Make Fun Pancake Designs

Remember how I said that we’d feature a Homemaking Hints link-up on the first Friday of each month? Yes, well…I completely forgot about it in May. So sorry. Now that it’s June 1, I am remembering and very much looking forward to hearing your fun tips!

The tip I’m sharing comes from my lovely friend and mentor, Avon. After I shared my “Bird’s Nests” idea, this is what she emailed me:

I like to pour my pancake batter into a squeeze bottle… then it is amazing all the things you can design.

When the grandchildren are here I make a second squeeze bottle of batter and mix in some syrup. Then I make a design on the griddle (like a smiley face or their initials or in your case the state of idaho) then cover the whole thing with the regular batter. When you flip it over the design cooked darker so it looks really cool.

This was our traditional finale at all our sleepover parties when my kids were growing up.

Well, isn’t that just a super fun idea? I need to give it a try – I know my boys would love it! Now, if I could only find just a little bit of artistic ability so that my boys can actually recognize the designs I’m going for in my pancakes!

Feel free to share kitchen tips, cleaning solutions, recipe ideas, cooking short-cuts, household money-saving suggestions, decorating ideas, gardening tips, or anything else you feel fits this category. (No product reviews or giveaways – thanks!)  As always, when linking your blog post, please post a link back to this blog so that your readers will know where to find more Homemaking Hints.


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    Thanks for hosting. Your blog is so encouraging. I am leaving two links (I hope that is ok!) One about bulk shopping and what I did wrong to spend more money instead of saving it. And one on my quest to declutter and simplify! Happy Friday!

    Tara @ Simply Made Home


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    One more, sorry I just thought that you might like this one about making hamburger patties without ever touching the raw meat as well! I am leaving my computer now to go make breakfast and I will not link up any more. I promise!
    Tara @ Simply Made Home


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    I did this just this week and my boys loved it! I made their initials (which is about all I can do! ;) ). Now one of the boys wants me to make a monkey next time!


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    I love doing this for holidays! We’ve done Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s day ones.

    Make sure you do initials backwards so that they will appear the right way when you flip them over!


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    I could eat pancakes every day. In fact, I think I should. Yes. I should. :-)
    Thanks for hosting, Laura! I’ve linked up One Pot Spaghetti and Tie-Dye in Photos…a tutorial for doing your own tie-dye clothing.
    Now, I’m going to check out the wonderful link-ups!


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