Menu Plan for the Week

Matt took the boys to camp this weekend for a Dads-n-Lads getaway. I cooked for no one, I did no laundry, I spent much needed, uninterrupted time with the Lord, and I ate a frozen pizza for dinner last night. Gross but true. Eh, it was a fun treat, and all I had to wash later was my plate. I’ll eat right the rest of the week. :)

I am happy to report that while all of my men were gone, this time I did not have to deal with any snakes.


Don’t know this story? Read about my Dads-n-Lads drama – 2009. {shudder}

Now the boys are back, the noise is loud, and all is right in my world again. Here’s what’s on our menu plan for this week:

Sunday, September 8
Oatmeal, peaches
Hamburger potato casserole, tossed salad
Grilled cheese sandwiches, watermelon

Monday, September 9
Quick mix pancakes, blueberries
Bean dip with chips, cantaloupe
Hamburgers, sweet potato fries, strawberries

Tuesday, September 10
Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins, applesauce
Easy noodle stir-fry with broccoli and carrots
Meat and cheese burritos, grapes

Wednesday, September 11
Homemade poptarts, oranges
Calzones, pineapple mango smoothies
Lamb chops, baked potatoes in the crock pot, green beans

Thursday, September 12
Coconut flour muffins, apples
Tuna casserole, peas
Italian pasta bake, tossed salad, zucchini

Friday, September 13
Peanut butter honey toast, applesauce
Chef salad with chicken, cheese, and tomatoes
Pizza boats, baby carrots, watermelon

Saturday, September 14
Fried eggs on toast, blueberries
One dish meat and potato casserole, tossed salad

‘Fess up! If you ever have any alone time and don’t have to feed anyone but yourself – what do you eat?  :)


  1. Lana says

    I abhor frozen pizza so it would not be that! I usually eat something that nobody else will eat like sauerkraut on a hot dog and potato salad.


  2. says

    Ugh, nothing terribly healthy here either. I’ll do a sandwich, cereal, maybe an egg or two (better than the others I suppose, though) or just whatever I can grab from the fridge. I’m so lazy like that!


  3. Rhonda says

    Definitely cold cereal (love Fiber One with Raisins)or canned soup and crackers. If I go out I bring home a Runza Salad:) The easier the better-very little wash up!


    Rhonda Reply:

    Maybe the best part is no schedule also. Breakfast at 10:30, snack at 4 and supper at 8pm, it’s all good:) Glad you had a good weekend Laura!


  4. Chris says

    I cook a piece of wild-caught salmon in butter and cajun seasoning and lime juice and put it over lettuce and veggies from my garden. The salmon is so tasty and moist, no dressing needed, and no guilt.


  5. Jen says

    When cravings for my favorite junk foods of the past strike, I have been known to eat a frozen pizza or Dinty Moore beef stew. Yuck, I know. :)


  6. Brenda says

    Hey, Laura, your link for Peanut butter honey toast takes you to the Italian pasta bake recipe. (I only clicked on it because I had to see if the ‘recipe’ was just peanut butter spread on toast and drizzled with honey) Apparently its more of an ‘Italian’ thing.


    Laura Reply:

    Ha! What was I thinking when I linked that? Who knows. :)


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