Menu Plan for the Week {And My Four Pound Hamburger Meat Dilemma}

This weekend I got out four pounds of hamburger meat to thaw. “What are you doing with all the hamburger meat?” was the question I was asked several times during the morning as different family members went into the kitchen and saw the meat thawing. My answer? “I really have no idea.”

You’ve got to love it that my plans are always so clearly laid out and organized. ;)

What can I say? All I knew was that I had a few hours between soccer games to get some cooking done, and that our supply of convenience foods in the freezer was getting low. Therefore, I grabbed out the meat to thaw so that I could make something with it when I actually had time.

As I stood watching my boys play a soccer game in the late morning, I watched and cheered and memorized every move my children made so that I could talk through the game in detail with them later I mentally made a plan for the cooking I would do in the three hours I had at home before the next game. Going by what sounded good, what I had in my pantry, and what would work best to get me ahead for this week – I ended up making two Lasagna Casseroles and two pans of Cheesy Salsa Enchiladas.

Don’t worry. I can multi-task. I really was watching and cheering while I thought about browning hamburger meat and making tortillas.

Here’s our menu for this week….just to prove that I don’t always get meat out of the freezer without a plan. :)

Sunday, October 21
Oatmeal, pears
Lasagna casserole, tossed salad
Huddle at our friend’s house

Monday, October 22
Whole wheat peanut butter pancakes, bananas
Tuna salad on crackers, sweet peppers, baby carrots
Alfredo sauce with pasta, tossed salad, steamed broccoli and carrots

Tuesday, October 23
Easy no-knead bread, fruit salad
Chicken salad in homemade pita bread with lettuce and tomatoes, apple slices
Cheesy salsa enchiladas, tossed salad

Wednesday, October 24
Granola, dried fruit
Cheeseburger macaroni, peas
Cheesy chicken and rice, tossed salad, green beans

Thursday, October 25
Cinnamon swirl toast, apples
Hamburger patties, ranch potato wedges, green beans, sweet peppers
Chicken and noodles, carrot sticks

Friday, October 26
Easy breakfast casserole, oranges
Potato soup, carrots, coconut flour cheddar biscuits, sweet pepper slices
Hot spinach and artichoke dip, organic corn chips, grapes

Saturday, October 27
Whole wheat donuts, fruit
Fried eggs, blueberry struesel muffins, applesauce


  1. says

    It’s not quite baking ahead, but my evening is going to involve making enough cookie dough for about 170 cookies, then freezing it for baking at a later date. Some later this week and the rest… well we’ll just see what the future holds.


  2. says

    We had friends over this weekend for supper and conversation, to celebrate their Engagement and I made the Lasagna cassorole for the first time. AND IT WAS A HIT!!!
    After our friends left my husband said to me “We are definetly going to have that again!”
    We also talked about putting some green peppers and pepperonis in the cassorole to give it more of a cavatini taste too.
    Thanks so much for all your great words and recipes!!
    My husband may have a secret crush on you. Every time I try some thing new and he likes it I say “its a Heavenly Homemaker recipe” :-)


  3. Shelley says

    When I have alot of ground beef or venison to use up I usually make a large pot of barbeque (some call it sloppy joes)or chili and then freeze them in smaller portions to take out when we need a fast meal. It can be dumped into a pot frozen, with a little water and a lid on and it will quickly heat up.


  4. Ashley says

    I like making shepard’s pie ahead of time ( I make mine with ground beef) so my husband can have it twice in a week if I want to try out a new recipe he may not be crazy about :)
    Here is our menu plan for the week if anyone needs inspiration lol

    Sunday- B= Grapes and Cereal L= Hummus D= Zucchini Bread and more grapes

    Monday- B= Toad in the Hole & Applesuace Popscicle L= Chicken noodle Souple (with Spinach and corn in it) D= Pizza Night!

    Tuesday- B= Pancakes with Peanut Butter L=Egg Salad/Fruit D= Shepard’s Pie

    Wednesday- B= Cinnamon Roll Pancakes L= Applesauce & Broccoli D= Sweet Potato Dish & Hamburgers

    Thursday- B= Baked Oatmeal L= Homemade Mac and Cheese w/ Peas D= Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie of some sort

    Friday- B- Leftovers L- Leftover Pizza/ Veggies D- Vegetable Soup & Grilled Cheese

    Saturday- B= Sweet Potato Muffins L= Hummus D= Hubby’s Choice


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