Menu Plan for the Week

Yesterday, our Homemade Vanilla Extract sale was hopping along just fine. Vanilla was flying off of our “shelves”, invoices were being printed, packaging was underway.

And then my website crashed. Ugh. It is so not fun when that happens. Several hours later, after a long online chat with our hosting company and a phone call to my webmaster, the site is back up. Shew!

All that to say, if you came to my site yesterday to buy vanilla, and you couldn’t access my site, I am so sorry. What rotten timing for my website to take a siesta. We have exactly seven bottles left. Grab it now if you want one!

Here’s part of the vanilla – packaged and ready to go!
Why yes, my living room is a mess of bubble wrap and boxes.

And yes, we will be hanging out for a few hours at the post office tomorrow.  ;)

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Sunday, December 2
Baked oatmeal cups, pears
Barbecue chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, cream cheese corn, tossed salad
Pizza with youth group

Monday, December 3
Chocolate chocolate chip muffins, apples
Bean and cheese burritos, smoothies
Beef stew, cornbread muffins

Tuesday, December 4
Flaky cream cheese pastry, bananas
Cheddar ranch burgers, potato wedges, steamed broccoli and carrots
Creamy chicken and rice casserole, tossed salad

Wednesday, December 5
Easy breakfast casserole, clementines
Chicken salad in homemade pita pockets, fruit salad
Shepherd’s pie, tossed salad

Thursday, December 6
Pancake sausage muffins, applesauce
Chef salads
Italian roast wraps, fruit salad

Friday, December 7
Creamy orange coolers, toast
Tuna salad, crackers, apples, oranges
Italian pasta bake, tossed salad

Saturday, December 8
Peanut butter pancakes, bananas
Popcorn chicken, creamy mac and cheese, peas


  1. Jen says

    Laura, instead of standing in line at the post office, have you ever tried out the website? I LOVE it! You can pay for and print shipping labels online, then schedule a pick-up at your front door. I never leave my home to mail packages anymore. :) You do need to enter the weight of your package, so you need a scale. I just use my kitchen scale, since my packages are never that heavy. I seriously recommend the website, It rocks!


    Abbygail Mendoza Reply:

    And you can sometimes get an online discount depending on which method you use!


  2. Jamie Garcia says

    Hi Laura, thank you for the menu plans every week!

    I’m at a much different part of life so sleep is in high demand (I have and infant and a 3yo) so I can’t follow yours completely, but they help my sleep deprived brain get into gear some days :)

    I’m trying to find some recipes that I can give my 3 yo in the car on the way to our 3 day a week schedule of events. We do Stoneyfield ‘gogurts’, but they seem to be phasing out at our local stores. I’m just starting to look through your recipes here online and in your ebooks. It’s slow going with my life right now :)


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