awesome, and when I put butter on my bread or in mashed potatoes, moderation is not really a word that we can use to describe my portion size. I would never go so far as to eat a stick of butter by itself, because…yuck. And I do balance my butter with plenty of veggies and good protein.

But yeah, I love butter. So much so that my boys like to tease me about finding me a t-shirt that says “I eat butter with my butter.”  Wouldn’t that be cute? (or not)

This is why, for my birthday, these creative geniuses (my husband and all four sons) came up with an idea to surprise me with a Butter Cake. “A cake made with butter?” you ask. Well yes, there is butter in the cake. But how about a cake that is shaped and decorated like a stick of butter?

Is that awesome or what?!

How did they do it? Well, you can watch the newest episode of “Cake Boys” and see for yourself. And then you can see my reaction at the end of the video when I walked in and saw the surprise cake for the first time. I think I look quite ridiculous, but that’s how we all feel when we see ourselves on video right? Ugh. I also look quite sunburned. We’d been at the pool for swimming lessons that morning. The sunburn isn’t nearly as bad as it looks – I had just put coconut oil on my face before walking into the kitchen, so I was kind of…shiny.

Oh, and the “drama” added to the video? The boys assure me that they were totally pretending and not really mad at each other while making the cake. Since the actual “Cake Boss” show often shows intensity and “heat of the moment” situations, my boys decided they needed to add that too. Love these kids.

I tell you what, the Butter Cake totally made my day. (Tasted pretty awesome too!)


  1. Gina says

    How awsome are your boys!! So creative and thoughtful!!


    Laura Reply:



    Laura Reply:

    Hmm, sorry about that Gina! I’m trying to get to the bottom of a big commenting issue my site is having and decided to comment on your comment. It worked! Maybe I’m on to something?!! :)


  2. Brooke says

    That is awesome! What great boys you have :)
    Happy Birthday!!!

    P.S. Why were the eggs in water?


    Laura Reply:

    Ha! I forgot to mention that and knew people would wonder. The eggs were supposed to be “room temperature” so I told the boys to put them into some warm water real quickly to take the chill off. :)


    Candice H Reply:

    haha I was going to ask that! Loved the video it was hilarious and it’s great to see them enjoying cooking! :)


  3. Marsha says

    Awe!!! Happy Birthday! Your boys are the greatest. BTW, I love butter too! I usually have a little baked potato with my butter :)


  4. Amy H says

    I am loving the “Cake Boys”!! They really need to start doing one video a week. And they need to post the recipe! Happy Belated Birthday!!


  5. Erin says

    Happy Happy again


    Laura Reply:

    So happy I can’t even express it. :) Thank you for your help! :)


  6. says

    I love the video, and as always the menu is super helpful! speaking of butter, I noticed in another post when you were talking about all the things you get from azure standard that you at the time were getting willow made butter. Well we just started getting azure standard in our area, and I was wondering if you still get willow made butter and what your thoughts on it are. I realize that its not organic, but I had heard that it was from cows who are pastured and that it is hormone free as well as non GMO. I wondered if all that was true? I would love another updated post on all the things you get from azure. I am so happy to finally get them in our area!


    Katie Reply:

    oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


    Laura Reply:

    I believe that is true, but I can’t remember all the specifics. You can call Azure and ask and they’ll be happy to help you out. I do feel comfortable eating their butter.


  7. Karen Dee says

    Happy birthday, Laura. You are blessed with such a wonderful, thoughtful, loving family!
    I love butter too. Splurged and bought some grass fed cow butter from Williams cheese Co. Made in Ireland. Can’t get any healthier. BUT, I am overwieght and don’t feel free to eat a lot of it. :( I’d sure love to. It is scrumptious! :)


  8. says

    Laura, I am so impressed with both you and your boys (big and small. I am a disabled, retired elementary teacher and I am single with no kids but I have been following you for over a year and I just can’t get enough. I love all the things you do and how involved you are with family, food and community. I am a die hard Food Network fan and just love seeing what your boys come up with.

    As a teacher I used to beg my principal to give me more boys than girls, I just love boys so much easier to deal with! I even did Cub & Boy Scouts and just so much enjoyed it. You are in my prayers daily and I just love hearing about you schooling adventures, trials and triumphs.


    Cecelia Reply:

    You are right. Boys really are easier. We adopted a boy and girl 4 years ago. I’m pulling my hair out daily with my daughter. My son is easy as pie!!


  9. Charlotte Moore says

    I think you have really incorporated some cooking skills in those boys. Good job!!!

    I could not comment yesterday so, I got to today!!!


  10. LouAnn Bruster says

    I would be happy to make you a shirt that says I eat butter with my butter. We have a very small imprinting business in SE Arizona. I follow your blog as religiously as I can. Just bought a bunch of coconut oil through your link. Anyway, we do all sorts of cute stuff. The funnest thing for kiddos is they can have their art work put on a tshirt, my kids get a new tshirt too often. We can put your own original creative idea or saying on just about anything tote bags, mugs, ornaments, plaques, shirts, cutting boards. My personal favorite is my glass cutting board with a family picture collage. Make me smile through the onion tears :)

    If you would like that shirt, just send me your address size and stuff and I will send it.

    If you would like to do a little feature post that would be cool too, but I want to give you the butter shirt just cuz I love your site so much and reference it so often.

    Here’s our link all sorts of stuff. I think we need to have a little better website, but it will be on back burner for awhile! Oh yeah Ken will do graphic design work for free too.

    Thanks for your hard work! I absoluely love it!

    LouAnn (full time ER RN, Home schooler, and oh yeah 38 weeks preggers)


    Laura Reply:

    Hey, that would be a blast! Email me (laura @ heavenly homemakers dot com) if you really want to do this. With a new baby on the way, you may prefer to wait, which I completely understand!


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